European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake will be bringing his out of this world journey to Blackpool Winter Gardens

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Astronaut Tim Peake will be coming to Blackpool to discuss the wonders of space.


Tim Peake

Tim Peake

Astronaut Tim Peake will be coming to Blackpool to discuss the wonders of space.

The European Space Agency astronaut became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station in 2015 and will be coming to the Winter Gardens on March 10th with his Time Peake – My Journey to Space tour.

This will be Tim’s first tour and he will be talking about his life in space, whilst showing off some of the beautiful photography and never-before seen footage of the space station. Attendees will see what training an astronaut has to endure and what Tim has to say about the human fascination about space.

In a statement made by Tim, he said: “It’s impossible to look down on Earth from space and not be mesmerised by the fragile beauty of our planet.”

Tickets start at £26.00. If you wish to purchase tickets for Tim Peake – My Journey to Space, click here.