Blackpool-based paranormal group keen to hear of UFO sightings

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A Blackpool-based society well known for its ghost-hunting exploits is keen to hear about any UFO sightings too.

Janet Walkey is hoping to hear about UFO sightings

Janet Walkey is hoping to hear about UFO sightings

The paranormal group has now changed its name from LAPIS (Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society) to Lancashire UFO & Paranormal to encourage people to get in touch.

From its formation back in the 1980s, the club has always been interested in UFOs, as well as other phenomena such as ghosts, time slips, mystery animals, and ancient sites.

But the UFO aspect of the group has not really resonated with the wider public.

The group, which has contacts throughout Lancashire, hopes the new name will change that.

Long-time member Janet Walkey, from Poulton, said: “People have been keen to get in touch with us about ghosts and similar phenomena, but we would also like to hear more about UFO sightings.

“We have always taken a keen interest in that but for some reason people don’t seem to associate us with UFOs.

“We’re keen to hear more and would love people to get in touch.”

Over the years, members have conducted a varied range of paranormal investigations.

In 2001, the group investigated a case that became known as The Fleetwood Lights, when local residents began reporting strange lights flying in formation.

LAPIS, as it was then known, organised a meeting in the town’s Rossall Tavern pub – later to be jokingly referred to as the Roswell Tavern after the famous American UFO incident in 1947 – and a National UFO magazine became involved.

Janet said: “We had our suspicions about the nature of these lights though which were proved right, they were in fact Chinese lanterns, very popular a few years ago, not so much now and back in 2001 were hardly known.”

The group has also been organising conferences in St Annes every November for several years, inviting various guest speakers, although this year’s event has been postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

Lancashire UFO & Paranormal meets at the Guards Club on Whitegate Drive on the first Thursday of each month.