Blackpool Transport cancels number of tram and bus services as driver shortage continues

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A number of Blackpool Transport’s trams and buses were cancelled due to an ongoing shortage of drivers.


Blackpool Transport said it was facing challenges due to a shortage of staff today (October 8), causing a number of its services to be cancelled.

These included bus service 1 – which usually runs every 30 minutes between Fleetwood’ s Affinity Outlet and Starr Gate via the Promenade – and several tram services.

A spokesman for the company said: “We do unfortunately have some cancellations to our service 1 today, as well as some of our tram journeys.

“We apologise for the inconveniences this may cause and thank you for your understanding during difficult times.”

It comes after transport bosses said they needed to alter a number of bus services across the resort due to a lack of drivers.

“At the moment we have a shortage of bus drivers, which means we are unable to provide the frequency of services we would like to,” bosses said.

“This is because the logistics and transport industry across the UK is experiencing a shortage of drivers and has driver vacancy rates of up to 20 per cent.”
A number of trams and buses were cancelled due to an ongoing shortage of drivers.

A number of trams and buses were cancelled due to an ongoing shortage of drivers.

James Carney, Blackpool Transport’s finance and commercial director, said the cuts were “regrettable” but hoped to increase the number of drivers in the future.

“We have been confronted with a change in the labour market that has come on very quickly, caused by the pandemic and the rise of a lot of online shopping,” he said.

“There are opportunities for people in jobs that they didn’t think of previously, but the economy will adjust.”

The following trams will not be running today:

6.30am from Starr Gate

7.33am from Fleetwood

8pm from Starr Gate

9.03pm Fleetwood

10.50pm from Starr Gate to Little Bispham

11.34pm Little Bispham to Starr Gate

The following journeys will not run on the Service 1 bus:

7.50am – Fleetwood to Starr Gate

8.35am – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

9.05am – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

9.50am – Fleetwood to Starr Gate

10.20am – Fleetwood to Starr Gate

11.05am – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

11.35am – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

12.05am – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

1.05pm – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

1.20pm – Fleetwood to Starr Gate

2.20pm – Fleetwood to Starr Gate

2.35pm – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

3.50pm – Fleetwood to Starr Gate

5.05pm – Starr Gate to Fleetwood

6.20pm – Fleetwood to Cleveleys