Photographer takes image of ‘crane lifting Blackpool Tower’

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Photographer takes image of ‘crane lifting Blackpool Tower’


Blackpool Tower (Photo: Twitter/ @PositiveLee7)

Blackpool Tower (Photo: Twitter/ @PositiveLee7)

In the photo, posted by Twitter user @PositiveLee7, it looks like Blackpool tower is being lifted by a crane.

The Twitter user posted the snap along with the caption: “I had to pull over and take a picture of this when I was coming down Talbot Road, Blackpool”

Many people were quick to share the photo and comment on it.

Lancashire Telegraph: Blackpool Tower (Photo: Twitter/ @PositiveLee7)Blackpool Tower (Photo: Twitter/ @PositiveLee7)

Sangrounder Radio wrote: “We never thought we’d see the day when a crane tries to lift Blackpool Tower”

Bernie Blackburn asked: “Are they moving it?”

Others wanted to praise the Twitter user’s photography skills, writing “epic image” and “nicely caught”.

However, the image appears to be a product of good angles and perfect timing.

Blackpool Tower isn’t actually being lifted and shifted by a crane; the cranes are actually carrying out work miles away from the tower.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Council said: “It’s just clever photography.

“The cranes are working on the Talbot Gateway development near Blackpool North Station, the Tower is about half a mile away.”