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Fire service deal with a Bispham fire involving garden furniture

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Firefighters made the area safe in under an hour.

Today, (January 26), one fire engine from Blackpool attended a commercial building fire on Red Bank Road in Bispham, at 14:04 pm

The incident involved garden furniture and a small lean-to at the rear of a commercial property.

A lean- to is a roofed building sharing one wall with a larger building, such as a garage or a shed.

A Blackpool fire engine was today called to a commercial building fire in Bispham.

A Blackpool fire engine was today called to a commercial building fire in Bispham.

Firefighters used Milwaukee tools and a thermal imaging camera to make the scene safe.

They were in attendance for approximately forty-five minutes.



Kirkham’s £3.2m county cash hope

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A proposed £3.2m cash injection to complete regeneration works in Kirkham town centre has been welcomed by Fylde’s MP and council leader.


Lancashire County Council’s cabinet is being asked to approve the spending when it meets on Thursday, January 20.

The funding will ensure the completion of the Kirkham Futures masterplan for the town.

More than £10m is already being spent, funded through the Future High Streets Fund and Heritage Action Zone scheme. The additional money from County Hall will take the total available for the scheme to more than £13m.

Kirkham town centre

Kirkham town centre

Mr Menzies said: “I know how important it is that we deliver this project in its entirety.

“Kirkham is an historic market town with a unique high street offer.

“There are so many brilliant, independent traders in the town and this investment will help bring more people into shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.”

The funding will help ensure a number of schemes outside the town’s heritage zone – focused on the Market Square – can go ahead, including projects to improve the look of Poulton Street and to address flooding issues.

Mr Menzies said: “I know business owners were disappointed when some projects missed out on funding.

“That is why I have, alongside County Coun Stewart Jones, been pressing Lancashire County Council to stand by its promises to fund the completion of the project.

“I am looking forward to seeing the transformation of Kirkham over the coming months thanks to this commitment.”

Funding to support a project that will transform Kirkham Futures will deliver major improvements to the public realm in the town centre, the refurbishment of shop fronts and the regeneration of empty high street properties. It will also support community, health and wellbeing programmes, as well as arts and cultural activities.

County Coun Aidy Riggott, cabinet member for economic development and growth at the county council, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to support projects which will provide a major investment in Kirkham, bringing a significant economic benefit while also assisting with the economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’re working in partnership to make this project happen for local people and also visitors to the town.”

Fylde Council has also successfully received funding from the Government’s Future High Streets Fund and High Street Heritage Action Zone fund.

Coun Karen Buckley, leader of Fylde Council, said: “Our bid to the Government’s Future High Street Fund was costed at £9.5m. We were awarded £6.3m, which was still a very good result, especially given that Fylde Council’s was the only successful bid in Lancashire.

“The gap of £3.2m being filled by Lancashire County Council puts us right back on track to deliver the Kirkham Futures scheme.

“I’m grateful to Cabinet Member, County Coun Aidy Riggott, for meeting with me and to the officers of both councils who are working together on the project.”



Microwave extinguished after going up in flames inside Blackpool home

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A microwave caught fire inside a home in Blackpool.

Two fire engines from Blackpool attended the scene in Hoyle Close at around 4.15pm on Tuesday (January 25).

Firefighters wearing two breathing apparatus used two hose reels to extinguish the flames.

Crews then used a positive pressure ventilation unit to clear the property of smoke.

Two fire engines from Blackpool extinguished a microwave that had caught fire in Hoyle Close

Two fire engines from Blackpool extinguished a microwave that had caught fire in Hoyle Close

Firefighters were in attendance for approximately 30 minutes.

Cooking Safely

More than half of accidental fires in the home are started by cooking, according to the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

Here are a few things you can do to make cooking as safe as possible:

– Avoid leaving saucepan handles sticking out – children can grab them, or you might knock it off the hob.

– Be wary of loose-fitting clothing when cooking on the hob.

– Make sure tea towels and dishcloths are kept away from any heat sources.

– Make sure the oven or hob is off after you are finished.

– Do not leave cooking unattended. If you must leave the room, turn the hob off.

– Keep all cooking appliances clean and in good working order.

– Do not use grills or ovens as storage space when not cooking.

– If you have been drinking or using drugs, consider ordering food to be delivered rather than cooking for yourself.

For more safety tips, visit the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service website by clicking HERE.


Fylde audiologists helping locals to hear again

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Johanna and Abigail launched their Ansdell based hearing-aid shop during the pandemic but love seeing patients improve their quality of life

Two Fylde coast audiologists are celebrating their first year of trading in their Ansdell-based hearing-aid shop.

Johanna Carter, 46, and Abigail Ankers, 45, started seeing patients in their homes in July 2019, before opening Always Ear in December 2020.

Being newly self-employed in the pandemic was hard.

They couldn’t get any financial help, as they had no physical premises at the time.

There were times when they had no income from clients as they had to wait for Government guidelines on safe practice during Covid.

“It cost us money to keep going during most of 2020,” Johanna said.

“Our resilience has been tested at times.”

Johanna and Abi qualified 25 and 23 years ago respectively as audiologists.

Both had fulfilling careers with the NHS, but say there are advantages to setting up their shop on Woodlands Road.

They can stock a wider range of instruments and offer a more tailored service.

Johanna, who lives with her husband and son in Cleveleys, said: “When you help someone to hear again they can live a better quality of life. That’s our motivation.”

Johanna says it’s vital people get regular hearing checks.

If left untreated it can lead to social isolation, anxiety and depression and even paranoia.

Hearing loss may be linked to other serious conditions such as osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

It is also closely linked to brain health.

She added: “The brain needs sensory input to keep it healthy and functioning.

“Over 75s with hearing loss tend to experience up to 40 per cent faster cognitive decline than those with normal hearing.”

Johanna has noticed that people have been more hesitant to get their hearing checked during the pandemic.

But, she says this is part of a wider issue.

“In an ideal world I think 18 to 50-year-olds should get a hearing check every five years. Then every two years over 50.

“In children it would be good to check it every year in primary school then at the start of high school and in the final year.”

She would like hearing checks to be as routine as eye tests, and added: “I would urge people to get their hearing or ears checked if they feel there is a problem whatever their age. ”


Emergency services called to commercial building fire in Blackpool

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Firefighters attended an incident at a commercial building in Blackpool today (January 24).

Four fire engines from Bispham, Blackpool and South Shore attended the scene in Dickson Road shortly before 7.25am.

Firefighters used one hose reel and two breathing apparatus to extinguish the flames.

Crews were on the scene for approximately 40 minutes.

Four fire engines from Bispham, Blackpool and South Shore attended the scene in Dickson Road

Four fire engines from Bispham, Blackpool and South Shore attended the scene in Dickson Road

Rent hike proposed for Blackpool council tenants

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Council house tenants in Blackpool look set to be hit by a 4.1 per cent increase in their rents this year – the third year running the council has imposed rent rises.


Members of the council’s ruling executive are being ask to agree the increase for 2022/23, which is around one per cent above inflation, when they meet on Monday (January 24).

A town hall report says the action is “essential in order to deliver the level of investment needed in our existing and future social housing stock, meeting the needs and expectations of our tenants.”

The proposed increase will generate an additional £713,000 to invest back into the town’s 5,000 council properties managed by Blackpool Coastal Housing.

New council houses being built at Troutbeck Crescent

New council houses being built at Troutbeck Crescent

It means weekly rents will increase to £72.97 from around £70 currently, but the report says Blackpool will still have some of the lowest council house rents in the country, with most tenants having their rents paid partially or fully by housing benefit.

It adds between 2016 and 2020, rents had decreased by one per cent a year, which had meant “a significant fall in the amount of funding available for

potential investment in council housing in Blackpool.”

Had rents increased in line with inflation over recent years, they would now be around £78 a week.

The report adds: “Blackpool rents will continue to be below the level at which they are expected to be, and on the last information available, were the lowest in the North West with only five authorities nationally having lower average rents for council homes.”

The council says generating additional revenue is vital in order to improve the quality of homes.

Currently £10m is being invested in building 75 new houses at Troutbeck Crescent on Mereside, while work has begun to build 131 new homes at Grange Park as part of a £20m development.

The report warns not agreeing to a rent increase “will jeopardise the viability of the new build programmes we are undertaking and important work to improve existing stock.

“There are a number of areas where stock needs to be modernised, and there are structural issues with steel framed properties on Hawes Side for example that will require solutions beyond the existing preventative maintenance.”



EuroMillions winner from Lancashire collects £138,000 six weeks after buying ticket

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A nice cash bump to see in the new year – congratulations


A Euromillions ticket
A Euromillions ticket (Image: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

One lucky winner from Lancashire has come forward to claim a hefty EuroMillions prize.

The winner has approached Camelot more than six weeks after the draw was held. It took place on December 3.

Two weeks later, The National Lottery issued a message urging players in the Fylde coast area to check their tickets to find out if they’re the winner of the sum worth more than £138,000.

The winner matched the five main and one Lucky Star numbers. The winning numbers on that date were 21, 22, 29, 32, 46 and the Lucky Star numbers were 9 and 10.

The lucky ticket-holder had until June 1 to claim their prize. Now, a person from the Wyre borough – that includes Lytham St Annes and Kirkham – has come forward with claims they have the winning ticket. Once the ticket is validated, the prize money will be paid and the person will decided whether to keep it private or go public with their winnings.

Camelot’s Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at The National Lottery, said: “What amazing news for this lucky ticket-holder who has claimed their prize. We will now focus on supporting the ticket-holder through the process.

“We’re encouraging everyone to check their tickets online at or by downloading the National Lottery app.

“You can also buy and check your tickets in retail. Playing online via the website or app means that your ticket is checked, and you get an email notification if you win a prize. You can also scan your retail tickets on the National Lottery app to check if you’re a winner.”

With all National Lottery draws, players have 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize if they have the winning ticket.



Blackpool neighbourhood where people aren’t staying quiet on dog poo

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Talbot ward PACT (police and community together) have joined forces with council dog wardens


Coun Mark Smith (left) with residents and dog warden Gemma White (centre)
Coun Mark Smith (left) with residents and dog warden Gemma White (centre)

Community activists have taken to the streets in one part of Blackpool to get the message across about tackling dog fouling.

Members of the Talbot ward PACT (police and community together) have joined forces with council dog wardens to stencil ‘bag it bin it’ signs onto the pavements.

The action came about after the problem of irresponsible owners allowing their dogs to foul the streets was raised at the December meeting of the PACT.

Stencils have been put down in areas including Breck Road, Newcastle Avenue, Harley Road, Kensington Road, Gorse Road, Woodland Grove, part of West Park Drive and Marlborough Road.

PACT chairman Dave Blacker said: “Dog fouling really upsets people so tackling the issue is a priority for the Talbot ward PACT.

“The markings last six to eight months as we’re not allowed to use permanent paint, but hopefully the sight of them will make people think and deter them.”

Talbot ward councillor Mark Smith, who is backing the initiative, said the work had been carried out by the council’s dog warden enforcement team.

He said: “The aim is to reinforce the message to dog walkers to clean up after their dogs.

“We have done it before, but every now and then we have another campaign.

“We know the majority of dog owners are responsible and do clean up after their pets, but we want everyone to do the same and keep our streets clean and safe for all our residents.”

Owners in Blackpool who do not pick up their dog’s mess in a public place face fines of up to £100, which if not paid can rise to £1,000. People can report dog fouling on the council’s website.



Quirky Blackpool bungalow only minutes away from the coastline up for sale

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It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly has a lot of potential


Quirky hybrid bungalow on the market in Blackpool
Quirky hybrid bungalow on the market in Blackpool

A quirky bungalow just minutes from the coastline is on the market providing a spacious, access-friendly home.

The four bed property is located along Warbreck Hill Road towards the North Shore in Blackpool with a unique look, either perfect for future buyers or in need of refurbishment.

Currently on the market for £389,000, this semi-bungalow includes a balcony affording wide views of the iconic Blackpool sea front.

The oriental style entrance to the home while unconventional, certainly stands out from the crowd, matching the large wooden doors taking you into the spacious hallway.

Once inside, two lounge rooms open up and fill with bright light coming in from the impressive large windows.

Also on the bottom floor is the kitchen/diner, a utility room, two downstairs bedrooms and a downstairs family bathroom, combined with the second floor provides both a regular and bungalow features to the property.

Unique oriental style arch way at the front of the property

The kitchen is a great open space for cooking and enjoying family meals, whilst in need of some modernisation, it has the potential to become a hub of the home.

Fitted with a range of wall and base units with complementary worktops, sink with mixer tap, three storage cupboards, there is space for many high tech appliances too.

Both ground floor bedrooms have enough space for double beds, with one of the two bedrooms containing fitted wardrobes.

The three-piece family bathroom is a reasonable size that includes a sink, toilet and bath tub.

Adding some more charm and character, a feature stained glass window can be seen as you walk up.

Once upstairs, you’ll find two remaining bedrooms and another family bathroom- a fitted five piece suite with a bath, large shower cubicle, toilet, bidet and sink.

A true selling point for this property is the balcony found on the second floor which provide views of the surrounding area, looking out towards the sea.



Eighties synth-pop band China Crisis bring their exquisite melancholy sound to Lowther Pavilion

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China Crisis were never your run-of-the-mill 80s pop band.

Formed in Liverpool by singer Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon, they distilled their love of David Bowie and Steely Dan into an exquisitely melancholy post-punk sound that saw them win their rewards. Has there ever been a more wistful Top 10 hit than the charming Wishful Thinking? Their hero Walter Becker – of Steely Dan fame – was so impressed he even became a band member back in 1985, producing and playing on album Flaunt the Imperfection, and returning for 1989’s hugely acclaimed Diary of a Hollow Horse.

They are performing at Lowther Pavilion on March 11 with all the hits that just kept on rolling.

For tickets visit

China Crisis

China Crisis

Menzies eager for green signal on South Fylde rail loop line plan to improve services to St Annes and Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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Fylde MP Mark Menzies is urging the new rail Minister to push forward with plans to double frequencies on the South Fylde route.


Wendy Morton MP took over responsibility for railways following a reshuffle in December and Mr Menzies is keen to meet with her to discuss how a passing loop can be delivered.

In late November, a Strategic Outline Business Plan, supportive of the proposals, was submitted to the Department for Transport and Mr Menzies believes no time should be lost in making a decision.

He said: “We need a more frequent and more reliable rail service for people in Fylde.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies at St Annes station

Fylde MP Mark Menzies at St Annes station

“It is absolutely crucial these plans move to the next stage of development as soon as possible to ensure we can secure the investment so badly needed by passengers in Fylde.”

The plans submitted suggest pressing ahead with a loop which would allow trains to pass on the move between Ansdell and Fairhaven and Lytham.

Mr Menzies and his colleague in neighbouring Blackpool South, Scott Benton, are supportive of the proposals, subject of a bid to the Restoring our Railways Fund.

Mr Menzies said: “The plans not only match the Government’s ambitions to make the most of under-used rail routes, they are crucial in terms of our ambitions to level up communities and reduce carbon emissions.

“That is the case we will make to the Minister.”

Mr Menzies is hopeful proposals for a new railway station at Cottam, on the main line between Blackpool and Preston will further strengthen the case for investment on the South Fylde line.



St Annes Holocaust service to be held virtually for a second year

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The annual Holocaust Memorial Service held by the St Annes Hebrew Congregation will take place virtually for a second year because of the pandemic.


The event to remember those who lost their lives in the Second World War Nazi death camps will take place on Friday, January 28 and will be streamed live from St Annes Synagogue from 10.30am.

Participants will include videos made by local students, a message from the High Sheriff of Lancashire Edwin Booth and Rabbi Danny Bergson, based at St Annes.

Organisers’ spokesman Michelle Morris said: “We cannot let this important date in our calendar go without being marked by a memorial service.”

The memorial service was last held physically in January 2020

The memorial service was last held physically in January 2020

The St Annes memorial services have been held since 2017, with the last one held physically at the synagogue in January 2020 marking the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp.

Its theme was ‘Stand Together’ and guest speaker was Trude Silman. then aged 90, who remembered being sent home early from school in March 1939, when the Nazis invaded Slovakia.

Anyone wishing to join the live streaming of this year’s event next Friday should email



Demolition paves way for new Blackpool Ambulance Station

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Demolition of Blackpool Ambulance Station is well underway in preparation for construction of a new three-storey emergency facility.


Ambulance crews are now operating out of a temporary base on the site of the former Devonshire Road Hospital in North Shore while redevelopment of the Waterloo Road site in South Shore takes place.

The changes were revealed in February 2021 by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) with the council approving the plans last June, and building work due to be completed by the end of 2022.

It will herald the adoption of a new way of operating which includes the closure of four Fylde coast ambulance stations at Fleetwood, Lytham, Wesham and Thornton.

Artist's impression of the new ambulance station

Artist’s impression of the new ambulance station

Instead crews will start their shifts from sites including health centres, fire stations and police stations.

The Waterloo Road station will become a ‘Make Ready Hub’ meaning a specialist team will take over duties including stocking the ambulance, vehicle maintenance checks and deep cleaning.

This is work currently completed by crews but in future they will be able to report to work and be immediately available to respond to patients.

The new station will also boast improved staff, office, training and parking facilities, as well as efficient energy, heating and lighting controls.

NWAS head of service for Cumbria and Lancashire Gene Quinn said: “Following the months of preparatory work, it’s exciting to see work beginning on-site.

“While it will seem like an end of an era for many, the future is very exciting, especially for the staff who will benefit from the new modern work environment when it is completed.

“The building like the smaller stations in the area needed repair and was no longer fit for purpose.

“We are delighted to be able to offer staff who work incredibly hard a much improved environment to enjoy their breaks as well train and develop their skills.”

The new Waterloo Road station will operate as part of a hub and spoke model meaning the eventual phased closure of stations in Fleetwood, Lytham, Wesham and Thornton.

Gene added: “This model was introduced in Greater Manchester five years ago, and we’ve seen no negative impact on local communities where stations closed.

“In most cases, when people call for an ambulance, it isn’t dispatched from a local station.

“In fact, in Fylde and Wyre, more than 60 per cent of despatches occur while the ambulance is on the road. Crews rarely go back to their base stations before the end of the shifts except for their allocated breaks.

“Because of this, we are confident that the public will see no adverse difference in response times, and the community will have the same number of resources available to them as they do now.

“They will just start their shift from a ‘spoke’ site in the community rather than a bricks and mortar ambulance station.”



10 year anniversary for Blackpool Wedding Chapel – but what happened to the first couple to tie the knot there?

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Blackpool’s seafront Wedding Chapel has celebrated its own special anniversary along with the couple who were the first to tie the knot there.

This month marks 10 years since the venue opened inside the £2.7m Festival House built on the Promenade.

Kelly Goudie and Simon Garrick exchanged vows on January 12 2012, and since then around 5,000 weddings have taken place in the chapel – with another 350 already booked in for 2022.

And Kelly and Simon remain happily hitched a decade on from their special day.

The Wedding Chapel

The Wedding Chapel

Kelly said: “The day was magical and in my opinion the Wedding Chapel is the most magical place on earth. It has such a unique atmosphere and we were blessed with an amazing Blackpool sunset.

“Walking down the aisle seeing the Blackpool Tower in the backdrop and having all my family and friends there to witness our special moment will stay with me forever.

“The Wedding Chapel captured our love and we continue to feel so grateful. We’re now celebrating 10 years of very happy marriage.”

The venue replaced the town’s former register office on South King Street.

Simon and Kelly Garrick on their wedding day

Simon and Kelly Garrick on their wedding day

Joceline Greenaway, head of life events at Blackpool Council, said: “We are so proud to have such a unique venue as our register office.

“When couples come to look round they are wowed by the building itself and also the views from the rooms and the balcony.

“Legislation surrounding weddings has changed a number of times during the last 10 years so we are now able to offer evening ceremonies which has been really popular for couples wanting to get married with the Illuminations in the background.

“In 2013 The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act was passed allowing all couples to choose a civil partnership or marriage ceremony. This was such an important step for equality and couples took advantage of it the very first day the legislation changed.”

The building is also home to the town’s Tourist Information Centre and the Beach House bar and restaurant.


Blackpool’s Salvation Army helped three times as many people as before Covid as poverty grows

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Blackpool’s Salvation Army team has been helping a record number of people as cost of living rises, job cuts due to coronavirus and universal credit cuts bite.


The organisation put together more than 2,000 Christmas present parcels for children and vulnerable people and handed out 420 food hampers to help people in poverty in Blackpool last month.

The corps in Raikes Parade, exceeded 2020’s Christmas Present Appeal figures of 1,700 in late November as families struggled to make ends meet from being pushed further into poverty due to job losses and reduced income.

The number of referrals in 2021 almost tripled compared to the pre-pandemic Christmas of 2019 when 750 children were supported.

Captain Naomi Clifton from Blackpool's Salvation Army

Captain Naomi Clifton from Blackpool’s Salvation Army

Captain Naomi Clifton, joint leader of The Salvation Army in Blackpool said: “We are seeing that people are depending more and more on charity to help get them through day to day life with many living hand to mouth.

“Low paid jobs, zero-hour contracts, and the cost of living increasing are all factors that affect many within our town, especially those that rely on seasonal work.

“The pandemic has affected Blackpool tourism tremendously and we will continue to see the effects long into this year when those most vulnerable within our local community will need support from charities more than ever.”

The group said alongside the Christmas Present Appeal the church and charity put together and distributed 420 food hampers as the fallout from changes to Universal Credit, among other challenges, continue to make numbers of those in need soar.

The team at the Salvation Army's base in Raikes Parade

The team at the Salvation Army’s base in Raikes Parade

Captain Clifton added: “The local community helped us put smiles on the faces of over 2,000 children, and many more family members, and whilst this is a wonderful feeling it reinforces the stark truth that there is an enormous amount of need amongst us; all year round, not just at Christmas which we will sadly continue to see well into this year.”

The Salvation Army Blackpool said it was continuing to support some of the families it helped at Christmas with further food parcels as the rise in the cost of living and reduced incomes over the winter months continue with fuel bills due to rise in April.

Capt Clifton outside the Grade 2 listed Citadel building in Blackpool where the Salvation Army works

Capt Clifton outside the Grade 2 listed Citadel building in Blackpool where the Salvation Army works

Blackpool MP says Boris Johnson must ‘do far better’ at getting investment to the North

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Tory Scott Benton said his constituents “expect to see spades in the ground” more quickly.


Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson (Image: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/PA Wire)

Boris Johnson needs to “do far better at getting money out of the door to communities” across the North, one of his 2019 Red Wall MPs has said.

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton said his constituents “expect to see spades in the ground” and investment going into public services more quickly.

Mr Benton said in the months ahead the government had a real challenge in demonstrating to communities like his what levelling up means.

In an interview with the Northern Agenda podcast he said: “I’m afraid if you ask most members of the public what levelling up means they can’t quite articulate response.

“In fact, I’m not sure how many Conservative MPs can hand on heart tell you what levelling up means either.

“That’s the government’s challenge here.”

He added: “We’ve probably heard the prime minister say levelling up on hundreds if not thousands of occasions since the last general election, but what does this actually mean to the average person on the streets in Blackpool or Burnley?



Your input wanted as Fylde launches survey into affordable housing need

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A housing survey is being launched by Fylde Council to help provide an understanding of affordable housing needs in the borough over the next five years.


The survey, to be conducted by Justin Gardner Consulting and CNB Housing Insights between January 17 and February 13, will invite residents to explain their current housing circumstances and any future housing intentions.

It also provides opportunity to highlight any additional support needs or concerns they may have.

A postal survey questionnaire will also be sent to a random sample of households living in the urban areas of the borough along with all households in rural parts.

The survey will be open from Monday and paper versions are also been posted out to a number of households

The survey will be open from Monday and paper versions are also been posted out to a number of households

Reduction in housing need prompts change to Fylde Local Plan

Coun Tommy Threlfall, chairman of the Environment, Health and Housing Committee, said: “It’s comforting to know that we’re doing all we can to help people much in need of affordable housing, and I welcome the fact that Fylde Council have this issue high on their agenda.”

The survey can be found at

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Firefighters tackle Blackpool flat blaze

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The fire was caused after a pan was left on the hob


Two fire engines from South Shore and Blackpool were called when the fire broke out earlier today on Park Road in Blackpool.
Two fire engines from South Shore and Blackpool were called when the fire broke out earlier today on Park Road in Blackpool. (Image: Google Maps)

Firefighters had to be called when a fire broke out in a first floor flat in Blackpool when a resident left a pan on the hob.

Two fire engines from South Shore and Blackpool were called when the fire broke out earlier today on Park Road in Blackpool.

Crews used two breathing apparatus, one hose reel and a Positive Pressure Ventilation to extinguish the fire after a person left a pan on the hob.

No injuries were reported and crews were in attendance at the scene for about 20 minutes.



World Horse Welfare Penny Farm celebrates record-breaking year for rehoming

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World Horse Welfare Penny Farm has broken its own record for the number of horses and ponies rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed for the second year running.

The charity, on Preston New Road, Blackpool, rehomed 87 ponies in 2021, continuing a trend of increased interest in animal adoption since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Zoe Clifford, Penny Farm’s visitor centre officer, said: “During the pandemic, a lot of people reassessed where they were and there was quite a lot more interest in people having more leisure time, and that has probably contributed. At the same time, it has always been the case that the rehoming scheme is not taken for granted. When we rehome, we’re not trying to sell off a pony, we’re trying to match up the right pony with the right person.

“We spend a lot of effort so there’s that confidence in our rehoming process.

Picture by World Horse Welfare

Picture by World Horse Welfare

“People also understand now thatnot only are they giving a pony a better life, they are freeing up space we need to help other ponies.

“Generally, all our ponies come to us in a poor state. They’re nearly always emaciated, with worms and overgrown feet.

“It’s difficult to say goodbye as during the time they’re here we do get very attached, but we know they are going to a one to one home where they can get all the attention they will possibly need. It’s nice knowing we have done our job, made the horses better and seen them off to a good life.”

In total, World Horse Welfare rehomed 378 horses and ponies through its Blackpool, Aberdeen, Norfolk and Somerset farms during 2021.

Picture by World Horse Welfare

Picture by World Horse Welfare

This smashes the charity’s previous record of 357 in 2020, and continues a positive trend of more people offering horses and ponies a new home and a new life.

Tony Tyler, deputy Chief Executive at World Horse Welfare said: “It is our aim to rehome all the horses and ponies that come into our care once they are fit and ready. Each one that is rehomed helps two horses as it releases a space at our farms for another equine in need but none of this could happen without our incredible rehomers who offer them a vital second chance.

“Anyone rehoming one of our horses or ponies not only receives the full honest facts about them and a lifetime of support, but the rewards of knowing that they are giving that horse perhaps its first ever loving home – while making space for another vulnerable horse to receive the care it needs.”


These are the incidents Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service crews have tackled on the Fylde coast this week – Monday, January 17 to Friday, January 21, 2022

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Here is the latest round-up of incidents that crews from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service have tackled this week.

We will update this story each day with the latest from the fire service:


– Road traffic collision in Ansdell

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Two fire engines from Lytham and St Annes attended a road traffic collision involving two cars in Worsley Road at around 5.15pm.

Firefighters made the scene safe and gave first aid to one casualty who was taken to hospital by ambulance.


No incidents reported.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service


No incidents reported.


– Domestic property fire in Blackpool

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

Four fire engines from Blackpool and South Shore attended a domestic fire in Withnell Road at around 2.35am.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used one hose reel and a ventilation unit to extinguish the flames and clear the smoke.

One causality was treated for smoke inhalation by ambulance crews.

Crews were in attendance for one hour and ten minutes.