New mobile phone app aims to revitalise Blackpool’s high streets

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A Blackpool company is aiming to revitalise the high street with a new app launching this month.


Offigo aims to help businesses face the challenge of bringing people back to their premises after the pandemic with its digital discovery platform which allows businesses to show off what there is on offer in the area.

Chief executive Dave Preston said: “The challenges the high street is facing is not one a single retailer should be fighting alone.

“As someone who has owned many businesses on the high street, I understand how tough it can be at times, so I wanted to create something with a sense of togetherness. By bringing the high street community together digitally, this campaign will help consumers discover all the businesses in their areas and what they offer.

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton with David Preston CEO of Offigo which is launching a new app aiming to revitalise Blackpool's high streets this month

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton with David Preston CEO of Offigo which is launching a new app aiming to revitalise Blackpool’s high streets this month

“Putting it simply, if 100 businesses are promoting reasons to visit the town together, it is a much stronger message than one business vying for the customer’s attention.”

Offigo is a digital discovery platform exclusively for the high street. Using location-based technology, in one click on a phone or QR code scan of a poster, people will be able to collectively find what local shops, bars, restaurants, and more are promoting near to them on their digital device.

He added: “By combining the marketing strength of the brands, with the unique community-based independents, a powerful alliance can be created to increase footfall and spend by giving people daily reasons to visit the high street.”

He said the app would benefit shops, bars and restaurants, hair salons, theatres and gyms .

He added: “People will visit more often if the information is readily available to them, and in the modern day it must be easily accessible on their digital device.”

Blackpool South MP Scott Benton said: “This is a fantastic idea; I really hope businesses in Blackpool get behind this campaign so visitors and residents alike can view what truly great places we have here.

“As a large town with a catchment area of over 300,000, plus the millions of visitors each year, this could really help them choose to eat, drink shop and be entertained in Blackpool all year round.”

To join the campaign, for the September 16 app launch, high street businesses can sign up for free at and create their business page. Posters with a unique QR code can be created.