Blackpool nursing home residents running their own shop

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Residents at a Blackpool care home don’t have to go far if they want to nip to the shops – they’ve got their own.


Shop ready for business - back row left to right. Diane Buckley. Jean Hamilton. Joyce Gillatt. Theresa Gleave. Doris Heslop.
Front : Janet McDougall. Alan Gillatt

Shop ready for business – back row left to right. Diane Buckley. Jean Hamilton. Joyce Gillatt. Theresa Gleave. Doris Heslop. Front : Janet McDougall. Alan Gillatt

The Acorn Nursing Home, on Newton Drive, has set up a shop counter in the foyer of the home, well stocked with essentials.

And residents at the home are even running it themselves on a rota basis.

The idea was dreamed up by the home’s activities coordinator, Samantha Hulmes, who says residents are loving the idea.

She said: “It means they can go down and choose what they want, rather than just having something sent up to their rooms, it gives them the chance to shop.

“We even stock birthday cards so if they want to send one to a relative, they have choice.

“And the residents who run the shop love it, they tell us they’re getting ready to go to work in the morning and they have a bit of a spring in their step!

“The shop also raises funds towards residents’ activities and entertainments, so it’s a win-win situation.”

The little shop sells greetings cards, chocolate and a range of toiletries such as hairspray and deodorant, essentials such as Sterident, tissues and even drinks kept nice and cool in a freezer.

As well as serving residents, the shop also sells to visitors to the 40-bed home, with the normal Covid-safety rules applying to ensure residents are kept safe.

This includes only serving those who have been clear on their latest lateral flow test.

One of those serving in the shop is Doris Heslop, 81, who used to work at the former Marton Post Office.

She said: “I’ve spent most of my life behind a counter so I’m used to it!

“It’s a very good idea and it’s nice to be able to use it as well, we can choose our own cards and chocolate.”

The shop is running from Monday to Friday, from 10am top 2pm each day.


Fleetwood teenager is “hero of the night” after helping sea rescue teams save drowning man

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A Fleetwood teenager has been praised by sea rescue teams after he helped save the life of a drowning man  (Monday, July 26).


Kye Cudlip, 19, has been praised for helping save the life of a drowning man in Fleetwood last night (Monday, July 26). Pic: HM Coastguard Fleetwood

Kye Cudlip, 19, has been praised for helping save the life of a drowning man in Fleetwood last night (Monday, July 26). Pic: HM Coastguard Fleetwood

Kye Cudlip, 19, was taking a leisurely walk along the Fleetwood seafront at around 10.30pm when he heard a man crying out for help in the darkness.

Not having his mobile phone with him, Kye ran to the local police station to call 999.

The police control room alerted HM Coastguard whose volunteers rushed to the scene near the Coastguard station on the Esplanade.

A drowning man was rescued from the sea in Fleetwood last night (Monday, July 26) after 19-year-old Kye Cudlip heard the man's cries for help in the darkness. Pic: HM Coastguard FleetwoodA drowning man was rescued from the sea in Fleetwood last night (Monday, July 26) after 19-year-old Kye Cudlip heard the man’s cries for help in the darkness. Pic: HM Coastguard Fleetwood

The Fleetwood coastguard crew met Kye on the beach near the Fisherman’s Memorial and the teenager calmly pointed them in the direction of the man’s desperate pleas for help.

The Coastguard team used illuminating flares to help search the dark waters and the 4th flare revealed the silhouette of a man, who was now up to his neck in water.

The man had also made his own emergency 999 call and had been told by Coastguard HQ at Holyhead that help was on its way and he should “float to live”.

RNLI Fleetwood launched both lifeboats and its crews were swiftly guided towards the man, who was suffering from water inhalation.

He was pulled from the sea and passed into the care of waiting paramedics who rushed him to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Fleetwood’s Coastguard and RNLI crews say they have “no doubt” that the Kye’s swift yet calm response helped save the man’s life.

A spokesman for HM Coastguard Fleetwood said: “This could have been a very different outcome for the casualty had it not been for Kye’s swift action.

“We have no doubt that this young man’s action contributed to saving a life.

“Well done Kye! You were truly the hero of the night.”

A spokesman for RNLI Fleetwood added: “Well done, Kye. Excellent awareness of a deteriorating and desperate situation.”


Fundraising walk in memory of Blackpool dad

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A fundraising walk this Saturday will pay tribute to a larger than life character from Blackpool who died unexpectedly last month,


Dan and Oliver Suddaby

Dan and Oliver Suddaby

Members of two Fylde coast amateur operatic societies will walk along the seafront from opposite ends of the coast and meet up at Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet to pay tribute to stage performer Dan Suddaby.

Dan, of Norkeed Court on Queens Promenade, Norbreck, died in his sleep on June 2, aged just 29.

He had overcome early setbacks after he was born with craniosynostosis, a rare condition affecting the development of his skull which initially impacted on his mobility and speech.

Although it is thought he may have suffered a seizure, this has not yet been confirmed.

The talented singer and actor was father to a young son Oliver, aged just two-and-a-half, who will grow up without getting to know his dad.

And sadly little Oliver has the same condition as Dan and has already needed an operation on his skull.

Saturday’s walk will not only be a tribute to Dan, but will also serve as a fundraiser to raise some funds towards Oliver.

Dan’s mum, Tracey Stringer, 55, who now lives in Singleton, set up the GoFund Me campaign to support her grandson and said: “What makes it so difficult is that Oliver will not have his dad to look out for him – despite his own difficulties Daniel was determined to do his best for Oliver.

“We’ve all been devastated by Dan’s death and I wanted to help Oliver and his mum.”

Oliver’s mum is Dan’s partner, Natalie McKenna.

This Saturday, members of Thornton Cleveleys Operatic Society (TCOS) will walk to the Comedy Carpet from Cleveleys, while members of St Annes Amateur Operatic Society (SAPOS) will head there from St Annes.

TCOS stated on its website: “Dan’s sense of fun was legendary, a cheeky grin always there, but it was his incredible tenor voice that “wowed” his fellow performers and audiences alike.

“So we decided to join the two societies together, to honour him and raise money for his son, Oliver.

“We are doing a sponsored walk on Saturday July 31 , starting at 10am.

“If anyone wants to join us, you can start at SAPOS rehearsal room (Headroomgate Road) and walk to the Comedy Carpet or start from TCOS rehearsal room (Ritherham Avenue, Cleveleys) and walk to the comedy carpet.”

To help with the fundraising campaign, visit:



Van and Mini crash in Cleveleys town centre

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A crash at the tram junction in Cleveleys town centre is causing delays Tuesday, July 27.


The crash happened at around 9.40am in Victoria Road West and involved a white van and a cream-coloured Mini.

Police are on the scene and traffic is being temporarily held.

The Mini driver, a local woman, has been taken to hospital but her injuries are not described as “life-threatening”.

The crash happened at around 9.40am near tram junction in Victoria Road West, Cleveleys and involved a white van and a cream-coloured Mini. Pic: GoogleThe crash happened at around 9.40am near tram junction in Victoria Road West, Cleveleys and involved a white van and a cream-coloured Mini. Pic: Google

Lancashire Police and North West Ambulance Service have been approached for further details.


Lytham schoolboy Findlay’s fascination for crane earns him VIP treatment

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A Fylde schoolboy got the VIP treatment from a construction company after stopping in the street to marvel at a gigantic crane which has been towering over Lytham throughout this summer.


Six-year-old Findlay Clark made a point of urging his mum Kitty Bouman to spare a few minutes on their journey from their home in Victoria Street, Lytham to his school, Lytham Hall Park, to admire the 84 metre high machinery integral to the building of The Sidings development of retirement homes by Adlington Retirement Living.

One day, after seeing Findlay watching, crane driver Manny Marfo put on a brief display of manoeuvres by the towering machine – what Kitty termed ‘tricks’ – to leave Findlay open-mouthed with delight.

“It really made his day and now he wants to be a crane driver when he grows up – or a scientific explorer, which has long been his ambition,” said Kitty.

Findlay Clark is presented with gifts by crane driver Manny Marfo on his visit to the Adington siteFindlay Clark is presented with gifts by crane driver Manny Marfo on his visit to the Adington site

“I was so impressed, I contacted the company to thanks them and they sent through gifts for Findlay, including a hard hat a mini crane, plus an invitation to take VIP tour of the site and meet Manny.

“He was thrilled to say the least and we can’t thank them enough.”

Wayne Green, Adlington Retirement Living site manager, said: “Our crane operator, Manny Marfo, spotted Findlay and his mum pointing at the crane.

“The little boy seemed fascinated by the ‘crane moves’ so Manny put on a demonstration for him.

“After his mum called the office to thank us and ask for Manny’s name so she could thank him, we thought it would be nice to invite him along to the site so he could meet Manny, see the building site and ask any questions he wanted to about the crane.

“We also bought him a toy crane of his own so he can put his new knowledge into practice.”

The Sidings, at Wharf Street, which will comprise 65 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments for the over 55s, is due to open in spring next year.

Alexandra Johnson, sales and marketing director for Adlington Retirement Living, said: “Being part of the local community is really important to us, so I’m really pleased that the site team have managed to go the extra mile for Findlay and his mum.”

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Blackpool dad accused of baby murder claims he was too engrossed in playing Call of Duty to notice her rolling off sofa

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A dad accused of murdering his baby daughter told jurors he was playing a war game on his X box and was not paying attention when she rolled off the sofa.


Willow was found seriously injured at a house on Onslow Road in Layton, Blackpool, on Thursday, December 3, 2020, and was later transferred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where she died on Sunday, December 6.

Jordan Lee, 28, of Onslow Road, denies murder and claims the baby rolled off the sofa, onto a carpeted floor – possibly hitting her head on a glass bottle or remote control, but the prosecution argues the injury is not consistent with his account.

The court previously heard a ‘thud’ was caught on audio in a Snapchat videos recorded by Lee’s brother Daniel, who lived with the family and had become concerned about the dad’s conduct towards the crying baby throughout the day, including an incident where he allegedly held her by her ankle.

Willow LeeWillow Lee

Taking to the witness stand as part of his defence case, Lee told jurors on the morning of December 3 he woke up after 8am and that Willow was “very touchy feeling poking my face” and “a bit mardy”.

He took her downstairs, strapped her in her chair and put You Tube on, and gave her between 5 and 6 oz of milk which she managed to keep it down.

Lee said the tot was alternating between being “mardy and crying ” to “back to her smiles”.

His brother Daniel, who lived with the family, alleges he tried to assist him with the baby throughout the day but that Lee was angry.

He sent a message to Willow’s mum saying Jordan Lee had held her up by her ankle at one point.

The court was told the brothers had had issues when they were younger and used to fight and Jordan Lee would get the better of him, and that they previously had not spoken for five years.

Asked by defence lawyer Nick Johnson QC about the events of December 3, Lee said he couldn’t recall what his brother had said to him, that he had tried to offer some help and that he had replied: ‘What can you do help wise?’

Mr Johnson asked: “Why did you say that, why not just let him help?”

He replied: ” The way he sterilised bottles in the past, they had not been cleaned very well and there were still little lumps in the bottles

“I don’t need the help and he has no experience with Willow.”

Asked “Have you ever said anything harsh to Willow?”, Lee replied: ” I possibly could have said ‘shut up Willow’.”

Mr Johnson said: “What was your mood when Daniel was trying to help?

Blackpool baby murder trial: Dad seen ‘holding baby up by the ankle’ in lead up …

Lee said: ” Confused. It’s not something you get offered every day – a rare moment.”

He was then asked: “Did you pick Willow up by ankle, hold her out to Daniel and say ‘there you go’?

Lee replied: ” Never. Not once.”

He told jurors he had fed Willow and she had been “normal, kicking about” and he had changed her nappy at 4pm or 5pm, before he had put her on sofa, and they had watched cartoons with her.

Mr Johnson asked: ” Why did you put her on the sofa?”

He answered: ” Sometimes it calms her down and sometimes she falls asleep.”

He said he had then started playing his X Box, and jurors were reminded in his police interview he had said: “I think I had focused a bit too much on the game than my child to be honest, and that was my goal, to get to 700.”

“I put too much time into it and I should have looking after Willow more, that should have been my priority…I got too intense.”

Lee told jurors objects including a milkshake bottle and a controller were on the floor, and that he was using a subwoofer speaker.

He said he was shouting at the game and shouting at the crying baby to ‘shut up’, but “not out of anger”.

Asked about the audio on the Snapchat recordings made by his brother , he said he was “heartbroken” to hear it and that Willow may have been crying because she was “possibly teething or hungry”

Mr Johnson asked: “When did you realise something was wrong with Willow?”

He replied: “When I heard a loud thud, I looked to my left hand side and Willow was face down on the carpet on her left side.”

He said he immediately grabbed her, picked her up by her armpits, but was not supporting her head, adding: “I felt shocked and scared – I didn’t know what to do.”



Blackpool Tower Circus performances suspended due to Covid

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Blackpool Tower Circus has informed visitors its performances will be put on hold for a week due to a positive case of Covid.


Visitors were told all performances would be suspended until Tuesday August 3, but were invited to rebook for another performance in the next year.

A spokesman for the Tower Circus said: “Due to a member of our circus production testing positive for Covid-19, unfortunately we have had to suspend all performances of The Blackpool Tower Circus until Tuesday August 3.

“Please accept our sincere apologies, we know how many people look forward to visiting the Circus.”

Blackpool's Tower Circus performances have been suspended for a week due to a case of Covid.Blackpool’s Tower Circus performances have been suspended for a week due to a case of Covid.

A link to rebook tickets was sent to affected customers, and VIP seat or Royal Box ticket holders were advised to contact the circus directly by email.


Safety concerns lead to plans for 120-space car park at Blackpool’s Whitehills Business Park

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Plans have been submitted for a 120-space car park at a Blackpool business park following safety concerns.


The proposals for Whitehills Business Park at Peel, have been submitted by Henco International, who own the site, which is home to dozens of firms.

The site was originally built in 2008 however after 13 years it has become more developed and occupied with businesses and their staff.

If plans are approved the car park will be accessed directly from the Olympic Court development, where Henco has its headquarters.

Whitehills Business Park in BlackpoolWhitehills Business Park in Blackpool

The planning statement accompanying the article states: “The problem relating to parking has been growing exponentially with the success of the business park. On street parking throughout the business park has become a problem and concern not only for access but is now becoming safety concern. The need for additional parking has become evident.”

Henco has bought land next to the site and plans to use 0.75 of an acre of this land to provide 120 overspill parking spaces for the whole of the Olympic Court development and the wider Whitehills estate.

Plans for the car park

Plans for the car park

Fleetwood teenager appears in court accused of murdering Blackpool dad-of-two

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A Fleetwood teenager accused of murdering Blackpool dad-of-two Mark Webster appeared in court for the first time (Tuesday, July 27).


Levi Westhead, of Flakefleet Avenue, appeared before District Judge Jane Goodwin sitting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

The 18-year-old is accused of inflicting fatal stab wounds on 50-year-old Mark Webster at his home in Carsluith Avenue, Blackpool on Friday (July 23).

Westhead was remanded in custody by the judge who sent his case to Preston Crown Court where he will next appear on Thursday (July 29).

Levi Westhead, 18, has been charged with murdering 50-year-old Mark Webster (pictured) at his home in Carsluith Avenue, Blackpool on Friday (July 23)Levi Westhead, 18, has been charged with murdering 50-year-old Mark Webster (pictured) at his home in Carsluith Avenue, Blackpool on Friday (July 23)

Today (Tuesday, July 27), Lancashire Police released a picture of Mr Webster, along with a tribute from his grieving family.

“There are no words to describe the tragic loss of Mark, a devoted dad who many knew as Web – he was our world, our love, our life and our hero,” they said.

You can read the family’s full tribute here.