Blackpool woman to launch new hair salon after previous place of work forced to close by effects of Covid lockdowns

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A Blackpool woman is set to cut loose and launch her own hair salon, after 20 years of working for someone else.


It will be a new year and new start for Victoria Johnstone who is to open her own hair and beauty parlour, Victoria J’s, in Highfield Road in January.

This weekend she is hosting an open day to let her customers have a sneak peek into what they can expect next year.

Victoria is being joined by colleague Stacey Logan in the venture and both have worked for years at Solo Scissors in Caunce Street which is set to close due to rising costs and the effects of the pandemic.

Vicky Johnstone from Victoria J's which is  set to open in January on Highfield Road

Vicky Johnstone from Victoria J’s which is set to open in January on Highfield Road

Victoria and her husband Tony enlisted the help of their family to renovate the building which used to be the Sunlounge tanning shop and are now on the lookout for nails and beauty practitioners to rent the two spare rooms she has at the new salon.

Victoria said: “I have worked at Solo Scissors for 20 years and Stacey for 13. The lease is due to end on the shop in Caunce Street so the owner Jayne Sherwin has decided to leave on December 24 and carry on working but from her own home.

“I have absolutely loved working there, but I have always wanted my own salon, so this has given me the push I needed to start my own business.

“It has been daunting but exciting at the same time and we are really looking forward to it. It has taken us five weeks to get the salon renovated. These last two years have been incredibly difficult for everyone especially in the hair and beauty industry where many salons are shutting down.

Vicky Johnstone and Stacey Logan from Victoria J's on Highfield Road. Both previously worked at Solos Scissors in Caunce Street

Vicky Johnstone and Stacey Logan from Victoria J’s on Highfield Road. Both previously worked at Solos Scissors in Caunce Street

“It’s very modern in style and we will have three chairs for stylists but also two rooms for beauticians to rent out, all on one floor.”

She said a lot of their customers from Caunce Street were coming over with them but they were looking forward to meeting new customers.

“I started 20 years ago at Solos Scissors, did my training and apprenticeship there. We have been there a long time and it is sad that it is closing, but Jayne is carrying on at home.”

Stacey said working in the hair industry was more than just a business, as many clients kept coming back over many years.

Victoria and Stacey

Victoria and Stacey

She said: “It’s not just about doing their hair, you build a real relationship with clients and you go through everything in your life and their lives together.”

Victoria added: “It’s great, I love meeting new people and making people feel good about themselves.”

“Our open day is on Sunday, November 28, from 2pm to 5pm, with prosecco and fresh orange, as well as canapes and a raffle ticket to win a few gifts. We just want to thank all our clients from Solos Scissors for their support over the years and let them know they can come here, as well as welcome new ones.”