Blackpool keeper Chris Maxwell making plans for life after hanging up gloves

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Chris Maxwell is ensuring he’s prepared for when his playing career ends.


The 31-year-old has been working within Blackpool’s academy while he studies for his coaching badges, as well as doing a Masters degree in sport directorship.

While the club captain has no plans to hang up his gloves any time soon, Maxwell knows how important it is to set himself up for life post-football.

Chris Maxwell is doing his coaching badges and a masters degree

Chris Maxwell is doing his coaching badges and a masters degree

“The coaching is going really well at the moment,” Maxwell told The Gazette.

“I’m on my A licence, which should be done in May, and I’m also looking after the Under-15s and Under-16s with Lee Thorpe and Joey Collins.

“I came through the academy at Wrexham and I know that side as a player, but to see it from the coaching side is really interesting.”

With no end goal in mind at the moment, Maxwell is soaking up knowledge to put himself in the best situation possible.

“I’m also doing a Masters in sport directorship at Manchester Metropolitan University,” he added.

“I’m in the first year of doing that after doing three years of a business management degree.

“I don’t know what will happen. I’m just adding strings to my bow and will see where it takes me.

“It’s just about being proactive really. I’m intrigued by the business side of things within football and the coaching side of things too.

“The coaching helps me out on matchday as well when I need to solve problems on the pitch as a player. It also helps understand the manager’s thought processes as well, which is great.

“The uni stuff is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve been doing it now for four years.

“I’m starting on my Masters now and then after the next couple of years I might do a PHD – but we’ll see.

“When your career is done, your career is done so it’s about giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed after football, whenever that may be.”