Blackpool Supporters’ Liaison Officer column: Brilliant backing can make all the difference

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Blackpool Supporters’ Liaison Officer column: Brilliant backing can make all the difference


Support from the fans has been absolutely fantastic as well, as the manager and players have acknowledged.

In a league where it appears anyone can beat anyone else on their day, it is vital that we as fans can continue to show that passionate level of support to drive the players on.

Blackpool's fans roared their side to a derby triumph over Preston

Blackpool’s fans roared their side to a derby triumph over Preston

If the spine-tingling atmosphere that was generated during the local derby against Preston North End can be reproduced on Saturday against QPR and later in the month against West Bromwich Albion, it will be brilliant.

There are still matchday tickets available for QPR at home tomorrow at £20 a time. Kick-off is at 5.30. Let’s make it another noisy night!

Of course it is important that this tremendous passion stays on the right side of legal.

On Wednesday night against Stoke City, coins and bottles were thrown on to the pitch from the North Stand.

Such incidents are unacceptable for they bring Blackpool FC into disrepute with the EFL and FA, lead to fines and potentially worse sanctions against the club, not to mention potential banning orders for anyone involved.

It’s a problem we don’t want and we don’t need.

In addition, fans are kindly asked not to stand on seats or jump up and down on them during games.

Many seats have been damaged in recent weeks and it takes time and money to replace them.

Please respect the stadium and if you see anyone standing or jumping on seats kindly ask them to step down.

We can all help to prevent this behaviour. It’s all about enjoying the game responsibly, isn’t it?

Simon Sadler and his stadium manager are very keen to make Bloomfield Road a ‘greener’ place.

It’s an objective I’m sure we can all buy into, given what we know about the impact of plastics, pollution and waste upon our environment. Here’s how you can help.

As the crowds on matchday increase, so does the amount of rubbish left behind.

Of course it’s fantastic to have bigger crowds, but after every game the Volunteers Group spends a few days clearing litter as well as cleaning seats.

On average they collect 40 large bin bags full of what we all throw away in the concourses or under our seats.

They not only spend hours collecting it up, they also now sort it for recycling – and last month 62 per cent was recyclable.

Recently, rubbish bins with signage have been installed in the West and South concourses (with the North to follow) and I strongly encourage you to use them.

Think of the time and effort that could be saved if we all get into the habit of helping to keep our stadium tidy by putting our rubbish into bins on the way out.

Many small steps make a big difference. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

The Volunteers Group is also always looking for new members.

If you live locally and can spare a few hours occasionally to help with the ongoing cleaning and maintenance work around the stadium, please contact: to get on board.

If you wish to contact me for any reason to do with supporter issues or have queries or suggestions, feel free to do so.

You can email me at or message me: @BFCSLO on Facebook or Twitter. It’s what I’m here for.