Fantastic pictures show RAF Red Arrows at Blackpool

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The aerobatic display team flew over Lancashire as they headed for their base for the day at Blackpool Airport


The Red Arrows return to Blackpool
The Red Arrows return to Blackpool (Image: SS Digital Images)

The world famous Red Arrows flew over Lancashire today with fans describing the fly over as “fantastic”.

The RAF Red Arrows team have been using Blackpool Airport as a base, with the jets touching down at around 11.30am.

Dozens of people gathered at the airport to get a glimpse of the iconic planes, with the stunt team even giving fans a wave and stopping to have their photos taken.

The aerobatic display team weren’t putting on a display in Lancashire, but were using the airport as a base for their performance at the Isle of Man Airshow.

Aviation fans were invited to “make a day of it” and come to Blackpool Airport to get a glimpse of them however.

The team arrived at 11.30am and left for the Isle of Man Airshow at 2.12pm.

One of the Red Arrows pilots

The RAF Red Arrows photographer Corporal Adam Fletcher captured an incredible photo of the team arriving at Blackpool which can be seen below.

The Red Arrows arrive in Blackpool
The Red Arrows arrive in Blackpool (Image: RAF Red Arrows photographer Corporal Adam Fletcher)

Onlookers were grateful to catch the Red Arrows in Lancashire today and have taken to the RAF Red Arrows Facebook page to share their excitement.

Lindsay Anne said: “Just seen them for the second time today over Lytham near Blackpool, they are awesome”

Melanie Jane Fysh wrote: “Loved seeing the arrows today especially as they fly over the house”

Vanessa Brow added: “Great to see you back flying past us as you break and come in to land…one of lifes pleasures for me!!”

Lisa Hadfield said: “We was there this morning, thank you for the waves guys”