Pair meet up with their Blackpool Good Samaritans after accident

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A couple who praised the folk of Blackpool after being helped following an accident in the town have staged a ‘reunion’ to thank their Good Samaritans.


Pauline Hogan (left) and Roy Wilson meet up with some of their Good Samaritans

Pauline Hogan (left) and Roy Wilson meet up with some of their Good Samaritans

Roy Wilson, 77, and Pauline Hogan, 65, of Rhos-on-Sea, North Wales, were on a cycling trip on the seafront near Starr Gate on August 2 when Roy fell and was seriously injured.

The accident occurred at a time when ambulance crews were struggling and the pair ended up waiting six-and-half hours for one to arrive.

But during that long wait, with Roy in agony with a fractured hip, a string of complete strangers came to their aid, before the ambulance took him to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Pauline Hogan *left( with Rebecca Ganchi

Pauline Hogan *left( with Rebecca Ganchi

On Saturday the pair met up with some of them for dinner at the Brewers Fayre on Yeadon Way, Blackpool, after inviting the kindly souls to join them.

Roy, a former lecturer in electrical engineering at John Moores University in Liverpool, said: “It was nice to meet up with them again, they were so helpful to us.

“We had a good night and I was feeling a lot better than the last time we met!

“I have a new stainless steel hip joint after an operation at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where the staff were excellent.”
Flashback to when Roy struggled to stand after his accident

Flashback to when Roy struggled to stand after his accident

And Pauline said: “These people were complete strangers yet they were prepared to help.

“We love coming to Blackpool and it just shows you how nice people can be.

“It was lovely to see them in nicer circumstances!”

One of those who helped them and attended the dinner was civil servant Rebecca Ganchi, 48, who was going for a walk along the prom with husband Iassif when she noticed the pair after the accident.

Rebecca, of Bentick Avenue, South Shore, went over to see if they were alright, took their bikes back to her house to keep them safe, returned with warm clothes – and then drove Pauline back to her hotel in Lancaster.

She said: “When we first saw them it looked like everything was under control but later we could see they were still waiting and Pauline looked a bit distressed.

“So we ended up helping because it was the humane thing to do – I’m sure anyone would have done the same. Pauline was going to get a taxi back and it would have cost her a fortune!

“It was so nice to see them again and Roy looked really well.”

The evening was also attended by Rebecca’s brother Karl, who looked after the bikes when she and Iasiff went on holiday a few days after the incident..

Pauline is a Rotarian and also had help when she rang a friend in Wales and a Rotary member from Lytham known only as Shelley rushed down to help them as well.

Another kind helper, a BMX rider called Keith who stayed with the pair all day, sadly could not be traced.

Pauline added: “It was a shame the others couldn’t be there but it was a lovely evening.”