Grand celebration of the life of entertainer Joe Longthorne finally set to go ahead this weekend with Gala Variety Night at Joe Longthorne Theatre at Blackpool North Pier

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It promises to be a true celebration of a glittering career.


Gala celebration evening for the late entertainer Joe Longthorne

Gala celebration evening for the late entertainer Joe Longthorne

The all-star studded tribute to Joe Longthorne MBE has aptly been named ‘A Night to Remember’ and takes place on Saturday, with organisers inviting many of the entertainer’s showbiz pals including Roy Walker, Denise Nolan, and Viva’s Leye D Johns

Mitch Winehouse, dad of the late Amy Winehouse, was the first act announced for the variety show.

The full programme includes more than 25 acts appearing at North Pier’s Joe Longthorne Theatre, which was renamed after the late entertainer, who died in August 2019 aged 64.

Joe’s widower Jamie Moran said he had been overwhelmed with the response to the show and is looking forward to hosting the celebration of his life.

Other entertainers to take to the stage will include Blackpool’s The Jerseys, musical star Andrew Lancel, award-winning British comedy band The Grumbleweeds, singer Rose Marie, Kate Parkes, former The X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney.

The Joe Longthorne Band, under the direction of Andy Mudd, will lead proceedings in a night fitting for the much-loved singer and impressionist, who died at his home in Layton after living with cancer for years.

The gala evening had originally been intended to take place on the weekend of what would have been Joe’s 65th birthday but was one of many events rescheduled owing to the pandemic.

Joe was first diagnosed with blood cancer in 1987 but fought off the disease on a number of occasions, even bouncing back after being given the last rites by a priest in 2015.

Tickets for the A Night to Remember: An All Star Tribute to Joe Longthorne’ are available now.

Tickets for the 7.30pm show can be bought from the North Pier Box Office. They start at £27.50.



Tony Hadley brings new tour show celebrating four decades in music to Blackpool Opera House in 2022 and here’s how you can get tickets

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Former frontman of Spandau Ballet Tony Hadley is coming to Blackpool with his new show celebrating his 40 years in the music business


Tony Hadley comes to Blackpool Opera House next year on May 27

Tony Hadley comes to Blackpool Opera House next year on May 27

Playing with a live orchestra, the concert arrives in the resort on May 27 2022 for a night at the Opera House.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Celebrating four decades since Tony first released music with his former band Spandau Ballet the rescheduled tour will see the singer travel across the country in March and May 2022 with his ‘ The Fabulous TH Band’.

Spandau Ballet had numerous chart-topping singles and albums all over the world, including the epic “Through the Barricades”, the international number one “True”, and the unofficial London Olympics theme “Gold”.

As a solo artist Tony has performed across the world both with his band, swing bands, and orchestras. In 2005 he was awarded a Gold Badge from the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters; whilst 2007 saw him win a new legion of fans when he appeared as Billy Flynn in Chicago on the West End stage.

In 2018 Tony released his highly anticipated solo album ‘Talking To The Moon’, The album was incredibly well received and became BBC Radio 2’s Album Of The Week and the 1st single “Tonight Belongs To Us” was Single Of The Week.

Last year Tony released the brand new single ‘Obvious’, co-written with ‘Talking To The Moon’ Mick Lister.

Alongside his music career, not to mention his work in broadcasting on both radio and TV, Tony received an MBE in December 2019 in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List for his charitable work for the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice.

Tony presents a live Sunday morning radio show on BBC 3 Counties Radio, and started a podcast & Youtube channel in July 2020 called ‘Stars Cars Guitars’ with Jim Cregan (award-winning rock guitarist, songwriter and producer) and Alex Dyke (veteran British broadcaster on the tv and radio).

Tickets available from:



Fewer patients in Vic with Covid – but eight more die as sombre milestone in Blackpool is passed

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The number of people being treated for Covid in hospitals on the Fylde coast has dropped for the first time in weeks.


Dr Jim Gardner, medical director at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Clifton Hospital in St Annes, said 40 patients within 14 days of diagnosis are being cared for, with 33 on general wards, five fighting for their lives, and two at Clifton.

“This time last week I reported 54,” he said during his weekly coronavirus briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

“That number has moved in the right direction.”

Inside Blackpool Victoria Hospital's Covid Intensive Care Unit (Picture: Chimane Moore)

Inside Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Covid Intensive Care Unit (Picture: Chimane Moore)

An extra 23 people remain in hospital due to Covid but are no longer within that 14 day period, Dr Gardner added, while he said he hopes the hospital is following a national downward trend of admissions.

“But I think frankly it’s too early to say,” he warned.

The community infection rate is also falling, Dr Gardner said, from the “high-500s” to 465 per 100,000 in Blackpool.

“We’ll hope that trend continues in that direction,” he said.

But another eight people have died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid, taking the Vic’s death toll past 800 to 808.

Sending his condolences to their loved ones, Dr Gardner said: “Frankly it’s an ongoing situation for us all. It’s important we are thoughtful about that.”

The hospital’s visiting policy has been eased, he added, with visitors allowed into all areas except for a “couple of wards where we have a high density of Covid positivity,” Dr Gardner added.

These are wards two and five, plus some parts of critical care, while there are varying degrees of restrictions in different parts of the hospital, with visitors urged to check them before going.

Face coverings must be worn, with masks and hand gel at the entrances, with two metres distance practised where possible.

Dr Gardner said those over 50 are now being offered booster vaccinations through, with the Vic giving boosters to all frontline NHS workers.



South Shore restaurant owner wins ‘chef of the year’ in two national curry competitions

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A South Shore restaurant owner who discovered his passion for Indian cuisine at the age of 12 bagged best chef awards at two different national curry competitions.


Mohammed Iftekher Hussain

Mohammed Iftekher Hussain

Mohammed Iftekher Hussain, 47, owner of the Baby Kingfisher Indian restaurant on Highfield Road, was awarded the top spot in both the Asian Curry Awards in Manchester and the National Curry Association competition at the House of Lords in London this month.

He rose above the competition with his chicken pakora and onion bhajis following by shahi masala and jalfrezi dishes.

“It was a lot of pressure. It was the first time in a few years I have done something like this and the last time I did I was there as a helper,” he said. “We were up against some real giants there, so I was over the moon. Some of the restaurants there were from as far afield as Northern Ireland and London, and of course Bradford, which is well known as the curry capital of Britain.”

Iftekher, who started cooking 35 years ago, won ‘Chef of the Year’ at the Asian Curry Awards at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel on August 31 one week after presenting his dishes to a panel of judges.

In another competition on September 15, he won the National Curry Association’s ‘Chef of the Year’ award at a grand ceremony at the House of Lords in London.

He said: “I have literally grown up cooking. I’ve worked with some great chefs over the years. I’ve worked in some odd places, and some prestigious places. Going back 20 years I worked for the Shimla group, which operates in London, Birmingham, Coventry, Edingburgh, Glasgow and Leeds. Other places I have worked just alone, myself in the kitchen.

“Working in Blackpool is almost like working in a village atmosphere. Everybody knows everybody. We’re very familiar with our customers, which can be a double-edged sword at times. If you do something right, everybody knows about it – if you do something wrong, everybody knows about it. It’s a very tight-knit community.”

To celebrate his success at the two awards ceremonies, Iftekher is now planning a special event at his restaurant, to be attended by local politicians who missed out on a taste of his award-winning food at the House of Lords.

He said: “We are only a small restaurant, so we entered the competition as the underdogs, going up against some big groups. To manage to win Chef of the Year – I’m absolutely delighted.”



Energy crisis ‘won’t affect my utility firm or football club’, Fleetwood Town boss Andy Pilley insists

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The future of Fleetwood Town Football Club is safe and secure despite the ongoing fuel crisis, its energy entrepreneur owner told fans.


Andy Pilley, whose gas and electricity firm BES employs hundreds of people on the Fylde coast and is the main sponsor at Highbury, said his tactic of buying energy in advance has made the company immune to the rocketing prices, which have soared by 250 per cent this year.

The 51-year-old, who has overseen a rapid rise through the leagues in recent years, said: “From a personal point of view it does not affect us at all because we hedge [a financial strategy aimed at reducing the risk of loss caused by fluctuating prices, in this case buying enough gas to cover each contract when it is taken out] in advance the entirely of our contracts so it makes no difference to us whatsoever.

“We have no requirement to buy so we are on the sidelines looking on and we can see these incredibly high prices but, thankfully, we are not getting involved at all.

SITTING PRETTY: BES boss Andy Pilley said buying ahead means his firm won’t be dragged into the ongoing price ‘crisis’

SITTING PRETTY: BES boss Andy Pilley said buying ahead means his firm won’t be dragged into the ongoing price ‘crisis’

“But that’s not the same for many, many suppliers out there. I think there’s lots – possibly the majority of domestic suppliers – that will be bleeding very, very heavily right now.”

Mr Pilley said some energy firms “will roll the dice” on the wholesale cost of gas and electricity and “they hope it will be favourable” and expect, at worst, marginal fluctuations.

He said: “What’s happened here is, anyone who has not purchased the full cover that is required for their customers’ contracts, is going to find themselves in a situation whereby their ins are nowhere near what their outs are.

“That’s causing people to be in an insolvent situation and subsequently they are going to have to close their businesses, and I fear that many people will lose their jobs.”

Many energy companies in the UK have already folded amid the ongoing price chaos, with fears as many as 60 could collapse by the end of the year.

While Mr Pilley, who lives in Thornton, said Fleetwood Town’s growth has been “in no small way due to the success” of his companies, including BES, overseas calls centres, and merchant services firm Card Saver, he insists it isn’t “anywhere near as reliant on my utilities business as what it used to be”.

He added: “We are running on a much smaller wages bill and we have a lot more asset value in the football club than we used to have.

“My message [to fans] would be, ‘Fleetwood will not be affected at all by this because BES is absolutely fine. The way we run our business has made us absolutely safe and we are not affected by these ridiculous prices. We have already purchased ahead.’

“What I would say is I feel for anyone who is going to lose their job – who is at an energy brokerage or maybe at a supplier who has been gambling on their wholesale cost – but it won’t affect Fleetwood and it won’t affect BES.”

Mr Pilley, who lamented the “terrible state of affairs” was on an industry round-table call with Kwasi Kwarteng on Wednesday afternoon and agreed the situation is currently a “crisis”.

Ahead of the call, he said: “Really, my grievance with the way the Government deals with the energy sector is that the cost of any failed supplier is passed on to successful suppliers and … that’s the message I will be putting onto the Secretary of State – that’s it’s totally unfair that if somebody runs their business in a casino-style, betting on the wholesale price, if and when that business fails, it shouldn’t be passed on to successful businesses who don’t deserve to be saddled with that cost.”

Mr Pilley said BES “wouldn’t want any customers from the failed suppliers right now” because “there’s credit balances that you have to service and there’s contract prices which are simply uncommercial so I think they will go to the Big Six [British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON UK, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE]”.

He continued: “The problem for the Big Six is that they are going to be hit with huge costs and I think that’s where the Government is going to have to intervene and spend the taxpayers’ hard-earned money in making that right for the person who has to inherit these failed businesses.”

Mr Pilley said there “is going to be a lot of implications here for an awful lot of people”, including businesses and households, as well as those working in the industry who face losing their jobs.

It comes as the head of the regulator Ofgem warned that “well above” hundreds of thousands of customers may be left in limbo as their energy supplier goes bust in coming months.

Jonathan Brearley declined to give an estimate when in front of MPs on the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee.

He said: “We do expect a large number of customers to be affected, we’ve already seen hundreds of thousands of customers affected, that may well go well above that.

“It’s very hard for me to put a figure on it.”

It emerged this week that the Government and Ofgem was warned as early as two years ago the energy sector is fragile, according to the chief executive of supplier trade body Energy UK.

Emma Pinchbeck said: “I took this job a year ago. When I was hired, the chairman of Energy UK said that your biggest challenge is going to be the vulnerability of the retail market.

“I know that for a year or more before that my team have been making the case to the regulator and the Government that the sector is fragile.”

Mr Kwarteng said preparations were being made for gas prices to remain high for some time, despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson describing the problem as “temporary”.

He told the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee: “I think ‘temporary’ means that it’s a position where the price has spiked considerably… I think it has quadrupled in the last six months, seven months.

“You would expect normally that the price would revert to the mean, it’s not something that we think is going to be sustainable.

“But, of course, we have to prepare for longer-term high prices.”



Blackpool couple ‘devastated’ that cat ‘Jungle Jim’ may be demolished after neighbour complaint

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“If it were to be removed, it would be devastating,” says the family.


Pedders Lane Catio in Blackpool
Pedders Lane Catio in Blackpool

A campaign to save a couple’s outdoor cat enclosure has gathered thousands of supporters after they were told it may have to be demolished.

Blackpool couple Lorraine and Adrian Marshall had the cherished ‘catio’ set up in June at the front of their home in Pedder’s Lane after three of their beloved cats were tragically killed in road accidents on the street outside their home.

Built by a landscape gardener in their front garden, the construction was inspired by Adrian’s visits to Blackpool adventure playground ‘Jungle Jim’s’ and designed to be similarly spacious, stimulating and relaxing for the ten cats.

However, the couple say they were left ‘devastated’ after being told it may now have to be dismantled following a visit from a planning enforcement officer from Blackpool Council who told them last week that there had been a complaint from a neighbour.

Lorraine’s brother, Gary Davies, 37, says having to pull it down would leave the cat loving couple ‘absolutely heartbroken’ and has helped a campaign to save it.

He said: “The council just turned out one day out of the blue and said, it goes against our planning regulations, and you have to take it down.”

Gary said the couple asked what the problem was with it, and were reportedly told they they would be informed in writing and could apply for planning permission, but it “may be rejected.”

The couple first decided to take matters into their own hands after losing three of their treasured creatures to road accidents on the busy road outside their home, and almost losing a fourth.

Blackpool's Pedder's Lane Catio
Blackpool’s Pedder’s Lane Catio

The first tragic road accident occurred in 2006 and killed their cat, Charlie, while the second incident occurred seven years ago, killing Alfie, 14, and the third killed, Phoebe, who died only last October after bolting out in fright due to a firework being let off nearby.

A fourth cat, Winston, 20, miraculously survived being hit by a car four years ago after extensive medical treatment.

Gary said: “It’s a very busy road and a lot of horses and carts come down there from the promenade. It’s not a major road, but it’s a wide road and is a bit of a rat run, and it’s also 30 miles per hour, which is unusual because there is a school at the end of the road.

“At the end of the day, it’s a very busy street and the cats’ lives would be in danger. They have lost three cats which is proof enough of that, and almost lost a fourth.”

The edifice, constructed out of chicken wire and wood, is not a permanent structure and it is designed to keep the cats safe, says Gary.

Adrian, 60, who previously ran two post offices in Blackpool, had the idea of having a space built with a similar design to ‘Jungle Jim’s’ adventure playground at Blackpool Tower, where he enjoyed a visit with his children when they were younger

Gary added: “ It’s like a play area. There’s a wooden bridge in place for the cats, a place for them to sit and chill out, and there are also little beds in there.

“The cats absolutely love it out there – they spend all day out there, from morning to midnight, and they don’t want to come in at night. It’s completely safe for them.

“They eat chicken every day, tuna three times a week, and they get biscuits and treats. They have to be bribed to come in at night because they are so very happy out there.”

Demolition of their structure would come as a major blow to the couple, who have been shielding since the start of the pandemic, with mum Lorraine, 42, suffering from fibromyalgia and Adrian, 60, having had a major heart attack a few years ago.

Gary said: “Without clarity from the council, we don’t know if it could be adjusted somehow to comply. If it were to be removed, it would be devastating. Lorraine is terrified to let the cats roam on the street, so she would have to try and keep them in which would not be an easy task with ten cats, and just not fair on them.

“Most people would say if weren’t looking for it, you’d miss it over the garden fence.

“It feels like a kick in the teeth from the council, to be told to take it down without a reason. It’s not a permanent structure – it’s just made of wood and chicken wire, and there are no foundations or brickwork, so they assumed it would be fine. It’s the same as a garden shed; it doesn’t block any light out.

“They would be absolutely devastated if they had to take it down.”

A spokesperson for Blackpool Council said: “We have visited and spoken to Mr and Mrs Marshall. We advised that the structure built in the front garden does require planning permission and this can be applied for retrospectively.

“We have also said that we would be happy to meet the owners again at the property to see if there is a suitable alternative.”

A petition to save the Pedders Lane Catio has gathered more than 2000 signatures. To sign, click here.



Coral Island Blackpool ride set to get winter makeover

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The ride will be closed while the works are underway however the arcade, restaurants and bars will be unaffected.


The well-loved Pirate Flyer Ride at Coral Island, Blackpool will be getting a refurbishment over winter 2021
The well-loved Pirate Flyer Ride at Coral Island, Blackpool will be getting a refurbishment over winter 2021 (Image: LancsLive)

A popular indoor ride in Blackpool is set to get a make over and a new look this winter.

The much-loved Pirate Flyer ride inside Coral Island is set to return next year with “lots of new updates and features”.

The ride will be closed while the works are underway however the arcade, restaurants and bars will be unaffected.

Coral Island is Blackpool’s largest, free admission attraction and the monorail ride that rides high above the crowds has entertained children for years.

The fun is to aim the Blunderbuss Thunder Guns at the targets and shoot.

The goal is to hit all 133 targets as you voyage through the pirates cove or run the risk of walking the plank.

The reaction following Coral Island’s announcement on its Facebook page on Monday (September 20) was predominantly of excitement such as:

“My boys loved this when they were little, now 23 and 21 , my girls love it 10 and 6 . I love the whole place.”

“My kids loved this ride and now my two grandkids do.”

“Great to see it being updated. Look forward to riding it next year.”

The entrance to the Pirate Flyer ride at Coral Island, Blackpool
The entrance to the Pirate Flyer ride at Coral Island, Blackpool (Image: Coral Island)

Others had some recommendations for the updates:

One Facebook user said: “Get the prize bingo back please.”

Another said: “Bring back the parrot flyer that was a lot better and the astrojet simulator.”

One added: “I love the ghost train but I wish there was a huge world class ghost train somewhere in Blackpool. Might be a good investment in the right place. No expense spared make it world famous . Just a dreamy thought lol.”

The Pirate Flyer costs £2 per rider or two riders for £3 and tickets can be purchased from a machine at the bottom of the staircase to the ride.

To find out more about the ride, please visit Coral Island’s website here.



The Blackpool ‘Pier Fear’ wrestlers keeping Jordan Banks in ‘everyone’s thoughts’

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“Jordan would love it . He loved wrestling and we hope the event brings everyone together.”


Jordan Banks did a lot to keep smiles on the faces of police officers during lockdown
Jordan Banks did a lot to keep smiles on the faces of police officers during lockdown

A wrestling night that promises to be “non-stop action” is coming to Blackpool later this year.

Morecambe-based Odyssey Pro Wrestling is bringing ‘Pier Fear’ to the Layton Institute on Westcliffe Drive.

The family friendly event is a chance to see homegrown stars and professional wrestlers Ryan Hunter and RPD (Ryan Paul Davies) in action.

The event, on November 20, will feature the debut of the “Blackpool Raffle”.

The Blackpool show will be a tribute to nine-year-old Jordan Banks who died in May of this year after being struck by lightning whilst playing football.

As well as LFC, Jordan also loved wrestling.

Layton Institute
Layton Institute

Mum, 38-year-old Danielle Banks, told LancsLive: “We know Ryan (RPD) and he kindly offered to do something in Jordan’s memory. It’s another lovely gesture that just keeps Jord in everyone’s thoughts.

“Jordan would love it . He loved wrestling and we hope the event brings everyone together. He loved stuff like that and we know he would of loved all the chants and crowd stuff. We really appreciate everything they are doing and it raises awareness for some fab local causes too.”

Ryan Davies is a personal trainer and professional boxer from Blackpool who made the transition to professional wrestling.

He also owns and runs the Davies Boxing Gym, a professional boxing gym and fitness centre, based on the Fylde Coast.

“I’ve been friends with the family for years as they used to come a support me when I was boxing,” said Ryan.

“After I transitioned over to Pro Wrestling they brought Jordan to come and support me in that as well! I just want to do something to honour his memory and show I appreciated that support.

“I can’t say enough good things out Odyssey- it’s them that have allowed me to do this and think it’s a really beautiful touch. Really want the night to be a success for Jordan, his family and all the kids and fans who come up watch!”

Doors open at 6.30pm with VIP doors from 6pm.

Advanced tickets are £8 with tickets on the doors priced at £10.

VIP tickets, including pre-show meet and greet and front row seat, is £15.

To find out more about ‘Pier Fear’, please visit the Odyssey Wrestling website here.



Blackpool children of Manchester bomb victim ‘always grateful’ for help given to their mum

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Michelle Kiss was killed instantly as she waited to collect her daughter from the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in May 2017


Jane Tweddle
Jane Tweddle (Image: Arena Inquiry)

The daughters of “warrior mum” Jane Tweddle will “always be grateful” to those who did their best to help her following the Manchester Arena bomb.

The Blackpool mother of Harriet, Lily and Isabelle Taylor had accompanied a friend to Manchester whose teenage daughter attended the Ariana Grande concert on the evening of May 22, 2017.

Ms Tweddle, who moved to Blackpool from Hartlepool, was heading for the exit of the City Room foyer when the explosion took place and collapsed soon after.

A member of the public went to assist, together with a British Transport Police constable, after he saw her friend leaning over her and shouting for help.

He knelt next to her and tried to comfort Ms Tweddle, 51, the public inquiry looking in to the blast heard this week.

He went to check on his own daughter who was waiting in his car and when he returned the police officer was still there but he thought Ms Tweddle’s breathing had deteriorated and she was bleeding heavily. He continued to try and reassure her, he added, but believed he saw her die when he was with her.

Two police constables and an Arena first aider went on to perform CPR and a defibrillator was later used in a bid to revive her, but chest compressions were stopped at 10.59pm and Ms Tweddle was covered with clothing.

A post-mortem examination concluded she died from a neck injury and a later forensic pathological review found it was unsurvivable even with prompt medical attention at the scene.

Ms Tweddle’s daughter Harriet attended the inquiry with her partner Josh, while other family members watched from home.

Lawyer Duncan Atkinson QC read out a family tribute to a “much loved mum, daughter, sister, aunty and friend”.

Jane Tweddle, killed in the Manchester Arena terror attack
Jane Tweddle, killed in the Manchester Arena terror attack

He said: “She was her daughters’ warrior mum. She taught them to be kind and to stick together. She made their house full of love and laughter. Jane’s outlook on life continues to inspire them.

“Her daughters will always be grateful for those who did their best to help their beloved mum on the night of 22nd May 2017.”

Ms Tweddle, a receptionist at South Shore Academy high school in Blackpool, was “cherished ” by the young people whose lives she touched while working there, the inquiry heard.

Addressing her family, Sir John said: “Jane helped and inspired many young people but particularly her children in whose life she played a central part and still plays to this day. They are as devoted to her as she was them and she continues to inspire them.

“I particularly liked her response to her children when they asked what the time was – ‘it’s the time of your life, never forget it’. She lived by that motto and we can all learn a great deal from that. I’m sorry for your loss.”



Section 60 order put in place for Fleetwood, Cleveleys and Thornton following anti-social behaviour and ‘weapon disorder’

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A Section 60 order has been issued across Fleetwood and surrounding areas following problems with anti-social behaviour in the town.


Lancashire Police issued the news of the order on social media and said that recent weeks there has been incidents of anti-social behaviour and disorder involving weapons.

Section 60 orders give police greater stop and search powers within a certain area to prevent further incidents of disorder.

The order was enacted at 11.43am today and will remain in place for 24 hours before it is reviewed.

The Section 60 order covers all of Fleetwood and parts of Cleveleys and Thornton

The Section 60 order covers all of Fleetwood and parts of Cleveleys and Thornton

It covers the whole of Fleetwood and also parts of Thornton and Cleveleys.

A spokesman for Wyre Police said: “Sometimes ordinary stop and search powers aren’t enough. Enhanced Section 60 powers allow us to stop and search people and vehicles without suspicion but are only put in place when we believe violent incidents will take place or weapons will be used.

“They are there to prevent crime and disorder and also to keep you safe and feeling safe. You should be re-assured to see a really visible policing presence in the area. However, if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our officers.”