Sergio Martinez defeat a distant memory for Blackpool’s Brian Rose as European title fight is announced

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Blackpool’s Brian Rose will look to bounce back from his controversial defeat to former pound-for-pound great Sergio Martinez when he returns to the ring later this year.


The ‘Lion’ was beaten on the scorecards by Martinez in Spain last month, despite dominating the bout.

But rather than complain about the setback, Rose has decided to get back on the horse straight away and will now travel to Germany in December to challenge for a version of the European middleweight title.

The 36-year-old takes on the undefeated Denis Radovan in Ilsenburg on Friday, December 3.

“If I had been beaten badly in my last fight, I would have called it a day 100 per cent,” Rose told The Gazette.

“But I’ve got a chance to rectify that defeat and this fight is for an IBF title.

“I probably wouldn’t have got this opportunity had I not lost to Sergio Martinez, I would have moved onto bigger and better things. But this is still massive. I’m blessed in a way to have this opportunity.”

The Lions heads to Germany to fight for a version of the European title in December

The Lions heads to Germany to fight for a version of the European title in December

The middleweight added: “Everyone I spoke to (after the Martinez fight) said I rolled back the years and that I looked really good, especially during the first six to seven rounds. It was only late on that I tired a little bit.

“But if I’m honest, the food over there wasn’t great so when I weighed in, I couldn’t refuel as well as I’d have liked.

“But I’m not going to sit here and go on about that fight and make any excuses, because it is what it is and I don’t like to cry over spilt milk. I just brush myself down and go again.”

Radovan is highly-rated in Germany, having won 14 of his 15 fights, drawing the other.

His second-to-last victory came against Clitheroe-based Luke Blackledge in 2019, a fighter Rose knows well.

“Luke was coming to the end of his career when he fought him, but there’s no doubt he’s well thought of in Germany,” Rose added.

“That’s because of who he’s fought, he’s not fought the usual journeymen, they’ve put him in with kids who can have a fight.

“Him fighting me after 14 fights says it all, because he’s looking to step up and progress and not fight journeymen throughout his career.

“I know he was a really good amateur, but people don’t know that I was a good amateur as well. Because I’ve been pro for so many years, people just forget about that experience.

“I had 90 amateur fights and I only lost 13, I boxed for England all over the world and I was similar to what he was, but 20 years ago.

“There’s no doubt he’s a good fighter, but I don’t think he will be as good as Sergio Martinez and he’s nowhere near as experienced as me and on the night, I think that will prove crucial.

“I don’t take fights I know I can’t win and there are fights out there that I probably wouldn’t take because I’m at a different stage of my career, so I know my limits and I know what fights I’m capable of winning and what fights I’m not.

“This fight, I know I’m capable of winning.”