Traffic free days at Blackpool Illuminations suggested as part of town’s Climate Change Action Plan as COP26 makes pledges on net zero

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Traffic free days at Blackpool Illuminations is among  126 ideas put forward in a new strategy by the resort to help tackle climate change.


Piloting the move to reduce pollution from visitors to the Lights is among a raft of measures set out in the council’s Climate Change Action Plan which is due to go before the executive for approval on Monday (Nov 8).

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Other proposals include exploring the possible development of a solar panel farm at the Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone to help the town produce its own renewable energy.

A solar panel farm is among the proposals in the plan

A solar panel farm is among the proposals in the plan

The report, which comes as world leaders meet at the COP26 summit in Glasgow to discuss climate change, warns it would cost £14bn to achieve the maximum possible reduction in carbon emissions of 68 per cent across the whole of Lancashire by 2030.

However it sets out actions which would give Blackpool “the best possible chance” of achieving a pledge by council leaders across the UK to reach a target of net zero emissions by 2045.

In her introduction to the action plan council leader Coun Lynn Williams says the challenge may seem “overwhelming”.

She adds: “It will take time, hard work, and we will all need to learn to change, but our effort now can transform the lives of future generations.”

Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations

Coun Williams pledges “this is not just another council plan, destined to languish unread at the bottom of a web page.

“It is a call to action. Together, we will re-make our town, society and planet, so that we will never again need to feel a pang of guilt as we consider our legacy.”

Blackpool’s low levels of car ownership with just 63 per cent of households owning a car, and strong public transport system with nearly a quarter of all tourism trips within the resort by public transport, put it in a good position.

Overall energy consumption is also lower than in other areas as there is no large scale manufacturing in the town.

Other actions set out in the strategy include –

Blackpool Transport to move to all electric vehicles by summer 2023

Explore options for early adoption of hydrogen refuelling and battery charging technology for aircraft at Blackpool Airport

Develop or adopt a low carbon/plant based food award scheme for participating restaurants, hotels and cafes

Collaberate with public and private sector organisations to help pilot renewable energy technology such as the Wyre tidal barrage

Double the commitment to plant 10,000 trees including on sites outside the borough where necessary

Liaise with the Lancashire Pension Fund to encourage moving away from investment in fossil fuels at a greater rate