Blackpool climate action plan approved

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Blackpool’s Climate Change Action Plan which includes more than 100 recommendations has been agreed by councillors.


Traffic free days at the Illuminations and a solar panel farm at the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone are among 126 ideas put forward in the strategy which was approved by the council’s executive.

It was agreed to work with partners towards the implementation of the actions and to bring regular updates back to the executive.

Other actions set out in the strategy include –

Blackpool Transport to move to all electric vehicles by summer 2023

Explore options for early adoption of hydrogen refuelling and battery charging technology for aircraft at Blackpool Airport

Develop or adopt a low carbon/plant based food award scheme for participating restaurants, hotels and cafes

Collaberate with public and private sector organisations to help pilot renewable energy technology such as the Wyre tidal barrage

Double the commitment to plant 10,000 trees including on sites outside the borough where necessary

Liaise with the Lancashire Pension Fund to encourage moving away from investment in fossil fuels at a greater rate