Where better than The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to ask The Big Question?

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It’s the big question – so where better to ask it than The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?


Jamie Scrutton, an artist and performance poet from Leeds, was determined to ask his partner of 20 months, Marc Hartley, to marry him during a visit to the resort – and was delighted when Marc said ‘yes’ despite him being just as determined not to take to the 72 metres-high seafront ride.

“I’m a big fan of the Big One and have enjoyed riding it for 20 years,” said 32-year-old Jamie.

“Marc is not a thrill-seeker at all and although he was happy to come along to the Pleasure Beach, there was no way I was going to get him on the ride.

Jamie and Marc on The Big One toasting their forthcoming marriage

Jamie and Marc on The Big One toasting their forthcoming marriage

The Big One – 25 years since Blackpool Pleasure Beach introduced world’s ultimat…

“I had the day planned for months but when we came to Blackpool, i had the idea of just asking Marc somewhere at the Pleasure Beach as I knew there was no way he would go on The Big One.

“But it had to be the Big One and thanks for Andy Hygate at the Pleasure Beach and everyone there who treated us so well, it went perfectly.

“I cannot thank the Pleasure Beach enough for their generous courtesy. The support they provided in making this happen was fantastic of them. ”

Jamie and 55-year-old Marc, a support worker with the deaf from Huddersfield, met just before lockdown and plan to get married in around two years’ time.

“He’s the man for me and I knew the proposal had to be extra special,” said Jamie.

“To share something so incredibly special with my soulmate was brilliant.”

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