New Blackpool tram stop outside Trilogy nightclub described as a ‘accident waiting to happen’

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A new tram stop built as part of the resort’s £23.4m tram link to Blackpool North train station has been described as a ‘accident waiting to happen’ due to a huge kerb right outside a popular nightclub.


The stop is part of the Talbot Gateway redevelopment in the town centre and the 11 inch kerb is directly in front of the Trilogy nightclub in Talbot Square and is situated in one of the busiest nightlife hotspots in the resort.

Coun Tony Williams, leader of the opposition on the council, has described the kerb as “ridiculous” and said it needs a total rethink.

He said: “I think it is very dangerous and I have heard of people having slight mishaps on it already. It is only going to be worse when people start coming out of the clubs nearby.

The tram stop 'platform' outside Trilogy nightclub on Talbot RoadThe tram stop ‘platform’ outside Trilogy nightclub on Talbot Road

“They will have had a few drinks and visibility won’t be as good at night either and I think there is going to be some accidents, which means the council are going to get some hefty claims coming their way.”

Coun Williams also had reservations about the layout and design of the kerb.

He said: “This design doesn’t look user friendly to me at all and, in fact, as well as looking like an accident waiting to happen, it’s also ugly.

“For me, I would have said this was a platform rather than a tram stop and looking at the kerb it’s also difficult to see how this is disabled friendly.

The kerb is 11 inches high and it's feared the resort's partygoers will fall off itThe kerb is 11 inches high and it’s feared the resort’s partygoers will fall off it

“I also think the overhanging front edge which provides a handy covering for weeds and a place to sweep litter into has not been considered by the council or the contractors either. It will be an eyesore.

“Ultimately it is the council’s decision and the council’s to sort out. They should have an immediate rethink and look at it again.

“It certainly isn’t safe the way it is at the moment and it either needs bollards but then I don’t think that will prevent falls. Get it sorted, Blackpool Council. ”

Paul Rawson from Blackpool and the Fylde Street Angels, whose volunteers provide help and assistance to those who are vulnerable in the resort, branded the kerb “dangerous”.

Coun Tony Williams said 'it's an accident waiting to happen"Coun Tony Williams said ‘it’s an accident waiting to happen”

He said: “I noticed it and I couldn’t believe it to be honest. Of all the places for that raised part to be is directly outside what potentially could be Blackpool’s biggest nightclub and gathering of people.

“I’m quite shocked it was approved and I don’t think it’s been well planned and thought out at all.

“If there is a need for a raised platform for the trams for whatever reason, I’m sure it should have been somewhere else. Why wasn’t the outside the Catholic church, for instance, a few yards further up? Certainly it shouldn’t be directly outside a nightclub.”.

Paul said he can see people having accidents and hurting themselves.

The council said it has had no reports of anyone falling off the kerbThe council said it has had no reports of anyone falling off the kerb

He said: “It has always been a busy point there, and while a lot of work was going on over the last couple of years for the tram extension, there has been a lot of roadworks around there, which was okay when it was full of barricades and so on but now it’s an open space.

“You’ve got the opening of the new hotel directly opposite as well – so there’s going to be accidents without a doubt

“If they don’t move it, they are going to have to put a railing there and just have a small area on the platform where the tram doors will open but they need to do something.

“For every single person that potentially breaks their leg or twists their ankle, how many hundreds of pounds will it be for each ambulance call out?”

When The Gazette contacted the council about the kerb, a spokesman said: “Discussions have taken place with the owner of the nightclub about the construction of the tram stop and the possible installation of a handrail at the back of the tram stop for added safety.

“However the owner preferred to maintain the open aspect to the front of the club.”

It is part of the multi-million pound tram link project linking the Promenade to a new tram station by Blackpool North railway stationIt is part of the multi-million pound tram link project linking the Promenade to a new tram station by Blackpool North railway station

However, the club, which was formerly called Home & HQ and owned by the Nordwind family, was bought by Matt Taylor last year and he told The Gazette the tram stop was already in place when he took over and not heard from the council in regards to it.

Blackpool Council responded and a spokesman said: “I can confirm that the council have not been made aware of any change of ownership and there have been no complaints or issues raised by the new owner relating to the layout and tram stop in front of the club, and no incidents recorded in relation to the tram stop.”

The spokesman also added: “The pavement is very wide outside the nightclub and tactile paving has been installed along the edge of the platform so there is no large drop from the kerb, the difference in level being just 280mm.

“The tram stop has been in place for a while now and the council has received no reports of any incidents in the area.”