Derelict hotel in Blackpool has now been boarded up as council press administrators for sale

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An eyesore hotel which has angered Blackpool B&B owners near North Promenade has been boarded up by the council.

The New Hacketts hotel has been derelict since 2018 and has suffered a fire and break-ins and attracted fly-tippers.

Guesthouse owners nearby had pleaded with the council to tidy the area up before it put off visitors. The council has struggled to deal with the issue as the owner company went out of business, but has now boarded it up.

John Blackledge, director of community and environmental services, said: “We are extremely concerned about the condition of the New Hacketts Hotel and understand how frustrating it is for residents and businesses.

The derelict New Hacketts hotel on North PromenadeThe derelict New Hacketts hotel on North Promenade

“Unfortunately the company that owned the hotel went into liquidation. We are in regular contact with the appointed administrators but understand there are complex issues that need to be resolved that we aren’t privy to.

“The local community can be reassured that we are aware of their concerns and will continue to push for a resolution as soon as possible.

“The council is doing everything within its legal powers to ensure the building is safe and secure and we are working with the administrators to carry out repairs and find new owners.”

Mark King, from the Beaucliffe Hotel, in nearby Holmfield Road said that B&B owners in the area were fed up with the state of the New Hacketts which they feared would put off visitors to the resort in a year when everyone was hoping to attract more through the potential increase in staycations as foreign holidays were more difficult because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Fly-tipping behind the barriers at the New Hacketts hotelFly-tipping behind the barriers at the New Hacketts hotel

He said the hotel had been derelict for too long and should be properly boarded up and made to look more respectable until new owners could be found.