Lytham Windmill fenced off after weather damage to sails

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Lytham Windmill has sustained weather damage after some blustery weather late last night.


Damage to the Lytham Windmill sails

Damage to the Lytham Windmill sails

However, Fylde Council has mobilised today, cordoning off the structure for safety reasons today while working to secure the broken sail.

Allan Oldfield, chief executive officer of Fylde Council, sent a tweet thanking those who had reported the damage.

He said: “Thank you for reporting the weather damage to the Lytham windmill.

“The team are working on securing the broken sail while it is fenced off please stay clear for your safety.

“Updates will be posted on Fylde media thanks again for the support.”

Allan was then even contacted on Twitter by a resident asking if he needed help with raising funds towards the repairs.

The windmill, on Lytham Green, is the town’s most iconic building and images of it are often used in various logo designs by local organisations, depicting the town.

The present mill was built by the Squire of Lytham in 1805.

Major repairs were undertaken in the 1980s which transformed it after a period when it was plagued by rising damp, and today the building is a hub of local activities.