Blackpool’s former assistant makes claim about the Bloomfield Road atmosphere

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Blackpool’s recently departed assistant Stuart McCall believes the Bloomfield Road atmosphere is the best he’s witnessed in the Championship this season.


McCall’s stint working in Neil Critchley’s backroom team was a short one, linking up with Sheffield United last month after only arriving at Bloomfield Road in July.

The 57-year-old recently told The Gazette he wasn’t planning to leave the Fylde coast, but found the opportunity to rejoin his former club too good to turn down.

Nevertheless, McCall enjoyed his time working with the Seasiders and was impressed with the vocal support the players have received on their return to the second tier this season.

“I’ve got to be honest and I’m not just saying this to blow smoke, but even from the pre-season game against Burnley – and maybe it’s because I wasn’t used to crowds being back in – but even though there were only 2,000 or 3,000 there, the atmosphere created behind the goal was nice and lively,” McCall told The Gazette.

“Then it just got better and better going into the league games.

“It’s the best atmosphere I’ve been to this season in a home stadium and people mention it all the time. QPR manager Mark Warburton was one to mention it.
Blackpool fans have been in boisterous form at Bloomfield Road this season

Blackpool fans have been in boisterous form at Bloomfield Road this season

“My kids have been and my grandkids and they’ve been everywhere with me, but they loved it as well.

“Maybe because it’s a tight, small ground, but everyone gets involved. I know they start behind the goal but it’s everyone. It goes back to the old 12th man because the atmosphere is absolutely electric.

“Another thing, it doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing and that’s the key to being a supporter.

“Over the years Blackpool have had such a depressing time of it behind the scenes, but there’s something there to cling onto now and the supporters have been amazing.

“The away support as well, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United…they were great games. But they don’t just sing when they’re winning, it’s when we’re behind they get behind the lads.

“It certainly lifted me on the sidelines so I’m sure it gave a lift to the lads as well. If you can’t play with backing like that, you’ll struggle.

“I’m sure the fans will continue to be a huge inspiration.”