Fleetwood Scouts charity shop burgled just weeks after vandal attack

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A Fleetwood Scouts group is counting the cost of a burglary at its charity shop in the town – just weeks after vandals smashed the same window.

Belinda Armstrong with the boarded-up window at the Ist Scouts shop in Fleetwood

Belinda Armstrong with the boarded-up window at the Ist Scouts shop in Fleetwood

The 1st Fleetwood Scouts troupe, believed to be one of the oldest-established groups in the country, say the intruders stole a collection bottle containing between £100 and £200 which they had been saving for next year’s camp trip.

Damage to window, through which the burglars gained access, has been put at £800 and comes around six weeks after they had to replace the pane smashed in the vandal attack – another £800.

The shop, on Lord Street , was targeted in the early hours of Thursday morning (July 15).

“We’re not a typical charity shop which is part of a large organisation, there is just us.

“All the money made goes back to the group, so we could do without this sort of thing.

“The glass has also sprayed over the soft toys so we’ve had to spend ages sorting them out.”

The 1st Fleetwood Scouts group was founded in 1912 and has more than 50 members.

Its is based at St John Avenue on the West View estate.

The shop, called the 1st Fleetwood Scouts Curiosity Shop, sells a wide range of items and is aimed at bringing in funds for the trupe.

Police believe two men were involved in the incident, a younger person in his teens and an older man, and used a concrete slab to break the window.

Officers were called at around 1.30pm on the Thursday morning.

Anyone with information can phone 101 and quote log 0084 the 15th of July.