Blackpool man sexually abused sleeping boy as boyfriend egged him on

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William Greenhalgh’s peeping Tom boyfriend Abhiyaan Malhotra secretly took photos of a naked man through a window


William Greenhalgh mugshot
William Greenhalgh

Two men in a “toxic” relationship egged each other on to commit hideous acts which saw one of them sexually abuse a young boy.

William Greenhalgh, 22, carried out the sick attack after encouragement from boyfriend Abhiyaan Malhotra – before sending him photographs of the heinous incident.

During the attack, Greenhalgh groped the victim in his private parts while he was sleeping. The boy did not wake up during the incident.

In another incident, Malhotra, 25, looked through a window of another student at his university campus in Swansea.

Noticing the man was asleep naked on the bed, he secretly took photographs that he then sent to Greenhalgh.

Preston Crown Court heard that Greenhalgh, of Dunelt Road, Blackpool, and Malhotra, of Terrace Avenue, Swansea, were in an 18 month, long-distance relationship. They largely communicated via the Telegram app, while Malhotra took on the role of the ‘dominant’ partner and Greenhalgh was the submissive or ‘slave’.

Despite these roles, prosecutors argued they were equally responsible for the shameful acts.

Prosecuting, Charles Brown said that police became involved when a Category C indecent image of a child was uploaded onto Greenhalgh’s Facebook page. They visited his home and seized a number of devices including a Samsung mobile phone.

Police analysed the devices and found a number of indecent items. This included a video lasting more than a minute of a very young boy being sexually assaulted by a man. None of those involved in this case were seen in the video.

Abhiyaan Malhotra mugshot
Abhiyaan Malhotra

The category C image seen in the Facebook post was also found, as was a prohibited image described as a ‘drawing’ of a young boy being sexually assaulted by an adult.

The final items found were images of the attack carried out by Greenhalgh on the boy.

Mr Brown explained that the photographs showed the victim’s clothes had been removed before the boy was sexually assaulted.

During the investigation, evidence was also found of Mulhatra’s voyeurism in which he photographed an unaware man naked before sending those pictures to Greenhalgh.

Both men were arrested and interviewed and Greehalgh gave no comment. Mulhatra gave a prepared statement in which he denied having any interest in paedophilia or children.

But they both later pleaded guilty in court, with Greenalgh admitting sexual abuse of child and possession and distribution of indecent images. Malhotra accepted charges of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence and voyeurism.

Defending Greenhalgh, Ms Taylor argued there was no degree of planning in the assault and asked for credit for the early guilty plea. She added that while Greenhalgh accepts he could have said ‘no’ when encouraged by Malhotra, “what was playing on his mind was that he believed there might have been previous sexual images of himself” sent to his family members if he did not comply.

Ms Taylor said Greenhalgh is diagnosed as having dyspraxia which affects his confidence and self-esteem, as seen in messages relating to wanting to self-harm – but said this did not contribute to the offending. Noting that his internet history search included him Googling ‘is paedophilia a crime” she added that he is “incredibly naive” with no previous convictions.