ITV responds to rumours Jenna Coleman’s Victoria has been axed

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Jenna Coleman stars as Queen Victoria in the ITV drama – but fans may have to wait a while for a fourth series


Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in the ITV series Victoria.
Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in the ITV series Victoria. (Image: ITV)

ITV has announced that it has “no plans presently” to film more series of the drama Victoria, starring Blackpool’s Jenna Coleman.

The historial drama, based on Queen Victoria’s 64-year reign, has kept viewers captivated since it first came to our screens in 2016, but it’s not known when it will return for a fourth series.

So far the series has followed the early years of Victoria’s reign as the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland during the 1800s.

Viewers have also seen Victoria’s relationship with Prince Albert, played by Tom Hughes, flourish with Victoria giving birth to the first six of her nine children.

Fans were sent in to a frenzy recently after The Sun claimed that the drama had been cancelled due to a decline in viewers.

But in a statement explaining where the series is headed, ITV said: “There are no plans presently to film Victoria, but that’s not to say we won’t revisit the series with the production team at a later date.”

In 2019, Jenna confirmed that the series would take a break following the conclusion of the third series.

Speaking to Graham Norton on Radio 2 after the last series was released in 2019, Jenna explained that they needed a “bit of a breather” before resuming the series as “there’s a lot of conversations to be had” about where the story should go next.

Jenna Coleman stars as Queen Victoria I.
Jenna Coleman stars as Queen Victoria I. (Image: ITV)

Whilst fans may have a while to wait for series 4, Jenna had raised some concerns about the “realistic” nature of her playing an ageing monarch.

The Blackpool actress told Graham Norton: “I’ve currently got seven children in the show, so there’s definitely a point where it becomes not realistic anymore. I’ve just caught up with her age and my age.”

In 2020, Jenna assured viewers that there is “too much of a good story” to stop making the show, but she is “waiting” until she ages a bit more.

Until the show returns, fans can watch Jenna in her recent BBC One and Netflix drama, The Serpent, following an eight-part series about the real-life story of Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer who murdered young tourists in the 1970s.

Car catapulted across Bispham road in serious crash

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Two people suffered chest injuries after the four-vehicle crash


Two people suffered chest injuries after a four-vehicle crash in Bispham
Two people suffered chest injuries after a four-vehicle crash in Bispham

Two people suffered chest injuries after a four-vehicle crash in Bispham.

The incident took place on Ashfield Road at around 1pm on Thursday (July 29).

Emergency services attended the scene and a man and a woman both suffered chest injuries.

Officers put a road closure in place after the incident, which remained in place for around 3 hours – reopening at 4.15pm.

Footage taken of the collision showed how two cars collide, sending one spinning out of control.

The vehicle can be seen catapulting across the road and colliding with a further two vehicles before coming to a stop.

The driver can be seen crawling from the car to safety before passersby swoop in to offer assistance.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: “We were called around 12.55pm yesterday (Thursday, July 29) to a report of a four vehicle collision in Ashfield Road, Blackpool.

“Emergency services attended the scene with a man and a woman suffering chest injuries.

“The road was closed and reopened around 4.15pm.”

It is understood that no arrests have been made.

Why dozens of dead jellyfish have washed up on Blackpool beach – and are they dangerous?

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Beach-goers have been warned to stay away from stranded jellyfish and what you should do if you see one


Stranded jellyfish on Blackpool beach
Stranded jellyfish on Blackpool beach

People venturing out to the coast have been advised by experts to “keep away from stranded jellyfish” as an influx of the sea creatures have been seen washed up on the shore.

One sunseeker told LancsLive that when they visited Blackpool Beach yesterday they spotted dozens of dead jellyfish – with the sight “freaking out” children.

We decided to turn to the experts to find out what has caused the sudden appearance of washed up jellyfish on our shores.

Marine experts say that the scorching temperatures seen over the last few days could be the reason why so many have washed up, and more could make an appearance over the coming days.

Whilst stranded jellyfish on places such as Blackpool Beach is not a rare sighting, Dr Barry Kaye says people still need to be made aware of potential dangers.

He said: “ Not all jellyfish are dangerous; the species common to UK waters almost never cause fatalities.

“The effect of the sting varies between people, and circumstances, but it can be bad enough to cause anaphylactic shock.

Family days out to the beach are more of a regular occurrence now with better weather and school holidays but jellyfish stranded off the beach can be a problem for children who may want to touch or go near them.

Dr Kaye said: “Children are more at risk than adults due to their small size.

“If you are not able to identify that the species involved is ‘safe’, it is best to keep them away from any stranded jellyfish, or from swimming if jellyfish are visible in the water.

“Getting stung can be painful enough to ruin a seaside experience.

“Beached jellyfish will normally die before the returning tide re-floats them, but their stinging cells continue to work for a long time, so unless you know that a species is safe, you should not handle it.”

Jellyfish wash up on the shores as temperatures increase
Jellyfish wash up on the shores as temperatures increase

When coming across a stranded jellyfish, it can be tempting to want to do something to help and some people have been known to attempt to put the sea creature back into the water.

However, as the jellyfish may have been on the shore for some time, it is unlikely that it can be revived by returning it to water.

Dr Kaye said: “Most species rely on fine tentacles to catch food, and these are either broken off or dry out very quickly after beaching, so the animal is unlikely to survive being returned to the water – as a consequence it is rarely worth the trouble unless seeing it in water would help you identify the species.

“They don’t have eyes that can detect approaching land, and they do not, in any case, appear to have the reasoning capacity to navigate away from it.

“As a consequence wind and tide can push massive swarms of them ashore, where they die due to mechanical injuries and dehydration.”

Blackpool council have been made aware of the jellyfish and have seen them come and go over the years.

A spokesperson for Blackpool council has said: “It is common to see jellyfish on Blackpool beach at certain times of the year.

“As with all marine creatures we would advise members of the public not to touch them.”


Blackpool businessman banned after taking £161,000 from company accounts

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A lack of proper books at DRJ Electrical Installations has seen its only director, Davie Robert Abbott-Hull, banned from holding such a position for four years


DRJ Electrical Installations Ltd was based at Winckley Court in Chapel Street, Preston, until it was dissolved last year
DRJ Electrical Installations Ltd was based at Winckley Court in Chapel Street, Preston, until it was dissolved last year (Image: Google)

A Blackpool man who headed up an electrical company has been banned from running any business after an investigation uncovered shoddy books and unaccounted for payments of more than £160,000 to himself and £125,000 to others.

Davie Robert Abbott-Hull was the only company director of Preston-based electrical company, DRJ Electrical Installations Ltd, during its seven years, before the company was officially dissolved in 2020.

But for the time the business did exist, Abbott-Hull, 39, failed to make sure it had any form of accurate accounting records.


When the company was liquidated in 2018, Abbott-Hull, of Tower View, Blackpool, failed to present any accurate records when required to do so.

It meant that no reasoning was ever given as to why £161,182 was transferred to him from the DRJ account between 2013 and 2018.

Likewise, The Insolvency Service said a lack of proper accounting meant it could not guarantee why payments totalling £126,732 were made to various people, with the service questioning if they represented legitimate business transactions.

A further £23,934 of transactions were made from the DRJ company account, with no evidence these were once again legitimate in nature.

Due to the lack of proper books, no evidence was available showing exactly how much VAT the business owed HMRC, with HMRC submitting a claim in liquidation totalling £33,334.

Likewise, exactly how much was owed to HMRC in income tax and subcontractor payments was left up in the air, with HMRC filing for a further £26,408 to be paid.

Ultimately, the Insolvency Service said the lack of proper accounting records meant there was no way to know ‘the cause of DRJ’s insolvency and verify the circumstances’.

As a result of Abbott-Hull’s failings as the only director of the company, he was banned for four years until 2025 from holding any such position at any other company.

The business’s final registered address was Winckley Court in Chapel Street, Preston, following years based at 77 Vicarage Lane in Blackpool. Neither address is now associated with the wound-up firm.

Man hits child on Blackpool train saying ‘I can do what I want, he’s my son’

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British Transport Police have released an image of a person they want to speak


The incident happened on a service travelling from Manchester Airport to Blackpool North
The incident happened on a service travelling from Manchester Airport to Blackpool North

A man travelling on a train to Blackpool North from Manchester Airport was seen to hit a child ‘three to four times on the head’.

British Transport Police said when the man was challenged by the train conductor, he replied: “I can do what I want, he’s my son.”

The incident within the train’s carriage happened just after 7.30pm on Wednesday, July 21.

Officers have today (July 30) released an image of the man they want to speak to in connection with the incident.

A BTP spokesperson said they believe the man (pictured) may have information which could help their investigation.

If you recognise him, or have any information, please contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 577 of 21/07/21.

Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Police investigate ‘unexplained’ death of dementia patient, 83, found with eight broken ribs

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Police are investigating the ‘sudden, unexplained’ death of an 83-year-old dementia patient who was found with eight fractured ribs after being taken into hospital.


Arthur Fenton died of pneumounia caused by 'unexplained' chest injuries

Arthur Fenton died of pneumounia caused by ‘unexplained’ chest injuries

Arthur Fenton, a resident of Belsfield House care home on Carlin Gate, Blackpool, was taken by ambulance to Blackpool Victoria Hospital on June 18. During his stay, an X-ray revealed he had suffered extensive chest injuries.

The granddad of nine remained in hospital for around two weeks before being moved to another care home, where his health continued to deteriorate, and he died on July 11.

Darren Bell, the nominated individual for Belsfield House, said it was the care home’s opinion that Mr Fenton left them with no apparent injuries. He said: “The patient, as far as we’re concerned, left our property with no injuries.

“We are helping with police enquiries as to how this might have happened, because there’s no evidence to prove anything has happened yet.

“We have evidence to prove that, in our opinion, he did not leave the building with these injuries.

“At the moment what we have been told is that they (the police) are fact finding… it’s very early days. People are asking questions but there are no fingers being pointed at this moment in time.”

A police spokesman said: “We are investigating the sudden death of a man in Blackpool. The man, aged in his 80s, is believed to have suffered chest injuries before his death earlier this month. His death is currently being treated as unexplained. Enquiries are ongoing.”

A spokesman for the Care Quality Commission said a full inpection of Belsfield House will be carried out when the police’s investigation comes to an end.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital was approached for comment.


Blackpool man, 22, dies after jumping into sea to save struggling woman

A brave Blackpool man lost his life after jumping into the sea in a desperate attempt to rescue a struggling woman.


Alex Gibson died on Friday while trying to save another person from the sea

Alex Gibson died on Friday while trying to save another person from the sea

Alex Gibson, 22, of Park Road, entered the sea near the Metropole Hotel on Princess Parade at around 4.20am on Friday.

His family said he was on a night out with his friends when he noticed the female in trouble in the water and sprung into action – despite being unable to swim himself.

His aunt Kaz McDevitt, 40, said: “The other person managed to crawl out, but Alex couldn’t even swim. I wasn’t surprised that he did it. It wasn’t out of character for Alex, because he was such a genuine, caring person. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Alex. He would put someone else before himself any time.

“We’re a very close-knit family. It hasn’t quite hit me yet because I’m trying to stay strong for everybody, but I’m devastated. I’m not sleeping, I’m not eating, and I’m still going to work because I can’t stand sitting in all day thinking about it. It will just drive me crazy. Everybody is heartbroken.

“Alex was just so good. He didn’t deserve to die that way.

“He was one of those people you don’t meet many of in your life – and I’m not just saying that because I’m his aunt. He was a really genuine, kind person.”

Alex, a former Unity Academy student, worked at C Fresh fish and chip shop on Lytham Road.

He was an animal lover, and Kaz said ‘alarm bells’ started ringing when he did not return home to feed his pet parakeets on Friday morning. Later that day, police visited the family to break the tragic news.

Flowers, buckets and balloons in memory of Alex have been placed on the seafront behind the Metropole Hotel, and an online fundraiser has been set up to pay for his funeral.His friend Hamish Howitt said he was “a true hero” who was “a beautiful, caring, loving, son, brother and friend to all who knew him.”

Abbey Poole said: “RIP Alex, a true hero.”

A HM coastguard spokesman said: “We attended an incident in Blackpool at that time (the early hours of Friday). We received a call from Lancashire police with an update on the casualty, and it was confirmed that he died. As it was a fatality, the police will be responsible for dealing with it.”

Blackpool RNLI also attended.