Blackpool FC Community Trust column: FIT Blackpool could change your life

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FIT Blackpool is back!


Thanks to funding from the EFL Trust, Blackpool FC Community Trust are able to deliver this free, 13-week programme, starting next month, to help Blackpool people to make better lifestyle choices.

With support from staff at BFCCT and other group members, all those on the programme will receive tips to improve eating habits, cut down on alcohol, increase activity levels, reduce weight and waistline and support each other to stay on track.

BFCCT can help you to get fighting fit for 2022

BFCCT can help you to get fighting fit for 2022

The first session includes a health check and a discussion about what to expect from the course. The following 12 weeks are split between classroom health and education workshops and physical activity sessions.

Each session runs for 90 minutes and there is a choice of two sessions each week for males and females.

Female sessions are on Mondays (starting January 17) from 6-7.30pm and Wednesdays (Jan 19) from 10-11.30am.

The male sessions are both on Thursdays (starting Jan 20) from 10-11.30am and 6-7.30pm.

One participant said: “This programme has saved my life. I know that some will think that is dramatic but I was on a downward spiral.

“I have used all the excuses – ‘It’s down to lockdown’ etc – but the free Fit Blackpool programme helped me achieve something at the age of 42 that I thought would never happen.

“Not only have I lost weight (over two stone in just 10 weeks) but my whole lifestyle has changed.

“Before the programme I was a something and chips man, finish work and straight on the sofa watching whatever rubbish was on the box.

“Now I eat my five a day, which was unheard of, enjoy exercising and finally I’m living life and not just existing.

“I feel like I have got my life back. A massive thanks goes to the EFL Trust, BFCCT and all of the other participants who make every session a joy.”

For more information about FIT Blackpool or other BFCCT programmes, email or visit