Health in the spotlight at Blackpool event for international Men’s Day

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Men’s mental health and wellbeing will be put in the spotlight in Blackpool.


Resort charities, The Washington Group and Empowerment, are to host a day long event to mark International Men’s Day on Saturday, November 20.

50 young men aged between 14-18 from across the Fylde coast will attending and taking part in a series of workshops and seminars, which are being sponsored by Blackpool Transport.

Each will receive a resource bag filled with a variety of well being items, treats and information.

Mike Crowther from the Empowerment charity

Mike Crowther from the Empowerment charity

The event aims to raise awareness of men’s health, offer support on how to be resilient and explore positive and diverse role models and to promote positive conversations about men, manhood and masculinity.

It follows on from the last two Blackpool International Men’s Day events held in 2019, when former Blackpool FC striker Paul Stewart spoke about abuse, and 2020 and will be held virtually.

Each group of young men will be undertaking three awareness missions prior to the event, involving research about current mental health and well being provision; exploring important men’s themes and each group will be producing a piece of artwork, poetry, graffiti or a short video.

The final mission is supported by Liberty’s Hotel, Blackpool.

Mike Crowther, chief executive of Empowerment, said: “Empowerment is passionate about removing the stigma from our society that stops men being able to talk about their own mental illness and get the help they need.

“International Men’s Day is a great opportunity to put men’s mental health in the spotlight, so that bit by bit we remove the barriers which stop men feeling confident to reach out for support with their mental illness.

“Empowerment’s project, Elliot’s Place, will empower young men to share their struggles with their mental illness with other young men who have been through similar experiences.

“Together we will make the lives of men experiencing mental illness so much better, and we are grateful to The Washington Group for organising this great event.”

Tom Skerratt from Blackpool Transport said: “We’re excited to take part in this special day and do our bit for the young men of our community.”