Blackpool’s care home vaccination numbers are the best in England

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The latest figures available show nearly all care home staff (98.4 per cent) have had their first vaccine


File photo of a nurse wearing a mask tending to a patient in a care home
Blackpool care home staff have the best Covid vaccination rate (file photo) (Image: PA)

Blackpool has maintained its record of having the best Covid vaccination rates for care home staff in the country as the countdown continues towards mandatory vaccinations.

The latest figures available show nearly all care home staff (98.4 per cent) have had their first vaccine, while nearly 94 per cent have had both jabs.

Among carers working in people’s homes, 92 per cent have had one vaccination, and 87 per cent have had both vaccinations.

All elderly care home residents have had at least one jab, with the figure for those who have had both slightly under 100 per cent due to the time required between jabs.

Karen Smith, director of adult services at Blackpool Council, told a meeting of the adult social care and health scrutiny committee: “We have achieved vaccination rates that are the envy of the rest of the country.

“As we head towards mandatory vaccinations, our rates are the best in the land for our residential staff and care at home staff.”

The Covid vaccination will be mandatory for all care home staff in England from November 11.

A report to the committee adds: ” For those who resolutely refuse to be vaccinated, but are not exempt, there will need to be individual HR discussions.

“In larger employment settings, there may be suitable alternative
work as an alternative to dismissal due to being unable to meet mandatory requirements. All new staff will have mandatory vaccination as a condition of employment.”

Ms Smith said staff turnover and hesitancy among a small number of staff meant 100 per cent vaccination had not been achieved.

But she added measures including providing private conversations with nurses for people who had concerns about the jab had helped achieve the high rates of vaccination.

She said many women of child-bearing age who worked as carers had expressed worries about the potential impact on their fertility, and had been offered meetings with midwives to allay their concerns.