Mounted police pelted with eggs by youths in Fleetwood

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Yobs threw eggs and hurled verbal abuse at police officers on horseback in Fleetwood.


Mounted police in Fleetwood

Mounted police in Fleetwood

The mounted police were on patrol in the area following reports of anti-social behaviour there when the incident occured on Tuesday night.

A spokesman said: “Our horses and riders had eggs thrown at them and received abuse from some of the community. Apart from a very small number of youths tonight, they had a quiet shift.”

On Thursday night, a dispersal order was put in place between Grange Road, Princes Way and Chatsworth Avenue in response to increased anti-social behaviour and crime around the Chatsworth Estate.

This is the latest in a spate of reported anti-social behaviour in the area. On July 23, Fleetwood police seized an uninsured moped following numerous complaints from residents that it was being driven ‘in an anti-social mannr, with a loud exhaust’.

Cleveleys and Anchorsholme have also seen an increased number of anti-social behaviour reports in recent weeks.

Broken glass was reportedly strewn all over Anchorsholme Park’s football pitches late last month – prompting one Wyre councillor, David Walmsley, to comment “club them” during an online discussion about badly-behaved youngsters.

The relaunch of the Jubilee Park pub on North Promenade in Cleveleys was also impacted, as windows were shattered just one week before its scheduled August 3 opening.

Fylde Women left ‘heartbroken’ after vandals destroy their home stadium Kellamergh Park

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Shocking images have been released of the damage vandals caused to Kellamergh Park after breaking into the grounds.


In recent months, members of the AFC Fylde staff have found local children causing serious damage to the football pitch and facilities inside the Kellamergh Park grounds.

Images show broken glass, empty beer cans, graffiti and other forms of vandalism that have been carried out by trespassers over a six-month period.

The facility is currently the home of Fylde Women, AFC Fylde Academy, and the training facility for the first-team, however, “sadness” and “embarrassment” are the overriding emotions for the staff and players when they arrive at the stadium today.The facility is currently the home of Fylde Women, AFC Fylde Academy, and the training facility for the first-teamThe facility is currently the home of Fylde Women, AFC Fylde Academy, and the training facility for the first-team

Speaking about the recent damage, AFC Fylde Women’s manager, Kim Turner, said: “We are absolutely gutted with what has been happening to our stadium.

“We’re so proud to be able to call Kellamergh Park our home, as we are one of the only teams in our league that has their own home ground.

“So, the fact that the local kids are breaking in and ruining it, it feels as though they are destroying the legacy of the entire football club.”

Club members have reportedly contacted the police on several occasions, but said no investigations or prosecutions have followed

Club members have reportedly contacted the police on several occasions about the vandalismClub members have reportedly contacted the police on several occasions about the vandalism

“It’s embarrassing that we have to turn up to a training session and chase kids off the pitch and out of the buildings,” Kim Turner added.

“It’s having a big effect on motivation before we even kick a ball.

“Visiting teams have always been wowed by the condition of the pitch, but that and the buildings have been destroyed – it’s really sad.”

Mounted police pelted with eggs by youths in Fleetwood
Broken glass, empty beer cans, graffiti and other forms of vandalism have been carried out by trespassers
Broken glass, empty beer cans, graffiti and other forms of vandalism have been carried out by trespassers

During the week the ground also acts as AFC Fylde men’s team training facility.

Manager Jim Bentley said: “To see the venue be wrecked by local kids is sad and frustrating.

“We turn up to training to find litter across the pitch, beer bottles, broken glass – the goalposts are damaged, the penalty spot and goalmouth have been vandalised.

“If the supporters were to turn up today and see Kellamergh Park the way it is they would be distraught.

AFC Fylde Women's manager, Kim Turner, said she was "absolutely gutted" by the damage caused.AFC Fylde Women’s manager, Kim Turner, said she was “absolutely gutted” by the damage caused.

“The legacy of the football club is being slowly destroyed by kids that continue to illegally break in and act like louts.”

The club said it has now been forced to employ a security company to prevent further vandalism.

It has also urged the parents of those responsible to “control their children and understand the emotional and financial implications of their actions”.

The club would like to point out that entry is a criminal offence and prosecutions will be made.

Lancashire Police have been approached for comment.


’40 minute delays’ after two-vehicle crash closes two lanes on M55 near Blackpool

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Heavy traffic was building on the M55 after two lanes were closed following a crash this afternoon (August 4).


The collision occurred on the westbound carriageway between junctions 3 (Wesham Interchange) and 4 (Marton Interchange) at approximately 2pm.

Delays of 40 minutes were reported in the area, with average speeds of around 5mph.

Two cars were involved in the collision, according to the AA.

Highways England confirmed the lane closures were lifted at around 3.10pm.

Traffic has now returned to normal.

oadworks set to be removed from M6 junction 19 – bringing an end to 50mph speed…
'40 minute delays' were reported after a crash closed two lanes on the M55 near Blackpool. (Credit: AA)

’40 minute delays’ were reported after a crash closed two lanes on the M55 near Blackpool. (Credit: AA)

Blackpool heritage tram paying tribute to Blackpool Tower organist Reg Dixon set to be unveiled today

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An historic Blackpool tram is being named after Reginald Dixon MBE, best known for his time spent as organist at the Blackpool Tower, where he held the position in the famous Tower Ballroom for 40 years.


Reg, as he was commonly known, was a household name during his years at the Blackpool Tower from 1930 to 1970, with live broadcasts of his performances being aired each week during the summer season on the BBC Light Programme, now Radio 2.

The Blackpool Tram will officially be renamed today at 2pm by Reg’s daughter, Jill Steel, along with other members of the family.

The ceremony will take place on Blackpool’s promenade close to North Pier, followed by an inaugural tram journey to celebrate

The tram that is set to be unveiled later todayThe tram that is set to be unveiled later today the occasion.

With the resort set to welcome a record number of visitors over the summer, the Blackpool Heritage Tram team are acknowledging Reg for his contribution to the promotion of the town in times gone by.

His signature tune ‘Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside’ has become synonymous with the resort and its rich entertainment history.

Shane Grindey, marketing and commercial manager for Blackpool Transport said “It is a very special, and fitting occasion, to rename a historic tram after somebody who has contributed so much to Blackpool’s successful history.

Tributes to Reginald Dixon on the tramTributes to Reginald Dixon on the tram

“The tram will be enjoyed for years to come as part of our Heritage Tram Tours attraction and we’re looking forward to welcoming visitors new and old to Blackpool to experience a piece of history.”

Kate Shane, regional director of Merlin Entertainment, said: “This is a fantastic moment where two of the many magical elements of Blackpool are celebrated as one, the heritage trams are synonymous with our resort and to rename one of them after Reginald Dixon celebrates not only his amazing talent but also the Tower and its famous ballroom – and indeed the whole resort.

“Reginald played the mighty Wurlitzer – which was built to his specification – for 40-years and he remains an icon of the famous ballroom to this day. He was much loved and admired for his talent and unique style of play and we are all delighted about this very fitting tribute.” has been done in memory of this wonderful man.”

The first opportunity to ride on the renamed Reginald Dixon tram is from 4pm with further tour dates available to book online throughout 2021 at

It will be unveiled by his daughter and other members of the familyIt will be unveiled by his daughter and other members of the family


Blackpool’s travelling vaccination van hands out 3,000th Covid-19 jab

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Blackpool’s mobile vaccine van – which travels all over the resort each week giving out Covid-19 jabs – has delivered its 3,000th vaccination.


The van’s NHS team, who provide both first and second doses to residents over the age of 18, administered the milestone jab on Saturday, July 31.

The vaccine van both Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Just over 60 per cent of 18-24 year olds in Blackpool have now had their first dose of the Covid vaccine, joining over 3 million others aged 18-24 in England who have taken up the jab. It is hoped even more young people will be encouraged to come forward.

The vaccination van teamThe vaccination van team

Dr Arif Rajpura, Blackpool’s director of public health, said: “We know many of our young people in Blackpool have already got the vaccine to protect themselves and those around them. The progress of the vaccine van has been extremely positive.

“However, we want to reach the under 30s who are yet to get their first dose in Blackpool.

“We’re keen to let younger people know that the Covid-19 vaccination not only provides the best protection against serious illness from Covid, but also the potentially harmful effects of long Covid. Long Covid can and does affect all ages – even young people.

“We also want life to return to normal and the vaccine plays a vital role in allowing that to happen. NHS Covid passes are now being required to demonstrate your Covid-19 vaccination status as a condition of entry at some venues and events. They are also used for international travel purposes.

“We’re urging those who want to get back to the things they have missed to do so safely and get double jabbed as soon as they can.”


Starving stray found with masses of matted fur after years on Blackpool streets

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A tomcat who was found emaciated and sick, with huge clumps of matted fur all over his body, is in need of a loving home after making a good recovery.


The cat, called Angelo, was found wandering around the Penrose Avenue area in May, and was in such a terrible state rescuers feared he would have died within days had he not been picked up.

Since then, he has gone on to make a good recovery – and is ready to move into a loving home for possibly the first time in his life.

Wendy Mulela, of animal rescue group Homeward Bound, said: “Angelo came to us in quite possibly the worst state of any cat we have seen with absolutely colossal matts, covered in flies and smelled so dreadful we expected to find maggots or worse under those matts.

The tom was found covered in matted furThe tom was found covered in matted fur

“As we cut away the matts it became clear that underneath all that was an incredibly emaciated kitty and the horrific smell was coming from his mouth with his gums oozing pus and really bad infection.”

Angelo, who is believed to be around seven years old, required extensive dental treatment and three blood tests adding up to a cost of £700. He also tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which means his immune system is lower than that of normal cats.

Wendy said: “You don’t see many cats up for adoption who are FIV positive, and that’s because many rescues prefer to euthanise than for the cat to take up space and wait for a long time to find an understanding home. We don’t do this as we believe every animal deserves a chance when they are otherwise fit and can live as much of a normal life as possible. We just need someone else to believe in this too and be able to offer Angelo a great home.

“He’s such a lovely cat. He’s so friendly. Ideally the most perfect home would be where he’s the only cat, an indoor cat, with a sunny conservatory and garden where he can watch the outside world from.
Angelo has come on 'leaps and bounds' since he was rescued
Angelo has come on ‘leaps and bounds’ since he was rescued

Bispham nuisance OAP called police more than 26 times to report cat missing

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A pensioner who repeatedly called the police to report his cat was missing has been given a suspended jail term.


Arthur Melvin Hunter , 73, of Linden Place, Bispham, Blackpool, has a history of making bizarre time wasting calls to Lancashire police, amassing several convictions since November 10 for making nuisance calls.

The lonely grandad, who was widowed eight years ago, was given a five year criminal behaviour order (CBO) in 2018 to prohibit his behaviour which he has now breached nine times.

But in the retired market trader’s latest offences he made 26 emergency calls to police in January 2020, followed by further calls in January and April this year.

Crown CourtCrown Court

Francis McEntee, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said at the height of his offending he told operators his cat had been missing for 18 months.

He added: ” He does on a number of occasions fall into accusing the person on the other side taking the call of ‘being a disgrace to the uniform’, but there is nothing indicative of abusive behaviour, it’s simply that he’s tying up the whole system.

“Because of his previous behaviour he shouldn’t be ringing the police unless it’s an emergency but he repeatedly fails to comply with that.”

Hunter pleaded guilty to breaching the CBO.

Defending, Chris Hudson, accepted he was “a bit more than just a nuisance” but that sending him to prison or probation would put a burden on them.

He said: “It’s not really an insignificant nuisance and he’s certainly a repeat nuisance.

“His parents ran a newsagents in Blackpool and his dad worked at the Tower.

“His wife died eight years ago, they have three children and grandchildren.

“He’s had various forms of occupation. He retired 12 years ago from being a market trader, takes to wine and vodka, and under the influence of wine and vodka things get on top of him.”

Judge Darren Preston said Hunter was “entering the last chance saloon”.

Imposing nine months suspended for a year and a rehabilitation requirement he said: ” In March 2018 you were made the subject of a CBO due to your nuisance calling of the emergency services for no purpose at all.

“Notwithstanding that you made 26 calls on one date in January, a number of calls in January this year, and yet more in April.

“What seems to happen is you get drunk, you get lonely and you call in order to speak to someone for no discernible purpose.

“You’re a nuisance but as Mr Hudson concedes you’re worse than that because you block access to emergency services those who might need it when you’re tying up a phone line.

“You seem to get it in your mind for the smallest purpose you need to call repeatedly the police.

Blackpool OAP jailed for bizarre series of 999 calls

“You’re too old to be appearing before these courts.

“You’re plainly a lonely and isolated man who has problems with physical and mental health.

“Your anxiety isn’t helped by these proceedings but you’ve only yourself to blame for that.

“If you breach this order you will be sending yourself to custody.”