Blackpool’s new Polish shop could be banned from selling alcohol amid fears over area’s crime

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Health statistics show the Talbot ward has the second highest rate of alcohol related crime in Blackpool, is amongst the highest ratio of alcohol-related hospital admissions in the town and is described as “saturated” with off licences


The site of the new 'Polon' Polish food store which is on Abingdon Street, Blackpool where BrightHouse used to be
The site of the new ‘Polon’ Polish food store which is on Abingdon Street, Blackpool where BrightHouse used to be (Image: Google Street Image)

A new polish food shop in Blackpool that has had more than £100,000 worth of investment may not be able to sell alcohol due to the area’s problems with drink.

The new European fresh food and general convenience store called Polon is located on Abingdon street just between the town centre and the central pier.

After undergoing a full refurbishment from its former life as a BrightHouse store, the shop opened last month and offers a wide range of fresh produce.

Located within a shopping area, the outlet is aimed at families who are shopping for European speciality food and quality meats.

The owner has requested permission from Blackpool Council to sell alcohol, for consumption off the premises, from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday with opening hours from 8am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.

According to council documents, the premises falls within an area covered by the Off Licence Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) however, meaning applications for new premises licences or variations go under intense scrutiny.

To persuade the council to depart from its policy, an applicant must demonstrate that their application will not add to the existing cumulative impact in the area.

Despite the store vowing to refuse “customer who appears to be carrying an alcoholic drink in an open vessel “and implementing a minimum purchase of £5.00 of non alcoholic products (not including cigarettes ) before any alcoholic products can be purchased, the application looks to set be refused.

So far four the police, the licensing authority, public health and Blackpool child protection services have urged the council to reject the application.

The whole of Talbot Ward is included in the area which is reportedly “saturated” with off licences and council documents say it is one of the worst affected areas in relation to alcohol related crime and alcohol hospital submissions.

There are currently 23 off licences in the area which make up 12.8% of all off licences in Blackpool and the shop is located around 100 meters from the Co-op store, 25 meters from News and Booze and 50 meters from Home Bargains.

Abingdon Street in Blackpool falls into the Talbot Ward
Abingdon Street in Blackpool falls into the Talbot Ward (Image: Google Street View)

According to documents provided, Blackpool has high levels of alcohol related harm for the size of the population and has widespread deprivation within the Central Wards of the town.

Talbot currently has the second highest rate of alcohol related crime in Blackpool.

Police logs in the last year (25/06/2020 – 25/06/2021) show that there have been 229 recorded incidents on Abingdon Street alone.

According to a representation made by Lancashire Police, “Abingdon Street also has regular rough sleepers and street drinkers that have become verbally abusive to the public on many occasions.

“The police concern is that by allowing another off-licence in this area alcohol is even more available and this would further exasperate the problems already being experienced in this area.”

The Public Health department for Blackpool Council also raised concerns stating that there is “a statistical correlation between Blackpool’s areas of deprivation and hotspots for violent crime, domestic abuse, and criminal damage, all associated with alcohol abuse to some degree.”

The rate of alcohol related crime in Talbot is 65.7 per 1,000 population, over three times higher than the Blackpool average of 18.0 and ten times higher than the Lancashire average of 6.4.

The Public Health body also has concerns that if an alcohol licence is granted it would increase the availability of alcohol in an area which is already experiencing significant levels of alcohol-related harm.

Health statistics show Talbot ward to have amongst the highest ratio of alcohol-re lated hospital admissions in Blackpool.

The alcohol-related admission rate of 279.9 per 100,000 is almost 200% higher than the national average and Blackpool as a whole is 83% higher than the national average.

Ambulance callout rates for overdose, ingestion and poisoning are three times higher than the Blackpool average of 10.3 and almost eight times higher than the Lancashire average of 3.6.

Child Protection Services and the Licensing Authority also had similar concerns acknowledging a correlation between alcohol consumption and the numbers of crimes and health issues in the area.

The application will go before the licensing panel on Friday July 23.


Blackpool Asda shoppers targeted by youths throwing water bombs

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It comes as officers across the area take part in Anti-social Awareness Week.


Police outside Asda in Blackpool
Police outside Asda in Blackpool

Shoppers at a supermarket in Blackpool have been targeted by youths throwing water bombs.

Police were called to the Asda store on Cherry Tree Road earlier this afternoon (July 19).

It followed complaints to Lancashire Constabulary by customers and staff.

PCSO’s Anna Morris and Imran Ahmed attended the Asda store in a liveried police car to deal with the anti-social behaviour.

They posted a picture and details of the incident on social media.

The post read: “PCSO’s Morris & Ahmed are out on patrol around Blackpool South in the ASB car until 10pm.

“Just dealt with our first job at Asda on Cherry Tree Road where youths have been throwing water bombs at customers.

The number and ages of the youths has not been disclosed. No injuries were reported.

It comes as officers across the country take part in Anti-social Awareness Week.


Blackpool Winter Gardens: Iconic venue hits 143 years of amazing memories

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Council bosses have the green light for the new eatery on Queen Street in Blackpool


A new cafe is set to open in Blackpool town centre
A new cafe is set to open in Blackpool town centre

A former betting shop in Blackpool is set to be converted into a cafe after being given the green light by council bosses.

The premises at 37 Queen Street was last used as a William Hill bookies but has remained vacant for some time.

Chris Walker of Old Bank Lane in Blackburn has submitted plans to change the use of the premises to open a cafe which have now been approved by Blackpool Council.

The new cafe will include a bar area, bar servery, kitchen, entrance into the yard behind and accessible toilet. In the basement there will be a store, ladies and gents toilets and a cleaning store.

Three full-time and one part-time jobs will be created by the new business.

The cafe will serve cold, pre-prepared food and opening hours will be from 9am until late each night.

In the decision notice, the planning officer stated: “The previous use of the unit was as a betting office and the neighbouring ground floor units are in use as a shop and a public house.

“There is a public house next door and many more bars and nightclubs on the street, therefore there is little reason to assume that the change of use to a café bar would generate any more noise disturbance than what already exists assuming that appropriate safeguards are put in place.”

Work on the premises must start within three years.


Coleen Rooney takes boys on Blackpool Pleasure Beach trip in the sun

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The Liverpool WAG took her kids for a traditional Blackpool day out


(Image: Coleen Rooney Instagram)

Coleen Rooney enjoyed and her sons enjoyed a family day out in Blackpool yesterday.

Along with her four sons, the WAG headed to the resort, visiting the Pleasure Beach where she posed for some photos outside.

The family had a traditional Blackpool day out on Saturday (July 17) riding the rollercoasters and the kids ran through the fountains to keep themselves cool – reports the Liverpool Echo.

Their trip out was welcomed by Coleen’s followers on social media for keeping it real through the choice of destination.

Last Monday, Coleen shared a snap of herself and the family outside Wembley with a heart-warming caption to thank the players for the moments they have provided this summer.

She said: “Not the outcome we all wanted but you have done yourselves and your country SO proud over the past weeks England. My boys have had an unbelievable experience and made great memories, thank you…… have a well earned summer”.

(Image: Coleen Rooney Instagram)

Earlier this month, parts of Coleen Rooney’s defence in her libel battle against Rebekah Vardy were thrown out by a High Court judge.

This includes Mrs Rooney’s, 35, claim that Mrs Vardy, 39, showed “publicity-seeking behaviour” when sitting behind her in someone else’s seat at the 2016 Euros.

Mrs Vardy of leaking “false stories” about her private life in October 2019 after carrying out a months-long “sting operation” which saw her dubbed “Wagatha Christie”.

Mrs Vardy, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, denies the accusations and is suing Mrs Rooney for libel.


Fleetwood Scouts charity shop burgled just weeks after vandal attack

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A Fleetwood Scouts group is counting the cost of a burglary at its charity shop in the town – just weeks after vandals smashed the same window.

Belinda Armstrong with the boarded-up window at the Ist Scouts shop in Fleetwood

Belinda Armstrong with the boarded-up window at the Ist Scouts shop in Fleetwood

The 1st Fleetwood Scouts troupe, believed to be one of the oldest-established groups in the country, say the intruders stole a collection bottle containing between £100 and £200 which they had been saving for next year’s camp trip.

Damage to window, through which the burglars gained access, has been put at £800 and comes around six weeks after they had to replace the pane smashed in the vandal attack – another £800.

The shop, on Lord Street , was targeted in the early hours of Thursday morning (July 15).

“We’re not a typical charity shop which is part of a large organisation, there is just us.

“All the money made goes back to the group, so we could do without this sort of thing.

“The glass has also sprayed over the soft toys so we’ve had to spend ages sorting them out.”

The 1st Fleetwood Scouts group was founded in 1912 and has more than 50 members.

Its is based at St John Avenue on the West View estate.

The shop, called the 1st Fleetwood Scouts Curiosity Shop, sells a wide range of items and is aimed at bringing in funds for the trupe.

Police believe two men were involved in the incident, a younger person in his teens and an older man, and used a concrete slab to break the window.

Officers were called at around 1.30pm on the Thursday morning.

Anyone with information can phone 101 and quote log 0084 the 15th of July.


Fylde coast mum’s desperation over daughter’s mystery illness

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A worried mum from Fleetwood says she is no closer to getting answers after her teenage daughter fell ill months ago.

Angela New with daughter Chloe

Angela New with daughter Chloe

A worried mum from Fleetwood says she is no closer to getting answers after her teenage daughter fell ill months ago.

Angela New, 45, became concerned after daughter Chloe, 18, was plagued with severe headaches and nausea for weeks and then, alarmingly, her feet and legs turned purple.

Chloe’s symptoms started back in February and at first Mrs New thought they were the temporary side effects of Chloe taking the AstraZeneca vaccine just 24 hours before – but they haven’t gone away.

Chloe is still suffering from mottled purple legs, in addition to other symptomsChloe is still suffering from mottled purple legs, in addition to other symptoms

After Chloe, who has cerebral palsy, was admitted to Blackpool Victoria Hospital in May, Mrs New says the hospital did not seem to know what was wrong with her daughter or how to deal with the issue.

Mrs New, of Agnew Road, has lodged a complaint against the hospital and says she feels helpless as her daughter’s symptoms still persist.

She said: “We don’t know where to turn, it just goes on and on.

“Chloe is studying at home for a law degree with Lancaster University but she is getting behind with her work.

“All I want is for someone to look into it and try and fix or alleviate the symptoms so she can get back to trying to lead a normal life and stop feeling so ill.

“But we ae not getting anywhere and I even pleaded on Facebook, asking if anyone could help.”

Chloe has already endured a number of operations in the past because of her cerebral palsy, including a procedure in America when she was 12 which allowed her to walk unaided.

But it has not stopped her excelling in her studies and she booked a place on the law degree course last September.

However, her problems began in February and when they became even worse by May, her mum decided to get medical help.

Mrs New, who is married to Terry, 47 and has a younger son, Ben, 13, said: “I started with the walk-in centre and they told me to take Chloe home and give her paracetamol.

“When her legs turned even brighter purple I took her to A&E at Blackpool Victoria but the doctor was reluctant to admit her to hospital due to the current covid situation with her being vulnerable so again we were sent home.

“The following day Chloe looked awful and had started with Nausea and stomach pains so again I took her up to A and E, this time she was admitted to hospital and stayed there the full weekend having a full array of tests to rule out anything sinister.”

An appointment with a rheumatologist was booked and tests were taken for vasculitis but Mrs New said: “The rheumatologist categorically stated it wasn’t vasculitis and said he had never seen anything like this before and had no idea on how to treat her.

“I have since spoken to the doctors and they have no idea how to help.”

Mrs New said she had lodged a complaint because she felt the matter had not been dealt with properly.

She said: “My daughter still has a constant headache, constant nausea, purple legs and feet and rashes that appear and disappear. Aches and pains in her joints and stomach ache.

“Chloe needs to be seen by someone and given some form of treatment to make her feel better, it is totally unacceptable that she is still no better 10 weeks after her symptoms started.

“As a parent of a disabled patient I would not expect to have to work this hard to try and get her some treatment, this whole experience has been appalling.”

Mrs New has also tried to pursue a possible line that Chloe’s problems might be linked to the vaccine and she tried to contact AstraZeneca.

But she added: “As I’m a member of the public they won’t help me. We’re all at our wits’ ends.”

Chloe said: “I spend a lot of the time in bed, I just can’t lead any kind of normal life.

“The worst thing is that there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel.”

A spokesman for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: ““As we respect our patients’ right to confidentiality, we would not comment publicly on individual cases.

“We can confirm we have received a concern from the family. Our Patient Relations Team are working with the family and will continue to keep them updated as our investigation progresses.

“All complaints give us the opportunity to improve our services and we encourage all our patients to provide us with feedback about their experience in order to do so.”


Barbecue warning after child’s beach injury

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A stern reminder of the ban on barbecues at Fylde’s sands has been issued by Fylde Council after a young beachgoer suffered an injury caused by one.


The council said on social media that one of its beach rangers had had to give first aid to a child who stepped on a buried disposable barbecue on the dunes and had to attend hospital.

“This is why they are not permitted,” said the council post.

“Anyone seen to be breaching the PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) faces fines of up to £1,000.”

Sign at St Annes beach highlighting the barbecue banSign at St Annes beach highlighting the barbecue ban

Barbecues face axe in Fylde crackdown

A Fylde Council spokesman said the injured boy was aged around 10 from Preston, who accidentally stood on the mesh metal frame of a disposable barbecue buried in the sand.

“The frame edging stuck into his foot about an inch deep,” said the spokesman. “First aid was administered and they were advised to seek medical help by going to the hospital.”

Coun Roger Small, chairman of Fylde Council’s operational management committee, said: “Sadly we have seen yet again the results of people flouting the bye laws, that are there to protect all of us.

“Whether it is, like this, an injury to a person or an animal, or particularly at this time the risk of fire, we are again asking for people’s co-operation.

“The council will not hesitate to invoke fines for flagrant disregard of these bye laws.”

The PSPO covering barbecues came into effect in Fylde on July 1, 2019 and runs for three years.

Brought in following a number of open air fires in the area that year, the orders prohibit barbecues and outdoor cooking on a number of the borough’s open spaces, including beaches.

The tourism and leisure committee chairman at the time, Coun Cheryl Little, said when they were introduced: “We want residents and visitors to use parks, open spaces and beaches responsibly and safely.

“We hope they will understand why we have had to take this action, and will enjoy a simple picnic while visiting.”

Initial Fixed Penalty Notices are for £50 with a court fine of up to £1,000 for failure to pay.

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