Blackpool heritage tram paying tribute to Blackpool Tower organist Reg Dixon set to be unveiled today

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An historic Blackpool tram is being named after Reginald Dixon MBE, best known for his time spent as organist at the Blackpool Tower, where he held the position in the famous Tower Ballroom for 40 years.


Reg, as he was commonly known, was a household name during his years at the Blackpool Tower from 1930 to 1970, with live broadcasts of his performances being aired each week during the summer season on the BBC Light Programme, now Radio 2.

The Blackpool Tram will officially be renamed today at 2pm by Reg’s daughter, Jill Steel, along with other members of the family.

The ceremony will take place on Blackpool’s promenade close to North Pier, followed by an inaugural tram journey to celebrate

The tram that is set to be unveiled later todayThe tram that is set to be unveiled later today the occasion.

With the resort set to welcome a record number of visitors over the summer, the Blackpool Heritage Tram team are acknowledging Reg for his contribution to the promotion of the town in times gone by.

His signature tune ‘Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside’ has become synonymous with the resort and its rich entertainment history.

Shane Grindey, marketing and commercial manager for Blackpool Transport said “It is a very special, and fitting occasion, to rename a historic tram after somebody who has contributed so much to Blackpool’s successful history.

Tributes to Reginald Dixon on the tramTributes to Reginald Dixon on the tram

“The tram will be enjoyed for years to come as part of our Heritage Tram Tours attraction and we’re looking forward to welcoming visitors new and old to Blackpool to experience a piece of history.”

Kate Shane, regional director of Merlin Entertainment, said: “This is a fantastic moment where two of the many magical elements of Blackpool are celebrated as one, the heritage trams are synonymous with our resort and to rename one of them after Reginald Dixon celebrates not only his amazing talent but also the Tower and its famous ballroom – and indeed the whole resort.

“Reginald played the mighty Wurlitzer – which was built to his specification – for 40-years and he remains an icon of the famous ballroom to this day. He was much loved and admired for his talent and unique style of play and we are all delighted about this very fitting tribute.” has been done in memory of this wonderful man.”

The first opportunity to ride on the renamed Reginald Dixon tram is from 4pm with further tour dates available to book online throughout 2021 at

It will be unveiled by his daughter and other members of the familyIt will be unveiled by his daughter and other members of the family