Car trouble brings out kindness writes Andy Mitchell

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This week I want to tell you about a random act of kindness (well TWO actually) to warm the heart as we embark on the festive season.


Now you may know I have to travel quite a bit further to read the news on the radio these days, those halcyon years of dashing to Mowbray Drive and doing battle with Carleton Crossing now just a distant memory.

Mrs M has invested in a little car to get to work, so as any good husband would do, I borrowed that one so as not to run down the petrol in my own.

The car broke down on Amounderness Way (pictured), and there I was, as an out of condition 58 year old, attempting to push the smallest of cars around the roundabout, and making a right mess of it.

Andy Mitchell was stranded when car broke down

Andy Mitchell was stranded when car broke down

Enter stage left, a gladiator clad in a Fleetwood Town hoodie. “want some help mate?”

I glanced round and was never so grateful to see this man mountain grinning from ear to ear and ready to help me push the car into a side street. In a flash he was gone, but I couldn’t have thanked him enough.

Just as we got the car to its resting place, another voice shouted across “do you need a lift anywhere?!” It was a young mum unloading shopping from her car. “Oh that would be so kind of you..yes please!” I replied.

It turns out my second saviour was a delightful lady by the name of Natalie. “Ah I know your voice don’t I?!” she said. We had a delightful chat as Natalie drove me home to get my own car and then head off to work.

These two random acts of kindness in troubled times shone out like a beacon on a snowy Sunday afternoon, and I can’t thank both people enough.

It just made me think that however uncertain our times are at the moment, and heaven knows we’ve all been through more than enough in the last two years, instant human caring, just when it’s needed can make everything ok again.

So, thank you to Natalie near Freeport in Fleetwood, and our unnamed muscle man in the Fleetwood Town hoodie. Random acts of kindness like that are worth their weight in gold.