Blackpool defender Richard Keogh misses Peterborough United game after testing positive for Covid-19

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Blackpool’s Richard Keogh has tested positive for Covid-19.


The defender was a surprise absence from Blackpool‘ s squad for today’s 3-1 win against Peterborough United.

Speaking post-match, head coach Neil Critchley revealed the 35-year-old has been struck with the virus and is now self-isolating.

Keogh is the only Blackpool player affected, Critchley also confirmed.

“Unfortunately he’s got Covid,” he said.

“He’s felt unwell, so he had to have a test and we had to wait for that result, but he’s at home self-isolating.

“It’s just him that’s affected. You could say that’s fortunate, but obviously we hope Keesy is fine.

Keogh has tested positive for Covid

Keogh has tested positive for Covid

“I’ve spoken to him and he’s okay, but at the moment it’s just him so we’re doing everything we can within our own environment to limit infection, if we can.

“You only have to look across the country at the moment though, because games are being called off all over the place.

“We’ve been very fortunate we’ve been able to play today.”