Lytham sculpture pays homage to bird life of Ribble estuary

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A stone sculpture featuring migrating birds has been installed in Lytham’s waterfront.


It’s at the end of Fairlawn Road between the Triangle and Lytham Green promenade designed to reflect the migratory nature of the many bird species which visit the Ribble estuary.

It has been provided by the Lytham in Bloom group and has been sculpted by Thompson Dagnall.

It’s accompanied by a plaque which explains the significance of the sculpture and the meaning behind it.

The sculpture overlooks the Ribble estuary

The sculpture overlooks the Ribble estuary

Trevor Mackey, chairman of Lytham in Bloom, said: “Over many years Lytham in Bloom have celebrated Lytham’s heritage in both permanent and floral sculptures.

“For this artwork, we chose to highlight the estuary’s rich bird life, the idea prompted by the visual and aural experience of ribbons of geese filling Lytham’s airspace, morning and evening in the winter months.”

Coun Michael Sayward, chairman of Fylde Council’s tourism and leisure committee, said: “We are confident this installation will become as renowned as the others already here.

The attention to detail by Mr Dagnall is superb and the sculpture perfectly represents the value the Ribble Estuary has on the Fylde.”
Lytham In Bloom volunteers and Fylde Councillors at the sculpture's unveiling

Lytham In Bloom volunteers and Fylde Councillors at the sculpture’s unveiling

Jo Taylor, learning and visitor experience officer at RSPB Fairhaven Lake, said:

“The Ribble estuary is home to over a quarter of a million wading birds each winter, making it one of the most important estuarine sites in the country.

“This beautiful stone carved sculpture pays homage to this perfectly,”

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