Stunning Blackpool Tower model – made from Lego

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Rob Smith admits he has a bit of a thing for Blackpool Tower – so much so that he spent six weeks making a model of it – out of Lego.


Rob Smith's model of Blackpool Tower was a labour of love

Rob Smith’s model of Blackpool Tower was a labour of love

Rob, 36, a health worker who lives in Wootton, Northamptonshire, worked nearly every day on the project until he completed it.

Not content with constructing the three-and-half ft tall model of the tower itself, he has also created a mini-tram track around it and included some of the giant black tulips on Blackpool prom.

His tower, constructed from around 5,000 red Lego bricks, even comes complete with lights.

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Rob said: “I have visited Blackpool many times, usually when I went to see friends in Preston, and I have some great memories.

“Lots of people make models of the Eiffel Tower – I decided to make one of Blackpool.

“It is a fabulous building, it was built on a grand scale and is one of the most iconic structures in the country.”

Rob says his partner, Ryan, is tolerant of his labour of love – providing it is “kept in a room out of the way”!

The beautifully constructed tower may appear to be finally finished, but Ryan still has further ambitions for it.

“I am thinking of installing a miniature Tower Ballroom inside!” he adds.