New drive-thru coffee shop proposed on site of closed down Blackpool Pizza Hut

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A new coffee shop with a drive-thru, indoor seating area and car park could be set up on the site of a closed down fast food restaurant.


The proposed coffee shop off Cherry Tree Road North

The proposed coffee shop off Cherry Tree Road North

A planning application has been submitted to Blackpool Council for the demolition of the old Pizza Hut on Cornelian Way, and the building of a new restaurant at what is known locally as ‘Fat Man’s Corner’.

A number of takeaways already operate in the area, located at the crossroads between Cherry Tree Road and Preston New Road, including KFC, McDonalds, Sprinkles, Subway, Jaflong and Sweet N Sour.

The proposed new restaurant, if approved, will be smaller than the existing Pizza Hut, with a proposed internal floor area of 205.1sqm, downsized from 332.4sqm.

“The form of the development is in keeping with the scale and proportions associated with the neighbouring properties. The unit is based on a regular plan and the proportion of the facades provide a contemporary style building, single storey compact building, designed to provide a simple and functional operation for all customers and staff.

“The new building is also significantly smaller in height than the existing unit with a much simpler roof outline. This new roof arrangement will improve site lines and visual amenity to neighbouring properties particularly the residential properties on Preston New Road.”