Fr Glen Brooks appointed as new vicar of St Annes Parish Church

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Fr Glen Brooks has been appointed the new vicar of St Annes Parish Church, the Victorian place of worship after which the Fylde resort is named.


He was previously rector of Somerleyton Benefice, comprising six rural churches on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in the Diocese of Norwich and at St Annes he succeeds Fr David Lyon, who retired earlier this year after 11 years in the post.

At his Induction service this week, Fr Glen was presented by the Patron, Lady Katherine Bryan, the Institution was performed by the Rt Rev Philip North, Bishop of Burnley and the Induction by the Ven David Picken, Archdeacon of Lancaster. After the service, Fr Glen and his wife Heather were presented with a specially-commissioned cake.

New St Annes Parish Church vicar Fr Glen Brooks (left) at his ordination with Bishop of Burnley Rt Rev Philip North

New St Annes Parish Church vicar Fr Glen Brooks (left) at his ordination with Bishop of Burnley Rt Rev Philip North

Fr Glen is originally from Boltonand was ordained in 2014 after formerly spending 28 years in the RAF. Parishioners and visitors will have chance to meet him as a popular feature in the Parish Church returns later this month.

The Charity Christmas Tree Festival will run on December 11 and 12 followed by Friday to Sunday, December 17-19.

More than 20 trees will be on display, each dedicated to a local, national or international charity.

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Blackpool Victoria Hospital boss makes statement to staff after man charged with sex assaults

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The boss of Blackpool Victoria Hospital has issued a statement to staff after a healthcare worker was charged with sexually assaulting seven women at the hospital.


Hernando Puno, 51, of Layton, Blackpool, is accused of carrying out the assaults on the site between November 2012 and March 2021.

The Gazette revealed yesterday that Puno, who has been suspended by the hospital, had been charged with nine counts of sexual assault against seven women.

Police said the charges follow their investigation into allegations of mistreatment and neglect on the hospital’s stroke unit, although the inquiry was not linked to the ongoing investigation into these allegations.

Police have charged a man in relation to sexual assaults at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Police have charged a man in relation to sexual assaults at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Meanwhile, a murder investigation into the death of Valerie Kneale is continuing separately to the latest developments.

Mr Puno, who has been released on police bail, is due to appear at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court on January 4.

Trish Armstrong-Child, chief executive of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has sent a statement to staff members in relation to the charges against Mr Puno.

The email stated: “I wanted to contact you personally with what I know will be a distressing update connected to the police investigation focused on the stroke unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Trish Armstrong-Child sent an email to staff

Trish Armstrong-Child sent an email to staff

“The Trust has fully co-operated with police colleagues throughout and continues to do so.

“Whilst it is a source of huge distress for colleagues, we remain committed to finding the truth and I continue to urge anyone with any information to come forward and tell the police what they know.

“In the meantime, I want to tell you that the team has done everything possible to ensure patients are safe and families should be reassured about the quality of care.

“The Trust also continues to support staff dealing with this extremely distressing news. I will provide more information as appropriate.”

Anyone with information in connection with the investigation can contact police on 101 or report online here quoting log 0757 of December 1.



Council agrees to extend Blackpool dog controls including beach ban

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Dog control orders including a ban on the pets being allowed on Blackpool’s main beaches during the summer have been renewed for another three years.


The council approved the move following consultation with residents and the Blackpool Association for Responsible K9’s (BARK).

An overwhelming majority of the 616 survey responses said dog owners should be fined for not carrying poo bags.

Just over 90 per cent agreed dog walkers should be required to show they have the means to pick up dog mess when challenged by authorised officers such as a dog warden, police officer or police community support officer.

Dog control orders have been extended

Dog control orders have been extended

Those who do not comply, should be given a fixed penalty notice.

But there was less concern about dogs being let off their leads on beaches, with just over 60 per cent of respondents agreeing with a dog ban on the beach between North Pier and the Solaris Centre (MIrror Ball area) between May and September.

The dog control PSPO (public space protection order) was introduced in 2018 to prohibit dog fouling and ban the walking of dogs in certain areas on a permanent or temporary basis.

Places where dogs are not allowed at any time include children’s play areas, multi-use games areas, ball courts, BMX and skate parks, bowling and golfing greens, the Stanley Park boating lake and ornamental ponds, Marton Mere lake, and the playing areas of all marked sports pitches when in use.

A council report says: “The order aims to prevent a variety of activities deemed as anti-social behaviours to ensure that public spaces can be enjoyed, and are enforced via staff within the authority to issue fixed penalty notices.”

As well as public consultation, the council also took into account views from Blackpool Association for Responsible K9’s (BARK).

The order also rules dogs must be kept on a lead on all public roads, on Blackpool Promenade between North and South Pier, in public parks and gardens, in cemeteries and churchyards, car parks, on tram tracks and adjacent footpaths, at the Marton Mere nature reserve, the Cenotaph, the arboretum on Moor Park Avenue, the grassy embankments on South Promenade, and around Starr Gate tram stop.

A person in charge of a dog must put it on a lead if requested to do so by an authorising officer, even if the dog is outside one of these lead-only zones.

Failure to comply with the rules may result in a £100 fixed penalty notice.




I was not hostile or aggressive, former Fleetwood manager Joey Barton tells assault trial

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Former Fleetwood manager Joey Barton has denied being “hostile and aggressive” towards rival manager Daniel Stendel minutes before the then-Barnsley boss was injured in the tunnel following a match.


Barton, 39, was giving evidence at his trial at Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday, where he denies assaulting ex-Tykes boss Mr Stendel following his Fleetwood team’s 4-2 defeat to the South Yorkshire club in April 2019.

A jury has been shown footage of the handshake between the two managers at the end of the League One match at Barnsley’s Oakwell stadium.

Barton agreed that he is captured saying “stop being such a c***” to Mr Stendel.

Former Fleetwood manager Joey Barton

Former Fleetwood manager Joey Barton

Asked by Ian Goldsack, prosecuting, whether this was “hostile and aggressive”, the defendant said: “No”.

He told the jury that before the mobile phone footage starts, he had gone over to Mr Stendel to shake hands and congratulate him.

Barton said he told him that they needed to control their playing staff or they both might face fines from the league of up to £10,000.

He told the jury that the Barnsley manager told him that “he knows” and that is when he replied: “Stop being such a c***.”

Barton told the jury that “industrial language” was an “unfortunate” reality in football.

Asked by Mr Goldsack whether that meant he had to use it, the defendant said: “I swear in life more than should. My grandma tells me off for it all the time.”

Barton denied the handshake itself was extremely firm and aggressive.

He told the jury of six women and five men: “It was just a normal handshake.”

On Monday, Mr Stendel told the jury how he was walking down the tunnel after Barnsley’s victory when he was knocked over by a push from behind.

He said he was knocked to the floor and his face hit the tunnel structure, injuring his face.

Mr Stendel said he looked up to see Barton jogging away.

Barnsley performance analyst intern Nathan Kirby said he saw Barton run past him and shoulder barge Mr Stendel.

On Thursday, Barton was asked by his barrister Simon Csoka QC: “Were you aware of coming into contact with anyone as you passed through the tunnel?”

The defendant said: “No.”

Barton told the jury how his assistant manager was booked during the second half of the match following an incident between the coaching staff of the two sides around the dugouts.

He said he then went to speak to Mr Stendel in his technical area because the league had given managers a strong warning that they could face large fines if they did not control their coaching staff at pitchside.

But Barton denied there was any hostility between the two men during the match.

He also denied an allegation from Mr Stendel that he shook hands with him aggressively at the previous fixture between the two sides, in Fleetwood in September 2018.

Mr Goldsack said to Barton: “Isn’t the truth of the matter you were quite angry and quite upset at the end of this game?”

The defendant said: “No.”

Finishing his cross-examination, the prosecutor said to the defendant: “You took the opportunity in that tunnel to barge your way through and knocked over Mr Stendel quite deliberately.”

Barton replied: “No.”

The prosecutor went on: “You knew full well at the time that that’s what you’d done.”

Barton again said: “No.”

The defendant, who is now Bristol Rovers manager, denies one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Sporting glasses and moustache, he gave evidence standing in the witness box, wearing a brown suit over black polo neck jumper.

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan shares Christmas plans with ex-husband and new boyfriend

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“He’s met all the kids and family, and Ray – and everyone gets on”


Coleen Nolan has shared her Christmas plans with fans
Coleen Nolan has shared her Christmas plans with fans

Coleen Nolan is planning to spend Christmas Day with both her ex-husband and new Tinder boyfriend.

The Loose Women star, from Blackpool, has shared her festive plans with fans after yesterday speaking about second husband Ray Fensome’s savage response to hearing about her new beau.

Ex-pop singer and TV personality Coleen has been dating her new mystery man for five months after meeting online and has so far failed to make his identity known to the public.


The 56-year-old was previously married to Ray between 2007 and 2018 and they share 20-year-old daughter Ciara together.

Speaking about her new boyfriend in an interview with Women’s Owen, Coleen said: “”He’s lovely, and he’s going to be spending Christmas with us.

“He’s met all the kids and family, and Ray – and everyone gets on.

“I can’t tell you his name – because it’s early days, and I just want to keep it to myself for now.”

Coleen revealed how Ciara was “the glue that held us together” and they both realise that now and it was actually their daughter that helped them to see they needed to split.

She explained: “She said to me, ‘Mum – I love you and I love Dad, but don’t stay together because of me. And I can’t stand both of you slagging each other off.”

The former member os girl group The Nolans was also previously married to former Eastenders actor Shane Richie with whom she has two sons, Shane Nolan, 32, and Jake Roche, 29.



Blackpool man sexually abused sleeping boy as boyfriend egged him on

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William Greenhalgh’s peeping Tom boyfriend Abhiyaan Malhotra secretly took photos of a naked man through a window


William Greenhalgh mugshot
William Greenhalgh

Two men in a “toxic” relationship egged each other on to commit hideous acts which saw one of them sexually abuse a young boy.

William Greenhalgh, 22, carried out the sick attack after encouragement from boyfriend Abhiyaan Malhotra – before sending him photographs of the heinous incident.

During the attack, Greenhalgh groped the victim in his private parts while he was sleeping. The boy did not wake up during the incident.

In another incident, Malhotra, 25, looked through a window of another student at his university campus in Swansea.

Noticing the man was asleep naked on the bed, he secretly took photographs that he then sent to Greenhalgh.

Preston Crown Court heard that Greenhalgh, of Dunelt Road, Blackpool, and Malhotra, of Terrace Avenue, Swansea, were in an 18 month, long-distance relationship. They largely communicated via the Telegram app, while Malhotra took on the role of the ‘dominant’ partner and Greenhalgh was the submissive or ‘slave’.

Despite these roles, prosecutors argued they were equally responsible for the shameful acts.

Prosecuting, Charles Brown said that police became involved when a Category C indecent image of a child was uploaded onto Greenhalgh’s Facebook page. They visited his home and seized a number of devices including a Samsung mobile phone.

Police analysed the devices and found a number of indecent items. This included a video lasting more than a minute of a very young boy being sexually assaulted by a man. None of those involved in this case were seen in the video.

Abhiyaan Malhotra mugshot
Abhiyaan Malhotra

The category C image seen in the Facebook post was also found, as was a prohibited image described as a ‘drawing’ of a young boy being sexually assaulted by an adult.

The final items found were images of the attack carried out by Greenhalgh on the boy.

Mr Brown explained that the photographs showed the victim’s clothes had been removed before the boy was sexually assaulted.

During the investigation, evidence was also found of Mulhatra’s voyeurism in which he photographed an unaware man naked before sending those pictures to Greenhalgh.

Both men were arrested and interviewed and Greehalgh gave no comment. Mulhatra gave a prepared statement in which he denied having any interest in paedophilia or children.

But they both later pleaded guilty in court, with Greenalgh admitting sexual abuse of child and possession and distribution of indecent images. Malhotra accepted charges of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence and voyeurism.

Defending Greenhalgh, Ms Taylor argued there was no degree of planning in the assault and asked for credit for the early guilty plea. She added that while Greenhalgh accepts he could have said ‘no’ when encouraged by Malhotra, “what was playing on his mind was that he believed there might have been previous sexual images of himself” sent to his family members if he did not comply.

Ms Taylor said Greenhalgh is diagnosed as having dyspraxia which affects his confidence and self-esteem, as seen in messages relating to wanting to self-harm – but said this did not contribute to the offending. Noting that his internet history search included him Googling ‘is paedophilia a crime” she added that he is “incredibly naive” with no previous convictions.



Fylde coast undertaker accused of ‘having pictures of sexual abuse of corpses’ in court again

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An undertaker accused of possessing “extreme” pornographic images involving corpses has made another appearance in court.


Nigel Robinson-Wright, 40, of Chain Lane, Staining, is also accused of trying to arrange the sexual abuse of a toddler girl and having images of himself having sex with a dog.

Robinson-Wright appeared at Preston Crown Court by video link, where a date was fixed for his next hearing on February 4 next year, when he is likely to issue pleas on the charges he faces.

The court also fixed a trial date for May 3, should he issue guilty pleas.

Nigel Robinson-Wright has made a second appearance in court

Nigel Robinson-Wright has made a second appearance in court

The defendant, who has been involved in the annual Armistice Day parades in Blackpool and local community groups, has been charged with arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence, three counts of possessing indecent images of a child, and possessing extreme pornography.

He was remanded in custody until his next court apperance.



You can see Home Alone and Elf at a drive-in cinema in Morecambe and Fleetwood

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Festive favourites will be showing on the drive-in big screen in December


Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Greatest Showman and Elf will be showing at drive-in cinemas in Fleetwood and Morecambe (Image: Small Town Big Screen)

Festive family favourites will be showing at a drive-in cinema in Morecambe and Fleetwood this December.

Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Greatest Showman and Elf will hit the big screen at Jump Rush in Morecambe (December 9 and 10) and Fleetwood’s Affinity Outlet (December 11 and 12).

This is the the second successive year the event, which is run by Small Town Big Screen, will be visiting Fleetwood, following successful screenings in 2020.

Morecambe will be showing the following films on the following dates:

  • The Grinch (Dec 9)
  • Home Alone (Dec 9)
  • The Greatest Showman (Dec 10)
  • Elf (Dec 10)

Fleetwood will be showing the following films on the following dates:

  • The Grinch (Dec 11)
  • Home Alone (Dec 11)
  • The Greatest Showman (Dec 12)
  • Elf (Dec 12)

Drive-in cinemas of the same films are also being shown elsewhere in the North West in Knutsford and Runcorn, as well as Crewe.

Tickets are £35 per car plus £1.50 booking fee and can be purchased here.



Sea foam engulfs Cleveleys Promenade as Blackpool battered by heavy rain and strong winds

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Cleveleys Promenade was bathed in white sea foam as blustering winds and downpours of rain battered Lancashire.


Strong winds again whipped up the surf off the Fylde coast this morning (December 4) creating the soap-like phenomenon.

The foam is a regular sight when the weather gets rough, and is often presumed to be dirt or scum swept up from the seabed.

But the foam is actually created when storm conditions whip up decaying algae in the sea.

Emily Parr, Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s Marine Community Engagement Officer, said: “The foam that washes in, particularly when the weather gets stormy, is completely natural.

“It is all to do with the natural materials in the water.

“The sea water has lots of different parts in it and part of that can be algae.

“When the algae starts decaying you get something called ‘algal bloom’. That’s a normal thing. The consistency of the matter increases and that’s what is washing up.”

The sea foam also flooded the road near Rossall Promenade

The sea foam also flooded the road near Rossall Promenade

Visit Fylde Coast said the foam has been tested by the Environment Agency and it doesn’t contain any synthetic detergents or foaming agents.

“Nothing has changed in the composition of the water,” Emily added.

“It’s just the stormy weather that results in it all being churned up to the surface and it’s blowing ashore.

“It happens everywhere, not just in the Irish Sea.

“It’s not at all harmful to animals, marine life or humans.

“It just doesn’t look very nice.”

In 2019, the foam came under the spotlight of environmental experts in Australia.

Impossible Planet featured footage of the prom becoming engulfed in the foam and examined the cause of the events.

Producer Briege Whitehead said: “We aim to showcase how incredible the planet really is and the people who interact with it.

“All our stories are about encapsulating the heart of these stories with the help of those who are closest to the phenomena and history of the land.

“We want audiences to be left with awe and appreciation for the amazing phenomena and cultures we’re fortunate enough to have on Earth.”



Son’s heartbreaking suicide and the changes made after ‘missed opportunity’ to help him

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Marshall Metcalfe died after suffering “catastrophic internal injuries” after falling from a building on 7 May last year


Marshall died after falling from a building
Marshall died after falling from a building (Image: Family photo)

The health trust that was responsible for treating a Lytham teenager who took his own life has revealed changes have been made following the young man’s death.

Marshall Metcalfe, 17, who was born in Burnley, suffered “catastrophic internal injuries” after falling from a building in Blackpool on 7 May last year. He tragically died after the incident.

Exactly a month later, his mum Jane Ireland was found dead at home after taking non-prescribed heroin substitute medication methadone.

The pair both suffered from mental health issues. Marshall, who had been diagnosed with psychosis, had spent two spells as an in-patient at Tier Four unit The Cove in Lancashire prior to his death.

An inquest concluded last month with Senior Coroner Alan Wilson ruling that Marshall’s death was suicide. A narrative conclusion was recorded in relation to his mum’s death.

“Marshall is believed to have left his home on May 7, 2020, at 12 noon,” the coroner said.

“Witnesses said his face was expressionless, blank and showed no emotion.”

The coroner revealed that prior to Marshall’s death the owners of the building had been asked to put up permanent barriers to prevent anyone from taking their own life there. However, because of coronavirus, temporary barriers could only be put up which were replaced, a month after Marshall’s death, with permanent fixtures.

The inquest had heard from expert witnesses who said that when Marshall had been discharged from The Cove in January 2020, after his second admission, children’s social care had closed his case and were no longer involved. Although Marshall was re-referred this didn’t take place until two months later.

Earlier in the inquest the coroner heard from Brendan Lee, the head of service for children and social care at Lancashire County Council, who admitted that the council had identified a number of areas for lessons to be learned following Marshall’s death.

Tragedy: Marshall's mum was found dead weeks after his death
Tragedy: Marshall’s mum was found dead weeks after his death (Image: Family photo)

He revealed that staff at The Cove had a “strong feeling that children’s social care should remain involved in Marshall’s case” because of concerns about his mum’s own mental health and “capacity to parent” Marshall. One expert witness described the lack of links between health and social care represented a “missed opportunity”.

Staff from The Cove sent what is known as a Section 85 letter to Lancashire County Council, notifying them he had been discharged, but the letter was not passed on to social services. Marshall, who was born in Burnley and lived with his mum in Lytham, subsequently went without support from social services for several weeks.

Although some changes have been made at social services since Marshall’s death the coroner remained concerned that social services had not remained involved in his care after he was admitted to The Cove and at the conclusion of the inquest he revealed his intention to send what is known as a Prevention of Future Deaths Report to Gillian Keegan, the Minister of State for Care at the Department of Health and Social Care.

‘Lesson learning opportunities’

A spokesperson for Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust told LancsLive: “We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to Jane and Marshall’s family and friends.

“Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

“Following the incidents, we undertook two detailed investigations, both of which identified lesson learning opportunities for the Trust.

“We have already made changes based on these findings, these most notably include enhancing our safeguarding and Think Family training, improving our relationship and inter-agency working with social services, strengthening our Care Programme Approach standard operating procedure to ensure that there are robust timescales for the frequency with which such meetings should be held.

“We urge anyone needing support to call our Mental Health Crisis Line which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 0800 953 0110.”

We’re here to help

You don’t have to suffer in silence if you’re struggling with your mental health.

Here are some groups you can contact:

Samaritans: Phone 116 123, 24 hours a day, or email, in confidence.

Childline: Phone 0800 1111. Calls are free and won’t show up on your bill.

PAPYRUS: A voluntary organisation supporting suicidal teens and young adults. Phone 0800 068 4141.

Depression Alliance: A charity for people with depression. No helpline, but it offers useful resources and links to other information.

Students Against Depression: A website for students who are depressed, have low mood, or are suicidal. Click here to visit.

Bullying UK: A website for both children and adults affected by bullying. Click here.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM): For young men who are feeling unhappy. There is a helpline: 0800 58 58 58 or visit the website.


Blackpool’s huge mansion ‘turning heads’ since the 1930s

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The house is said to make ‘quite the impact’ as you walk in


The five-bedroom house on Queens Promenade is on the market for £775,000
The five-bedroom house on Queens Promenade is on the market for £775,000

The opportunity to buy a stunning Blackpool property built in the 1930s is up for grabs.

The five-bedroom house on Queens Promenade is on the market for £775,000 and comes with gorgeous views of the Fylde coast. The detached property is said to have made a “real statement” on the Fylde coast and has “turned heads ever since”.

It is being marketed by eXp UK, North West who said: “This imposing property occupies a prime corner plot on Queens Promenade, really capitalising on a fantastic outlook across the coast.”

On a clear day, those inside the property are said to see as far Morecambe Bay, the hills of the Lake District and even the peaks of Mount Snowdon. It also benefits from the local tram network which commutes between Fleetwood and South Shore, making the property close to local shops and supermarkets, as well as all Blackpool has to offer.

The architecture of the property is said to be “unlike anything else” in the local market and anyone would be proud to call it home. At the front of the house is a tiered footpath which leads to the grand entrance. Beside it is a lawned area with a floral border.

The great first impressions are set to continue as you head into the entrance hallway. The house has been significantly refurbished in recent years and the current vendors have adopted a ‘no expense spared’ approach with the property.

The entrance hall way is decorated with Roberto Cavalli designer wallpaper, and on the left wing of the home there is a large reception room which is currently used as a dining space. While the aesthetics of the room have been upgraded in recent years, the sellers are said to have done a “great job” of preserving both the history and heritage of the home. A feature fireplace in original ebony-lined mahogany wood occupies the reception room, which is surrounded by an impressive bay.

On the opposite side of the entrance hallway is a secondary reception room which is currently used as living room. Both front-facing reception rooms have oversized bay windows with views over the coast. At the rear of the home is a recently refurbished family room with an island, NEFF integral oven, grill and induction hob. The dishwasher is from Hotpoint and on the back wall is a full length, totally integrated, fridge freezer.

Beyond the kitchen, the current homeowners have set up a snug area which has loads of natural light due to the bi-folding doors which make up the back wall.

Outside, the dual-facing plot is said to make the perfect sun-trap on both its south and east aspects. It has both decking and paved areas.

The ground floor also benefits from a downstairs bathroom, storage and utility space. All five bedrooms are on the first floor, with the first two being at the top of the curved staircase. Both rooms are said to be double rooms, one with a walk-in wardrobe and the other with built-in storage.

The remaining three bedrooms all face the front of the home and have brilliant window views. The large central bedroom is currently utilised as a home study. To its left is the master suite which has built-in storage, an open walk-in wardrobe area and an en-suite with a walk-in shower.

The final bedroom is on the opposite of the landing and consists of a double room with a private en-suite. The property boasts a driveway and detached garage with enough parking for the entire house. The garage, with an electric roll-top door, also offer accommodation on its upper floor. At the moment, the space is used as a games room and even has a fitted bar.

The agent said: “The moment I was invited out to visit this home, I intuitively knew the property in which the vendors were referring too. The property will be familiar to those who pass frequently and for me it’s a real jewel in the crown amongst the incredible stretch of promenade which passes in front of the home. The internal renovation that the property has gone through in recent years is testimony to the vision, creativity and perseverance of the existing owners who have tastefully restored this home to its full and former glory. The property represents a turn-key purchase opportunity and will no doubt be a happy home for years to come for the lucky new owners.

“The property is now available for showings and is offered to the market without onward chain delay. Please quote reference BM0005 when enquiring to discuss this home.”