Here is where you can get fuel in Blackpool and the Fylde coast on Saturday, October 2 – and where has run out

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Fuel shortage fears are still prompting queues at many Fylde coast service stations, although many garages report that they currently have both petrol and diesel today


There have been mixed messages about the situation, with industry leaders saying the situation remains serious, while some Government ministers have struck a more upbeat tone.

The Petrol Retailers Association has warned that the fuel shortages are getting worse in some parts of the country, while Health Secretary Sajid David said things were getting better in many places and that the military was being deployed as a precaution.

It has been announced that military drivers will be deployed to deliver fuel to garage forecourts from Monday.

Traffic was backed up in Thornton yesterday as people queued for fuel.

Traffic was backed up in Thornton yesterday as people queued for fuel.

Almost 200 military personnel, including 100 drivers, have been undertaking training at haulier sites.

Yesterday it was announced that motorists could face another “week or so” of long queues at the filling stations as demand for petrol remains strong.

Policing minister Kit Malthouse said there needs to be an “improvement” in the situation in the coming days and that Boris Johnson stands ready to review matters if there is any deterioration.

Here are the Blackpool and Fylde coast garages which have let us know how they fared for fuel today (Saturday, October 2 – correct as of 10.30am).

Shell in Talbot Road, Blackpool currently has both petrol and diesel.

Sainsburys in Buchanan Street, Blackpool has both petrol and diesel

Esso in Central Drive, Blackpool, has no petrol or diesel.

Esso in Devonshire Road, Blackpool has both petrol and diesel.

Shell in Preston New Road, Blackpool, currently only has V-Power unleaded petrol

Texaco in Poulton Road, Blackpool has run out of both petrol and diesel

Tesco in Clifton Retail Park is unable to provide an update at this time.

Esso in Preston New Road, Blackpool is expecting a delivery of both petrol and diesel at noon today.

Esso on Collingwood Ave, Blackpool currently has both petrol and diesel

Shell in Hatfield Ave, Fleetwood declined to comment

Shell in Heyhouses Lane, St Annes has all fuel available for the rest of the day

We were unable to confirm supplies at Asda and Morrisons as the supermarket are no longer taking calls.