Blackpool Pleasure Beach update as theme park teases new ‘twist’ to Icon ride

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A teaser video has been posted by the amusement park – but what does it mean?

An aerial view of the ICON ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

An aerial view of the ICON ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has teased a new ‘twist’ coming to a popular ride in 2022.

The amusement park, on Ocean Boulevard, is home to a variety of thrilling rides, the most popular arguably being The Big One, followed by Icon, Valhalla and Infusion.

Icon opened in 2018 and was the UK’s first double launch rollercoaster. The ride accelerates at speed and takes passengers twisting and turning across the park, interacting with other rides.

A second boost of speed then launch riders to heights of 88.5ft, with drops of up to 82ft.

But, it is set to get a new ‘twist’.

A 15 second video posted on Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Facebook page shows the word ‘Enso’ appear.

Above the word is ‘2022’ and just before the video ends, the words ‘Icon with a twist’ appear on the screen.

The popular park hasn’t made any other announcements, leaving fans to wonder what the video could mean. Some have speculated about the meaning of the title ‘Enso’, which means circle in Japanese.

But for now the details remain under wraps.