Lytham Windmill repair awaiting a sail

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A sail on Lytham windmill which snapped in two has been completely removed as contractors working on behalf of Fylde Council source timber for its replacement.


The landmark windmill was cordoned off after the damage last Friday and it is not known yet when it will be fully restored or how much the repair will cost.

A Fylde Council spokesman said: “The sail (which snapped) has been taken down and found to be rotten inside which is most likely the reason it broke.

“The next steps are to source a piece of timber big enough to replace the sail, and we will continue to update our social media channels with the information as and when we receive it.” Timing and costings were still awaited, added the spokesman.

Lytham Windmill with its damaged sail now removed.

Lytham Windmill with its damaged sail now removed.

Next step awaited for repair to Lytham windmill

The Fylde Council spokesman added: “This (Canada) was where the wood was sourced for a previous broken sail, however we’ve had no confirmation just yet that this is where this wood will need to come from.”

The council’s chief executive Allan Oldfield pledged following the damage: “I can promise the team at Fylde will have this repaired by the best specialists, it will not be reliant on funds raised.”

Fylde MP Mark Menzies said: “The windmill is one of the best known and most loved sights of the Fylde and an important part of Lytham’s heritage. It is a symbol of the town and of the borough. I am sorry to see this damage to such an important Fylde landmark and hope the windmill can be repaired as soon as possible.”

The broken sail

The broken sail