Bispham nuisance OAP called police more than 26 times to report cat missing

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A pensioner who repeatedly called the police to report his cat was missing has been given a suspended jail term.


Arthur Melvin Hunter , 73, of Linden Place, Bispham, Blackpool, has a history of making bizarre time wasting calls to Lancashire police, amassing several convictions since November 10 for making nuisance calls.

The lonely grandad, who was widowed eight years ago, was given a five year criminal behaviour order (CBO) in 2018 to prohibit his behaviour which he has now breached nine times.

But in the retired market trader’s latest offences he made 26 emergency calls to police in January 2020, followed by further calls in January and April this year.

Crown CourtCrown Court

Francis McEntee, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said at the height of his offending he told operators his cat had been missing for 18 months.

He added: ” He does on a number of occasions fall into accusing the person on the other side taking the call of ‘being a disgrace to the uniform’, but there is nothing indicative of abusive behaviour, it’s simply that he’s tying up the whole system.

“Because of his previous behaviour he shouldn’t be ringing the police unless it’s an emergency but he repeatedly fails to comply with that.”

Hunter pleaded guilty to breaching the CBO.

Defending, Chris Hudson, accepted he was “a bit more than just a nuisance” but that sending him to prison or probation would put a burden on them.

He said: “It’s not really an insignificant nuisance and he’s certainly a repeat nuisance.

“His parents ran a newsagents in Blackpool and his dad worked at the Tower.

“His wife died eight years ago, they have three children and grandchildren.

“He’s had various forms of occupation. He retired 12 years ago from being a market trader, takes to wine and vodka, and under the influence of wine and vodka things get on top of him.”

Judge Darren Preston said Hunter was “entering the last chance saloon”.

Imposing nine months suspended for a year and a rehabilitation requirement he said: ” In March 2018 you were made the subject of a CBO due to your nuisance calling of the emergency services for no purpose at all.

“Notwithstanding that you made 26 calls on one date in January, a number of calls in January this year, and yet more in April.

“What seems to happen is you get drunk, you get lonely and you call in order to speak to someone for no discernible purpose.

“You’re a nuisance but as Mr Hudson concedes you’re worse than that because you block access to emergency services those who might need it when you’re tying up a phone line.

“You seem to get it in your mind for the smallest purpose you need to call repeatedly the police.

Blackpool OAP jailed for bizarre series of 999 calls

“You’re too old to be appearing before these courts.

“You’re plainly a lonely and isolated man who has problems with physical and mental health.

“Your anxiety isn’t helped by these proceedings but you’ve only yourself to blame for that.

“If you breach this order you will be sending yourself to custody.”