‘Covid is a Hoax’ sign in Blackpool spiritualist shop angers survivors of virus as store owner explains reasoning

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Signs in a Blackpool spiritualist shop window branding Covid-19 as a hoax have angered a husband and wife who have battled the virus.


Charles and Rosemary Dawson, both 70, live on Ellesmere Road in Marton and spotted the signs in the window of Aura on Lytham Road in South Shore last week.

The pair, who have been married 46 years and are originally from Oxford, said they were upset because they have both battled the virus with Charles nearly dying.

Charles, a part-time bus driver, said: “I went into hospital on January 9 and I was in there for two and a half months.

Charles Dawson with the sign in the window of Aura in Lytham Road, South ShoreCharles Dawson with the sign in the window of Aura in Lytham Road, South Shore

“Rosemary was at home at the same time fighting the virus while I was at Blackpool Vic. It really was touch and go and they put me on a ventilator which I was on for three weeks and apparently I died three times.

“My daughter also said at one point I had a 20 percent chance of living so when we both saw the sign we were shocked and angered to say the least. We know it is not fake so what right do they have putting it in the window denouncing it as a hoax?

“It’s also not fair to people who will have lost loved ones to the coronavirus. I find it really insulting that it is in the window. I’m still not able to go back to work yet because of Covid.”

Charles confronted the shop’s owner who told him that it wasn’t a hoax.

The shop's owner, Victoria Mackay, said the sign is there to provoke a reactionThe shop’s owner, Victoria Mackay, said the sign is there to provoke a reaction

He added: “She said she wasn’t saying that the coronavirus was a hoax, but yes she is because it is in the window in black and white telling people to wake up. It really is ridiculous. ”

Rosemary, who has lived in the resort with Charles for 17 years, said: “Look how much the NHS has done for everyone across the country and the doctors, nurses and carers who have lost their lives to the virus.

“My sympathy is with everyone who has witnessed Covid first hand, like I have, and have lost loved ones to it. I think it is not fair at all that she can put those signs in the window pretending that it is all fake.”

The owner of Aura, Victoria Mackay, told The Gazette that she knows Covid-19 is not a hoax and that people have died from the virus but the sign is there to intentionally provoke a reaction.

She said: “I will never apologise for my sign as I believe it needs to provoke thought. Because I work directly with the spirit world, I am getting all of these messages which has told me something is not quite right.

“I do apologise to the couple if the sign has caused them offence but I feel as though this is something I need to say and put out there.

“I am happy to speak to anyone about the sign or Covid as a friendly chat if they want to. I have done a lot of research since the start of the pandemic and, while I am not saying the virus itself is a hoax, there are a lot of things that have happened which I don’t believe the public has been told the truth about.”

Victoria added: “Let’s start with the bat at the wet market in Wuhan. It was then changed that it came from a lab in Wuhan, of which Fauci [Dr Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National

Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the US] is now under investigation, under the gain of function. Money was invested through Fauci. This is all going to trial.

“The measurements are draconian. There was a pandemic response plan prepared 50 years ago to support the science.

“It was changed weeks before the pandemic, fully conducive to the ideology for the World Economic Forum, the great reset Davos climate change agenda. Vaccine passports will make us dependent and controlled in a totalitarian state, just think China.

“Their words, the UK government, the fourth industrial revolution, ‘build back better’. They are pushing a very convenient agenda.

“I feel it is my right as a human, my right as a human, to get this information out to people.”