Council acts after Blackpool cabbie fell asleep at the wheel

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A Blackpool cabbie has had their taxi licence suspended by the council after evidence showed they had repeatedly fallen asleep at the wheel of their vehicle.


The issue came to light when the driver was involved in a low speed collision having nodded off.

CCTV footage from the taxi showed “over an extended period that they had been falling asleep while driving”, according to the minutes of the council’s public protection sub-committee.

Members of the sub-committee were told licensing officers had used their delegated powers to suspend the driver’s taxi licence.

Town hall licencing officers have taken action

Town hall licencing officers have taken action

Councillors were told the driver blamed long working hours, a lack of breaks and pain medication for falling asleep, while licensing officers ruled out alcohol and drugs as the cause.

Medical advice had been sought with the driver now referred by their GP for specialist investigations.

Delegated powers have also been used to revoke the licence of a driver following a collision with a pedestrian in October, who suffered a broken arm.

The sub-committee was told the police had charged the driver with driving without due care and attention in relation to the incident.