Jubilee Gardens wall that was repaired after vandal attack is knocked down again

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A wall in Jubilee Gardens that was patched up by Blackpool Council just a few months ago after it was destroyed by vandals has been knocked down yet again.


The recently repaired wall has been wrecked again

The recently repaired wall has been wrecked again

The council stepped in to repair the wall at the North Shore gardens back in April after it emerged that the Friends of Jubilee Gardens group, which usually takes care of the area, had ‘no money left in the pot’ to fix the damage inflicted a month before.

Michael Higgins, chairman of the Friends group, said the wall would have to ‘stay as it is’ due to dwindling funds and a lack of volunteers.

Now the walls lie in ruins once more, with large slabs of brick knocked onto the surrounding grass and footpath.

The wall was previously vandalised in MarchThe wall was previously vandalised in March

It is the fourth section of the wall to be damaged in the last two years.

Blackpool police were at the scene this morning taking pictures of the damage.

Warbreck ward councillor Michele Scott said: “Regarding the damage, words fail me. Why anyone would think it is acceptable to cause such destruction is beyond my comprehension. I hope the people who caused the damage are caught and made to pay for repairs.”

Blackpool Council has been approached for comment.