Colonial Hotel on Blackpool Prom set for upgrade

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A Blackpool seafront hotel is in line for an upgrade after a blueprint for investment got the go ahead from town hall planners.


Applicant Rafael Suski has been granted planning permission to make alterations to the Colonial Hotel on the Promenade, near Rawcliffe Street in South Shore.

Work will including installing decking and an outdoor seating area, adding balconies to the third floor and extending the fourth floor including with the addition of a roof terrace.

But proposals for a nightclub on the ground floor were dropped and replaced with a more traditional hotel entertainment area instead.

Colonial Hotel - picture from Google

Colonial Hotel – picture from Google

In approving the scheme, planners said the changes would improve the quality of the hotel.

A report setting out the decision said: “The scheme would result in the reduction in the number of rooms at the hotel from 45 to 38 and the creation of a roof space would increase the amount of facilities for the reduced number of guests.

“However, it is evident from the existing and proposed floor plans that this change in room numbers is to facilitate the upgrading of the remaining rooms which would increase the quality and visitor amenity, which would further be enhanced by the creation of a modern roof terrace if designed appropriately.

“As such, the proposed alterations are considered acceptable in principle, however condition will be imposed on any approval requiring the entertainment spaces to remain ancillary to the hotel in use and character.”