Power cut leaves over 1,400 homes without electricity in Blackpool

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A power cut left over 1,400 homes without electricity in Blackpool this afternoon (September 22).


The power cut affected around 1,425 homes at around 12.40pm.

The fault was reportedly cause by an “unexpected incident on the high voltage cable” that provides electricity to homes and businesses.

Engineers were sent to the scene and power was restored at 2.25pm.

The affected postcodes were:

FY1 3TP, FY3 8RF, FY3 7HD, FY3 8ED, FY3 8EQ, FY3 8EJ, FY3 8EF, FY3 7BS, FY3 7EY, FY3 8EG, FY1 3RB, FY3 7HX, FY1 3NS, FY3 8RB, FY3 7DB, FY3 7AF, FY3 8PG, FY3 8EQ, FY1 3TW, FY3 8JY, FY3 8EH, FY3 7EY, FY3 8EB, FY1 3NS, FY3 7BE, FY3 7EX, FY3 7HG, FY3 8PJ, FY1 3NR, FY3 7AQ, FY3 8RE, FY3 8JX, FY3 8HS, FY3 7HA, FY1 3RN, FY3 7HG, FY3 7DD, FY1 3TW, FY3 7BP, FY3 7HB, FY3 7BH, FY3 7AZ, FY3 8PQ, FY1 3NS, FY3 8PE, FY1 3TR, FY3 7BJ, FY3 7AZ, FY3 7EF, FY3 8EA, FY3 8EB, FY3 8PH, FY1 3NR, FY3 7EN, FY3 7BA, FY3 7EH, FY3 7DA, FY3 7AE, FY3 8PF, FY3 7HD, FY1 3RZ, FY3 7EJ, FY3 7AG, FY3 7BD, FY3 7BD, FY1 3RZ, FY3 7EW, FY3 7BA, FY3 7BE, FY3 7BZ, FY3 8NY, FY3 8EE, FY3 7BB, FY3 7EE, FY3 7BJ, FY3 8PJ, FY3 7BY, FY3 7DD, FY3 7AZ, FY3 7EW, FY3 8EA, FY1 3TP, FY3 8RF, FY3 7EZ, FY3 7EF, FY3 7EL, FY1 3RJ, FY3 7DA, FY3 7AY, FY3 7DZ, FY3 7BB, FY3 7DZ, FY3 8EJ, FY3 7AQ, FY3 8JU, FY3 7EE, FY3 8RA, FY3 8BP, FY3 7HB, FY3 7BS, FY3 7BP, FY3 8EF, FY3 7EG, FY3 8HR