Man smashes up Blackpool hotel in rampage destroying retro gaming machine

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Caleb George Rossall pleaded guilty to criminal damage


The Comfort Inn Blackpool Gresham hotel
The Comfort Inn Blackpool Gresham hotel (Image: Google)

A man has pleaded guilty to smashing up a retro gaming machine at a Blackpool hotel.

Caleb George Rossall was at the Comfort Inn Blackpool Gresham hotel on Friday, June 11 when he went on a rampage destroying the gaming machine.

Rossall, 24, also destroyed a dining room chair, with both items costing a combined £665.

The man, of no fixed address, was hauled before Blackpool Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday (August 4) where he pleaded guilty to criminal damage to property valued under £5,000.

The court fined him £20 and ordered him to pay the hotel £295 compensation.

Rossall was also given a community order for drug rehabilitation.

By August 3 next year, he must have treatment for drug dependency for three months and participate in an accredited programme for 26 days.

‘Disgraceful’ Blackpool buildings having ‘knock on effect’ on business

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The owner of the Tube Station highlighted the safety issues as well as the effect on business


Rick Footman
Rick Footman

A shop owner who has run a business on Blackpool’s ‘street of shutters’ for over a decade has spoken out about the state of some of the buildings.

Rick Footman owns electrical supplies shop The Tube Station on Bond Street.

The stretch of road on South Shore has seen many businesses close over the years with some of the buildings left in a state of disrepair.

Last year the road was forced to close after the gable end of a three-storey building began to crumble.

The bricks of the former ‘All In One’ store at 45-47 began to shed onto the roof of the Mini-mart business next door.

Photographs shared on social media this week show the building in a poor state with roof joists all that remain of its non-existent rooftop.

The double-fronted property has three gaping holes making the interior visible from across the street.

The former gift store All In Ond on Bond Street, Blackpool continues to decay (Image: Google Street View)

Business owner Rick says he has highlighted these issues before but that not much has been done to address them.

He likened the situation to that of The Ambassador, which was torn down in November last year, and questioned why the same cannot be done with these buildings.

He told LancsLive: “It is having a knock on effect to businesses in the area as it has reduced parking in the street therefore increasing the possibility of customers going elsewhere.

“There are some great businesses in the area and it’s time the council pulled their finger out and helped us before the whole area is closed down.”

The former Woolworths store on the corner of Bond Street and Waterloo Road
The former Woolworths store on the corner of Bond Street and Waterloo Road (Image: LancsLive)

The former Woolworths store on the corner of Bond Street, which last saw life as a Hartes Homestore, was earmarked for demolition however it still remains standing.

Recently Waterloo Councillor, David O’ Hara, spoke of dealing with this building as a priority in order to work towards making the area a thriving shopping district.

The councillor stressed that he has also highlighted these buildings to Blackpool Council however the authority has already revealed that it is restricted at the current time due the buildings being under private ownership.

In a statement earlier this week, the authority said: “We are aware of the condition of the property and have taken action to fence off the area making it safe to the public. Communications are ongoing with the property owners to determine how best to resolve the situation.”

LancsLive has approached Blackpool Council for any further comment.


Where you can park a motorhome overnight in Lancashire seaside towns including Blackpool and Morecambe

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It looks like staycations are here for the long haul so break out the caravan and enjoy these seaside Lancashire haunts.


Street lights in Blackpool at night
Street lights in Blackpool at night (Image: Getty)

With more of us looking to spend our holidays in the UK the prospect of setting up camp by the seaside is a tempting one.

For those who are lucky enough to own a campervan, or if you are renting one, you need to be aware of the rules surrounding where you can, and can’t, park.

Generally speaking, if there are no parking restrictions such as time limit or pay and display, motorhomes and campervans are allowed to park on the street (including overnight) but check for any limitations.

However, although there is no specific law which makes it illegal to sleep in a motorhome at the roadside if you are asked to move on by the police you will need to comply as there is no automatic ‘right’ to park on any street.

Also be aware of the risk of potentially being drunk in charge of a vehicle, if you are the only permissible driver of the motorhome and you are over the limit you could end up losing your licence.

Wild camping – on sites such as on sand dunes or on public land, is not allowed without the land owner’s permission.

Here’s where you can legally park a campervan or motorhome in Blackpool, Lytham and Morecambe. Each authority has different rules surrounding sleeping and you will typically not be able to pull out the BBQ or hang up your washing line.


The rules

Motorhomes of all descriptions/sizes are not allowed to use on street pay and display bays even with a blue badge and clock but they can use car parks.

Overnight sleeping is allowed, but, not the use of or setting up of any outdoor equipment such as seating, washing lines, awnings etc.

Summer rate motorhome tariffs are now available at designated sites priced at £10 for 12 hours or £12 for 24 hours.

For dispensations or to report illegally parked vehicles please contact Blackpool Council’s dispatch office on 01253 476395.

This line is available Sunday to Thursday 7.00am to 9.45pm, Friday and Saturday 7.00am to 11.15pm.

You can enjoy beautiful views of the Irish sea if you decide to park your motorhome in Blackpool.
You can enjoy beautiful views of the Irish sea if you decide to park your motorhome in Blackpool.

Designated sites

Banks Street car park FY1 2DT (nine parking bays)

Foxhall Village car park FY1 6JX (15 bays)

*Gynn Square car park (pictured) FY1 2JR (12 bays)

Lytham Road car park FY4 1HT (four bays)

Seasiders car park FY1 6JX (43 bays)

South car park FY1 6BF (10 bays)

Check what vehicle type these car parks are set to – South car park is primarily for cars only but coaches may be allowed at peak times.


The rules

During the day motorhomes can park on any Fylde Borough Council long stay car parks. You must pay for as many bays as you occupy.

Motorhomes can stay overnight for up to 48hrs maximum and must be parked in a designated motorhome bay.

A sluice unit for use by motorhomers is provided approximate 500m North of St Annes Swimming Pool Car Park at North Promenade car park in the public WCs. A £1 charge is made for use of the facility.

Lytham St Annes has long been a popular motorhome staycation choice.
Lytham St Annes has long been a popular motorhome staycation choice.

Designated sites

St Pauls Avenue

St Annes Swimming Pool Car Park

North Promenade

*North Beach Car Park (pictured)


The rules

Lancaster City Council allows motorhomes to park at designated car parks. These car parks do not have any height restriction barriers and are all surface car parks.

However, you cannot sleep in a motorhome or campervan overnight on a Lancaster City Council car park.

Standard pay and display tickets should be purchased for all bays used and motorhomes should not overhang parking bays. For longer motorhomes it is suggested end to end parking bays are utilised and two tickets are purchased.

You can't beat a view overlooking Morecambe Bay.
You can’t beat a view overlooking Morecambe Bay.

Designated sites (with longer parking bays available)

Town Hall car park

Festival Market car park

Goods Yard car park

*Marine Road car park (pictured)

Back Brighton Terrace car park

Battery Breakwater car park

How Blackpool Council’s leader has been running the resort from her kitchen

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Lynn Williams was elected as Leader of Blackpool Council in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic


Councillor Lynn Williams
Councillor Lynn Williams (Image: Blackpool Council)

The person who leads Blackpool Council usually works out of a smart office in Bickerstaffe House with a sweeping view across the seaside resort.

But not so Lynn Williams.

Having been elected council leader in July last year – and in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic – she describes herself as ‘leading from the kitchen’.

It’s a reference many of us for the past year or more will be more than familiar with, with Councillor Williams working from home alongside millions in the UK.

Taking stock on her first 12 months in the role, she remarks all her time in charge has been during the Covid pandemic.

So when asked what the biggest challenge has been during her first year in office, it’s difficult to know where to start.

She said: “Being the leader effectively from my kitchen presents different challenges, but we have all had that.

“I’m particularly proud of Children’s Services where we have made significant progress with Ofsted and the children’s commissioner, with the Secretary of State saying our services no longer needed to be run by the children’s commisioner.

“Now coming out of Covid we have to focus on our young people as they have been disproportionatly impacted. ”

While multi-million pound regeneration projects are popping up all over the town centre, for Coun Williams it’s also about getting ‘stuff done’ that means a lot of residents.

She said: “One of the reasons I became a councillor is because my eldest daughter said ‘there’s not much going on here’.

“I want to make it better for everyone who lives here – and that means things like cleaner streets and a better environment which is stuff that matters to residents.

“It Stops Here (a movement to create safer environments for women) is really important because I want Blackpool to be safer, and if it’s safe for women and children then it’s a safe place for everyone.

“Good housing is also key to community resilience and kids even do better at school if they live in better housing.

“And we’re on with that. We have plans to deliver new housing. It’s a basic right for people and families to have good housing and I’m determined to provide that.

“I’m also pleased we haven’t waited on our commitment to tackling climate change. We got on and held our climate change conference despite Covid and have made it a high priority.”

But Coun Williams knows tourism is still one of the big jobs at the town hall, and she has taken the step of adding that responsibiilty to her own role as leader.

She said: “It’s great to see people coming back to the town and we have been successful in getting our conference centre built and attracting funding through the Town Deal.

“But we can’t rest on our laurels, we have to carry on. It’s really important coming out of Covid that we are still really out there.

“The conference centre will be the biggest change in the town centre in my lifetime.

“Even though we have not had the major political conferences here for a while, people do want to come here and I’m confident we’ll see them return.

“I’m seeing lots of confidence in Blackpool with new businesses opening in the town centre. You only have to look at the Hotel Indigo plan for the former Post Office building on Abingdon Street to see that.

“But it’s not just about regeneration – I want Blackpool to be a great place to live, to improve facilities for young people, have more greener areas.

“I know that’s what people want because it’s important to me as it’s my home town.”


The best Blackpool hotels as ranked by TripAdvisor reviewers

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Two on our list, DeLovely and The Redstone, have both won Channel 4’s Four in a Bed TV show with the small Seagull Hotel winning a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice award.


General view of Blackpool
General view of Blackpool (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

Hotels in Blackpool are almost as numerous as sticks of rock with hundreds to choose from.

The streets lined with B&Bs and guest houses are part of the town’s character and it can be hard to know which to choose when visiting Blackpool’s most famous and well-loved attractions.

Luckily, many are centrally located and great on value with some even offering sea views.

We took a look at TripAdvisor to see what Blackpool hotels visitors most love and created a list of ten that have a five circle rating.

Two on our list, DeLovely and The Redstone, have both won Channel 4’s Four in a Bed TV show with the small Seagull Hotel winning a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice award.

Take a look at the hotels which were rated the best to stay in Blackpool.

All reviews are recent, from July and August 2021, and have a high percentage of ‘excellent’ ratings.

DeLovely, Blackpool – 82 Lord Street

De Lovely Hotel has received 477 of which 443 (93%) were rated excellent

DeLovely Hotel, Blackpool
DeLovely Hotel, Blackpool (Image: DeLovely Hotel, Blackpool)

Shaz 76 – Beautiful hotel, comfortable room, fantastic breakfast.

“Charlie and Mark at the Delovely Hotel are the perfect hosts, they are welcoming, friendly and attentive. The bedrooms are beautifully decorated, have pristine white bed linen and everything you could need for your stay including iron and hairdryer.

Tea and coffee is restocked daily and towels replaced if required. The downstairs room has a dining space and a cosy bar area. Breakfast includes tea and coffee, cereals and fruit and a plentiful full English which is cooked to perfection. We have stayed in quite a few hotels in Blackpool, this is one of the best and great value for money. Well done Charlie and Mark keep up the good work.”

The Garnett Hotel – Lord Street

The Garnett Hotel received 416 reviews of which 367 (85%) were rated excellent.

The Garnett Hotel, Blackpool
The Garnett Hotel, Blackpool (Image: The Garnett Hotel, Blackpool)

loobysue – Shhhh, don’t tell everyone but this place is brilliant.

“We walked into this hotel as a guest and left as a friend. From the moment we arrived we felt so welcome, we had only booked for a 2 night mid week break but soon added another night’s stay, didn’t want to go home but will be back soon. T

“The owners have put so much care into this place, from the beautifully maintained baskets and troughs of flowering that greet you on arrival , stylish decor both in dining room and bedrooms down to the complimentary toiletries and comfy dressing gowns.

“The rooms are all all different but well designed to offer the maximum comfort, we had a twin, lovely comfy beds, high enough that our aging knees did not complain. Nice powerful shower, lovely fluffy towels. The breakfast really cannot be beaten, sets you up for the day, nothing is too much.”

Harley Reads Avenue – 12 Reads Avenue

Harley Reads Avenue received 39 reviews of which 39 (100%) were rated excellent

Harley Reads Avenue Hotel, Blackpool
Harley Reads Avenue Hotel, Blackpool (Image: Harley Reads Avenue Hotel, Blackpool)

bazUkManchester – Excellent little b and b

“Stayed a couple of nights, rooms are just the right size for a couple, very close to all attractions, Ray the owner was very helpfull, nothing was to much trouble even helped my inebriated and very merry wife up the stairs.

“Breakfast was better than any cafe, the young lady at breakfast was very pleasant. We parked off road at the front of b and b. There’s a working men’s club facing, it looks a bit rundown from outside but inside its very plush and cheap. All in all would defo go back to harleys, great stay.”

The Hotel Blackpool – 22-24 Lord Street

The hotel Blackpool has 322 reviews of which 305 (95%) were rated excellent.

The Hotel Blackpool
The Hotel Blackpool (Image: The Hotel Blackpool)

Buddy Joseph – Illuminating

“Had a fun weekend here with a variety of friends as we fulfilled bucket list dreams. We had 4 rooms between our extended group. All were well suited to individuals and couples. David and Paul were lovely hosts, offering advice and suggestions to maximize our Blackpool experience, from the majestic tower to the glittering illuminations.

“Hotel is incredibly clean, toasty warm (perfect after an autumnal day) and each room comfortable with all amenities required. The breakfast was perfect for our needs and freshly cooked for each individual, delicious!”

Rest and Welcome Blackpool Guest House – 24 Springfield Road

Rest and Welcome received 24 reviews of which 22 (92%) were rated excellent.

Rest and Welcome Guest House, Blackpool
Rest and Welcome Guest House, Blackpool (Image: Trip Advisor)

Belfast1 – Great base for exploring Blackpool

“Great B&B with everything you need as a base, not exactly up there with a luxurious hotel but if you want a base to explore the activities of Blackpool you won’t spend much time here, we left straight after breakfast and didn’t return until 12/1am each evening.

“It’s great there’s no curfew you get a front door key with your room key to come and go as you please, there’s a bar downstairs but it didn’t seem to be open during our stay the door was closed in the evening.

“The breakfast is from 8 30-9.30 and there’s a selection of cereals as well as freshly prepared eggs and toast, I opted for scrambled eggs and they were absolutely beautiful, cooked perfectly. Set us up for a day at the pleasure Beach. The B&B is less than 5 minutes from Blackpool north train station which is handy as.”

Pelham Lodge – 7-9 General Street

Pelham Lodge has received 703 reviews of which 631 (90%) were rate excellent

Pelham Lodge, Blackpool
Pelham Lodge, Blackpool (Image: Pelham Lodge, Blackpool)

Pen_PitstopDerby_UK – Excellent!

“My Mum and I stayed here last night in a nice twin room. The warm welcome from Martin and Jorge was lovely and nothing was too much trouble. The room and bathroom was spotlessly clean and breakfast was very good.

“We were impressed by the attentive staff in the dining room and particularly the Covid precautions taken with serving staff wearing masks and gloves.

“We would definitely recommend this B&B as it was clean, friendly, in a great position for the North Shore promenade, good value for money and great breakfast included!! Thank you gentlemen for a lovely stay.”

Seagull Hotel – 15 Crystal Road

Seagull Hotel received 359 reviews of which 339 (94%) were excellent

The Seagull Hotel, Blackpool
The Seagull Hotel, Blackpool (Image: Trip Advisor)

gjm5_11 – Fantastic Hotel

“Stayed at this small hotel with my wife and sister inlaw between 14th to 17th August. Just of the main promenade half way between south and Central pier it is excellently located. The hotel is spotlessly clean and is fully compliant with al covid rules. The owners are extremely friendly and couldn’t be more helpful.

“We had bottled water crisps and biscuits in the room as well as tea and coffee facilities. There is also a excellent cooked and cold breakfast. I highly recommend this hotel and certainly rebook next time we’re in Blackpool.”

The Redstone – 9 Alexandra Road

The Redstone received 430 review of which 411 (96%) were rated excellent.

The Redstone, Blackpool
The Redstone, Blackpool (Image: The Redstone, Blackpool)

Larneboy – Fantastic B&B

“Had the pleasure of a 2 night stay in this wonderful property. Our room was number 8 and it did not disappoint.
Ursula txt us the night before to say our room would be ready earlier than expected, which we really appreciated as we driving from York.

“When checking in Leigh was very friendly and extremely helpful. Our room was beautiful and spotlessly clean and also cleaned every day, we had slippers and robes in the room and also bottled water lovely teas coffees and gorgeous shortbread. Every day we appreciated the beautiful homemade cake.

“The breakfast was amazing, all fresh good produce, plenty of choice too. Would definitely recommend this B&B to our friends and family as it was a great location to the promenade.

“Both nights when we returned from dinner we had a night cap in the very trendy bar which was beautifully decorated and well priced. I know we won’t stay anywhere else when we return.”

Westbourne House – 21 Vance Road

Westbourne House received 341 reviews of which 306 (90%) were rated excellent

Westbourne House, Blackpool
Westbourne House, Blackpool (Image: Westbourne House, Blackpool)

charles wors – loved it. Will return

“Just returned after 5 nights here. Lisa looked after us really well. Room was great with en suite and a decent size. Had breakfast the first day which was really nice but didn’t have again as we couldn’t continue eating that many calories day after day. especially when all food In Blackpool is a calorie fest lol.

“Location of hotel is spot on, if you like Coral Island central and North piers and the town centre this is the location to be in. We really enjoyed our visit and will defo return to this hotel. Once again thanks to Lisa for a great stay.”

Avenue Guest House – 56 Reads Avenue

Avenue Guest House received 333 reviews of which 332 (99.6%) are rated excellent

Avenue Guest House, Blackpool
Avenue Guest House, Blackpool (Image: Avenue Guest House, Blackpool)

Alastair M – Wonderful Hosts

“We have stayed at this property several times and Ian and Tracy are just the best. They put themselves out to ensure your stay is just perfect. From the minute you arrive until you leave you just feel totally relaxed.

“Everything about the place is 5 star from location cleanliness breakfast reserved parking room quality nothing could be improved upon.

“We have recommended this to friends and family and have no doubt they would be impressed we look forward to our visit in September.”

We went to Stefani’s in Blackpool to see what all the fuss was about

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One customer called it the ‘best pizza outside Campania’, but how good is Blackpool’s Pizzeria?

Sefani's in Blackpool

Sefani’s in Blackpool

I last visited Rome in 2018 and ate piles of gnocchi in the space of four days.

But with travel off the cards this year, we knew there was only one way to Italy – Stefani’s.

Stefani’s Pizzeria in Blackpool is plastered in 5-star reviews all over Google and TripAdvisor.

The award-winning wood-fired pizza has a fully-licensed bar inside and is rated as #5 in top restaurants in Blackpool.

Scrolling through the endless ‘delicious!’, ‘brilliant!’ and ‘amazing!’ reviews I had to know: what is all the fuss about?

One visitor had even gone so far as to say “when you dream of a pizzeria – this is that place”.

Another added: “Best pizza outside Campania.”

We headed to Cedar Square on empty stomachs rearing for a slice of Blackpool’s high-rated cuisine.

Bon Appetit, Blackpool. This is Italy now.

The pizzeria is a nice, small space

Stefani’s is pretty cool about its Italian inspiration. It has two clocks on the back wall showing the time zone difference between Blackpool and Naples, which if you’re short sighted, could result in you literally jumping time zone straight to Italy.

The decoration is very laid back. The bold, blue counter is surrounded by retro items like a yellow moped or an old Coca-Cola bucket.

Inside Stefani's
Inside Stefani’s

There are healthy green plants at the front, with one planted in a Stefani’s Pizzeria pot and a growing wall of painted pizza boxes which is part of their pizza box art competition.

Inside, there are four tables to sit at, with one two-seater by the window. It also had highchairs for any pizza-loving babies.

At first glance, Stefani’s doesn’t scream Italy, but I don’t think I’d want it too. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxed and the staff were attentive and friendly.

On to the food.

Is it the best pizza outside of Campania?

Stefani’s writes that their dough is made fresh daily, proved for a minimum of 24 hours and sources the “best” ingredients from all different regions of Italy to “bring you possibly the best pizza in Blackpool.”

We ordered the Roma pizza, which was a veggie-friendly pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, peppers and rocket.

Stefani's pizza
Stefani’s pizza

Stefani’s turnaround time was quick, and from our seat we could see our pizza be rolled out, topped and chucked into the wood-fired oven – a glorious sight for sore eyes.

The dough was soft and had lots of desired air bubbles in its crust, and whilst the toppings might have paled in comparison to its base, it was evident why previous visitors praised the pizza so highly.

The pizza was good and I think it could, possibly, be the best in Blackpool. If you want a pizza that feels healthy, tastes good and won’t disappoint you – Stefani’s is for you.

Stefani’s is a great place for Blackpool

Overall, it’s obvious that Stefani’s is a great place for Blackpool. The small restaurant offers so many dishes and desserts that I didn’t find the opportunity to try in actual Rome.

The cannoli, a tube-shaped shell of fried pastry dough filled with hazelnut chocolate, was an incredible addition to our lunch break and proved to be the perfect side to the post-lunch espresso.

Stefani's pizza
Stefani’s pizza

Stefani’s really makes the effort to bring different types of italian staples to Blackpool city centre and within a price range of £6-£15.

If you can’t find the time to sit down and eat, it’s definitely worth trying to get a takeaway pizza and maybe, if you fancy trying something new, an affogato.

‘Unprecedented demand’ sparks second visitor guide of the year for Blackpool

Blackpool’s tourism and visitor economy has been given a second promotions boost after “unprecedented demand” for its annual guide.


VisitBlackpool has published a second destination guide covering the autumn/winter season, thanks in part to the EU.

The 84-page glossy guide spans the entire Illuminations season, which has been extended to four months this year, starting on September 3 and ending on January 3, 2022.

At the same time, an e-version of the Blackpool Events Guide has been produced as the opening up of venues sees more and more shows and entertainment being reinstated over the second half of the year.

Blackpool Illuminations is one of the events featuring in the new visitor guide from VisitBlackpoolBlackpool Illuminations is one of the events featuring in the new visitor guide from VisitBlackpool

Coun Lynn Williams, Leader of Blackpool Council, said: “Our VisitBlackpool team have seen an unprecedented demand for the annual destination guide since it was published at the start of this year.

“To help satisfy that demand, we have produced a second printed guide that showcases the truly extraordinary range of events, attractions and accommodation that will be open to visitors over the rest of this year.

“That is complemented by an online edition of our annual events guide which illustrates the sheer scale of entertainment that is on offer.”

The new printed destination guide, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Welcome Back Fund, is now freely available and features the most extensive programme of events that the resort has offered over the autumn and winter period.
The cover of the new visitor guide from VisitBlackpool
The cover of the new visitor guide from VisitBlackpool

It includes details of the famous Blackpool Illuminations, which will be switched on this year by Shirley Ballas, head judge of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, during a live streamed concert in The Blackpool Tower Ballroom on September 3.

The guide also features details of the annual Lightpool Festival, a free programme of events running over 16 nights from October 15-30.

The festival will provide a spectacular mix of light-based art installations, live performances, parades, lasers, 3D projection shows and a host of family-friendly activities.

The guide also showcases what is expected to be Blackpool’s biggest programme of Christmas entertainment in years including an indoor festive market, a Christmas village with skating rink, light shows, pantos, and the FriendsFestive exhibition.

Coastguard called after man ‘jumps off Central Pier’ in Blackpool

Home | Blackpool Gazette

Emergency services were called to multiple coastal incidents in Blackpool today (August 13).


Coastguard crews from Lytham were first called to reports of a person possibly in difficulty in the water near North Pier at around 5.35am.

As volunteers arrived on the scene they found the casualty in the care of their family.

The second emergency call came through at 3.10pm to help a person who had “jumped off Central Pier” .

As RNLI Blackpool launched one D-class lifeboat, it was discovered the man had managed to climb back onto the pier where he was met by police.

HM Coastguard Fleetwood, North West Ambulance Service and Blackpool Beach Patrol were also tasked.

Blackpool and St Annes traffic delays following car and motorbike crash
Lytham Coastguard were called to multiple incidents in Blackpool on August 13. (Credit: HM Coastguard Lytham)
Lytham Coastguard were called to multiple incidents in Blackpool on August 13. (Credit: HM Coastguard Lytham)

“We arrived on scene alongside Blackpool Beach Patrol and our volunteers assessed the casualty.

“Fortunately the casualty wasn’t having a stroke as they first suspected and they managed to make their own way inland.”

With all incidents resolved, crews returned to station.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation or see a coastal emergency, call 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard.

If you are inland and see someone in difficulty on the water, be it on a river or a lake, you should ask for Fire and Rescue when you call for help.

Blackpool’s CCTV system to be overhauled after controversy of switched-off cameras

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It is also proposed to relocate the CCTV monitoring centre


A key step towards upgrading Blackpool’s CCTV system has been taken with the council seeking a supplier for new equipment.

Councillors were warned in December existing equipment is becoming obsolete and needs replacing.

It is also proposed to relocate the CCTV monitoring centre from the former Bonny Street police station to Municipal Buildings on Corporation Street.

The council has advertised on local government procurement site The Chest for a supplier of surveillance and security systems.

The brief adds: “This contract is for supply only of CCTV equipment. During the life of the contract, additional CCTV projects and further equipment requirements may be identified, including the provision of replacement and spare parts.”

Potential suppliers have until September 10 to submit their bids.

No price has been put on the contract, but future provision of neighbourhood CCTV could be paid for from councillors’ ward budgets.

John Blackledge, the council’s director of community and environmental services, told a meeting of the audit committee last December that parts of the system were in danger of becoming obsolete, while there had been ‘under investment’.

He said an 18 month review of the system would be carried out, including of the town centre CCTV system.

He added: “Technology is moving on so much that some of this system is going to become obsolete quite quickly in terms of replacement and management, and we do need to do something.”

In July last year, Independent councillor Gary Coleman called for a full review of the town’s CCTV system after it emerged many cameras were either dummy cameras or non-operational.

He warned: “This can dangerously mislead the public and staff into believing they are in monitored areas, when they are not.”

Coun Coleman added: “We are letting our residents, staff and visitors down by making our CCTV coverage a lottery of effectiveness.”

Recent investment in CCTV includes £200,000 at Stanley Park paid for by Proceeds of Crime Act funding.

Brenda the Bernese Mountain Dog inspires brews at new Blackpool coffee shop Bren’s Barista

Home | Blackpool Gazette

A brand new licensed coffee shop has opened in Blackpool town centre – and its owners have a very special concierge waiting to welcome you with a smile!


Brenda the Bernese Mountain Dog, who is 17 months old, mans the fort at a new coffee shop – her namesake – Bren’s Barista in Queen Street.

Her doting owners, Jay and Paul Davies-Bloomfield, moved to North Shore in November from Mansfield after visiting hotel-owner friends and falling in love with the seaside.

They opened last month – and Brenda takes pride of place on the pavement outside, guiding dog-lovers through the doors off the street for a brew, breakfast or a glass of afternoon prosecco.

Brenda the 17-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog is already ready to greet customers with a smile at Bren's Barista! Pic: Dan Martino/JPI MediaBrenda the 17-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog is already ready to greet customers with a smile at Bren’s Barista! Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

Paul, 51, said: “We knew someone who had a hotel up here so we came a couple of times and saw how vibrant Blackpool was.

“We decided we wanted to open a licensed coffee shop so we can also do prosecco afternoon tea, and we hope to have live entertainment during the evenings at weekends as well.

“My husband Jay has lived down in Hastings and Brighton before and saw that the big changes which happened down there many moons ago are happening up here too.”

Jay, 52, has run various different hospitality businesses throughout his career and lived all over the world, and he believes Blackpool is now the best place to set up shop as the tourism industry rebuilds after lockdown.

Bren's Barista is now open on Queen Street in Blackpool town centre. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI MediaBren’s Barista is now open on Queen Street in Blackpool town centre. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

He said customers would likely be gently coerced into Bren’s Barista by Brenda, as she relaxes outside waiting for passers-by to show her some attention.

“She’s got such a personality, she’s like, ‘I’m a star and I know it,'” he said.

“She’s a Covid dog, we got her as a puppy in lockdown so she’s spent most of her life with us and she doesn’t move for anyone.

“Even the road sweeper in Queen Street has to go round her, she won’t move for anyone. She’ll rarely wander round, it’s her street and her town, she’s so chilled.

Brenda's owners Paul and Jay Davies-Bloomfield say although she can be a diva, she's always willing to lend a paw and bring people into the coffee shop for a brew. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI MediaBrenda’s owners Paul and Jay Davies-Bloomfield say although she can be a diva, she’s always willing to lend a paw and bring people into the coffee shop for a brew. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

“But she will bring people in all the time – especially dog lovers. She can sense those kinds of people and she’ll escort them in.”

Ryan Skyrme, operations manager at Blackpool BID, said: “We are pleased to welcome Brens Barista to Queen Street. Its fantastic to see that another independent business has invested into the Town Centre. Their establishment has recently been renovated to a high standard and looks amazing now they have opened their doors.

“They offer a great selection of food and drink menus also including a vegan range, which is very popular. The opening couldn’t have come at a better time to place Blackpool back on the map on the road to recovery from the pandemic.

“They will be very much welcomed by visitors and locals alike, and they will be a great addition to the early evening economy in the vicinity of Queen Street. We wish them all the success.”

Jay and Paul Davies-Bloomfield opened Bren's Barista last month after moving to the resort from Mansfield. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI MediaJay and Paul Davies-Bloomfield opened Bren’s Barista last month after moving to the resort from Mansfield. Pic: Dan Martino/JPI Media

Bren’s Barista is open for breakfast, coffee, lunch and licensed afternoon teas 9-5 weekdays and 9-8 weekends.


Hundreds paint the beach as hospice events return

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Hundreds of people painted the beach all the colours of the rainbow as Trinity Hospice held its first, and most colourful fundraising event since 2019.


Participants having fun in the Blackpool Colour Run

Participants having fun in the Blackpool Colour Run

Around 900 people took part in Blackpool Colour Run on Saturday at Starr Gate Beach, and ran through seven paint stations where volunteers from local businesses were waiting to pelt them with powdered paint, turning them a bright hue of green, pink, purple, yellow, orange and blue.

It’s the first time Trinity has been able to put on a live fundraising event since December 2019 because of the Covid pandemic, and it is expected to have raised more than £25,000 once all sponsorship has been collected.

Events manager, Kirsty Miller, said: “It was absolutely amazing to see so many people taking part in one of our events after such a long time. We’ve really missed seeing our incredible

supporters running, walking, dancing and doing all sorts of wonderful things to support our work in their community.

“Blackpool Colour Run, or Colour Splash as it was previously known, is certainly our most colourful event, and it was great to see so many people enjoying getting absolutely covered in paint.

“We are so grateful to every single person who joined us on the beach at the weekend; whether they were taking part or volunteering their time so that we could make our first event

since lockdown the huge success it was.

“By taking part or helping on the day, they have helped us to be able to provide outstanding, specialist palliative and end-of-life care to all who need it across Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.

“A huge thank you to all the local businesses who sponsored a paint station and provided volunteers.”

The paint station sponsors were Sandcastle Waterpark, Natures Aid, Beaverbrooks, Eric Wright Group and RNS publications.

The next event for Trinity Hospice is Blackpool Night Run – a 7km run under the Illuminations in support of the charity’s dedicated children’s hospice, Brian House, on

Wednesday 1 st September.

For more information, events and to sign up, visit