‘Drunk’ man caught on CCTV smashing up Blackpool shop counter in violent rage

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A man went on a violent tirade in a Blackpool off-licence after reportedly turning up drunk and threatening a member of staff.


The incident happened at the Premier shop on Station Road around 8am yesterday.

Proprietor Premkunar Rajanayagam said: “A drunken tourist demanded in an abusing manner to call a taxi. Shop personnell refused because of his arrogant attitude. Then he threatened the staffer and smashed the till and front panels.”

A 30-year-old man from Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, was arrested and charged with criminal damage. He will appear at Blackpool Magistrate’s Court next month.

The man, right, was charged with causing criminal damage and will be in court next monthThe man, right, was charged with causing criminal damage and will be in court next month

A police spokesman said: “A call came into us at 8.15am saying somebody had come into the shop and trashed the place. They then left the shop. We have gone down to the scene and a short time later we made an arrest.”


Staffie who disappeared in Wakefield is found 75 miles away in Blackpool – seven years later

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Red the Staffordshire bull terrier was just a puppy when she disappeared from her owner’s garden in Wakefield in 2014. In a surprising twist, she was found running wild and free around Heron’s Reach in Blackpool last week.

Red has been reunited with her owner after seven years

Red has been reunited with her owner after seven years

Red, who is now eight years old, was reunited with her owner Tracy Chapman, 42, on Friday with the help of local animal rescue group Homeward Bound.

The lucky pooch was reunited with her owner Tracy Chapman, 42, on Friday with the help of local animal rescue group Homeward Bound.

Tracy said: “Red was just a puppy when she went missing. We looked all over for her but we never found her. I think somebody took her in for themselves.

“She’s certainly bigger. She looks brilliant. She’s clearly been looked after. I never thought I would get her back. She’s got a bit of a cheeky personality but she’s got a great temperament and she’s very lovable and very loving.”

Red was reunited with Tracy after a Homeward Bound volunteer carried out a microchip scan which revealed she had been marked as missing.

Wendy Mulela, of Homeward Bound, said: “Sometimes it can be that a pet has been reported missing and the owner has got them back and just didn’t think to take the marker off, so I just assumed that must have what happened in this situation, because it was reported so long ago.

“Within no time at all I had got somebody to go round and call at the address, and lo and behold she was still missing.

“The dog has been living somewhere and we’re sure somebody will have got quite attached to her during that time. but I have worked with a lot of people who have had dogs go missing and I know the pain these families have gone through to get their dogs back. Some people have spent their life savings and travelled the length of the country to try and find their dog. So to have them reunited is wonderful.”

Tracy said: “I’m absolutely over the moon. She has settled in really well and become part of the family again.”

Bispham crash involving drivers of a Nissan Micra and BMW leaves Devonshire Road closed

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A car crash involving the drivers of a Nissan Micra and a BMW in Bispham has left one of the resort’s main roads closed.


Lancashire Police said they were called out to the incident at around 1.40pm to reports of a two car collision.

A spokesman for the force said that a Nissan Micra and a BMW were involved in the crash and that Devonshire Road had been closed.

As well as police officers, the fire service and paramedics have been called out to the incident.

Police fire and ambulance were called to the incident in BisphamPolice fire and ambulance were called to the incident in Bispham

It is alleged that an a man in his 80s has suffered chest injuries but this has not been confirmed.

Devonshire Road remains closed from Bispham roundabout heading towards St Bernadette’s Church and school.

The North West Ambulance Service have been contacted

We went up and down Blackpool’s three piers to see which is the best – and there is one clear winner

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Off the bat, it’s not the North Pier


South Pier
South Pier

Blackpool’s three piers are the mighty spears of the seaside town, all alike in dignity, you can spend hours walking up and down and between each one.

The three piers, North pier, Central pier and South pier, are all named based on where they stand on the seafront – but are they all so different?

Has anyone ever put them to the ultimate test of crowing one of the three as the Best Blackpool Pier?
The truth is, whilst all come with their pros and cons, one reigns supreme.

North Pier

We’re starting on North Pier, not out of any immediate excitement it swirls within its visitors, but to get it out of the way.

And that’s what the North Pier is all about. Yes, it’s a pier. Yes, it does the job. But when it comes to it, is doing its job enough?

As we arrived at North Pier, our first pier, I decided it was not my favourite. There’s only so many times you can say “but it does have a train” before you begin to sound like you’re trying to justify not climbing Snowdon.

North Pier

North Pier

To its credit, North Pier does host Blackpool’s very pretty Gin bar, Bloom, as well as a vintage carousel. But aside from those, there’s not a great deal going on.

You could sit on the train that travels to the end of the pier and back, but in comparison to its sister piers – the North Pier is as thrilling as a tin of beans.

North Pier is best suited for those wanting a quiet walk down a pier and Gin-drinkers. It is not best suited to big groups or children, unless you’re miniature train fanatics or desperate for a go on the vintage carousel.

Central Pier

Like anything central, Blackpool’s Central Pier is typically packed with tourists and as we made our way onto the pier we were suddenly shoulder to shoulder with crowds of people.

The pier is rammed with ticketed funfair rides where tickets can be purchased at booths located on the pier.

All rides are priced individually and are all either 2,3 or 4 tickets per rider.

You can ride anything from the dodgems to the big wheel, before working your way through two arcades and up to the Pirates Bay Family Bar where you can sit and enjoy a pint or some chips.

Central Pier

Central Pier

The Central Pier is a good pier. It’s a place where you can kill loads of time, partly just by trying to walk through the crowds, but it also offers some of the more traditional pastimes Blackpool has to offer – like palm readings, hook a duck or some photo opportunities that involve sticking your head through a painting of a pirate.

Don’t start thinking that just because Central Pier is entertaining, this obviously places it as the reigning pier – it’s not. It’s in second place though, which according to the X Factor is where you should aim to place if you want to do well.

Central Pier is ideal for families and tourists, but visitors should be prepared for its busy peak hours, especially during school holidays. If Central Pier were a chocolate bar, it would be a Crunchie – fun, but not something you’d want all the time.

South Pier

You guessed it, LancsLive is officially naming Blackpool’s South Pier as the best pier in Blackpool.

By the time we made it to South Pier I was ready to throw in the towel and crown Central Pier as the best pier – how wrong we would have been.

South Pier’s only slight disadvantage is its location. It’s most convenient to Pleasure Beach but it is worth travelling to via Blackpool’s efficient tram service if you’re looking to spend some time on the seafront.

South Pier

South Pier

South Pier’s main pro is its space. It feels huge in comparison to its sister piers and that creates a more calming experience overall for its visitors.

It also has both of Central and North piers’ best qualities, all in one space. It has a gin bar, funfair rides and an arcade. What more could you ask for?

The pier also hosts an adrenaline zone which includes the SkyCoaster and a Reverse Bungee jump. Even if being accelerated suddenly into the sky isn’t for you, it still makes great entertainment to watch strangers get catapulted into the air and returned back to earth.


Blackpool’s former Four Seasons hotel on the market with sea views and a need for renovation

The double fronted property at 4 Rigby Road is currently “in need of refurbishment”


The former Four Seasons hotel on Rigby Road, Blackpool up for auction
The former Four Seasons hotel on Rigby Road, Blackpool up for auction (Image: Auction House North West)

A Blackpool Hotel in a highly sought after area is due to go up for auction next week for a guide price of £80,000.

The double fronted property at 4 Rigby Road used to be the Four Seasons hotel and is described as “in need of refurbishment”.

It is due to go up in an online auction on Thursday August 19 at 1pm.

The building is not inspected but previously provided 12 letting rooms to guests with many of them en suite.

Located on the ground floor are three rooms and a WC, with the second floor having three rooms, a separate WC and a shower room.

On the third floor you will find four rooms and three further rooms located in the basement where there is also a store room.

There is also parking to the forecourt at the front.

Sitting around 50m from the town’s famous Promenade, the property sits in a prominent location close to central pier and Manchester Square tram stop.

It also opposite the popular Crazy Scots bar at 9 Rigby Road with a view of the Fab Four that decorates the Beatles-themed venue.

Other potential uses could be as serviced apartments, a residential HMO/ care home or assisted living accommodation.

The information provided on the listing was provided by the seller in June 2018.

Auction House North West state that this would “make a sound investment for whoever is the winning bidder.”

The property goes up for auction at 1pm