Blackpool wrestler RDP and Odyssey Pro Wrestling debut Pier Fear in the resort: Here’s all you need to know about the charity wrestling night for Brian House Hospice being held in memory of Jordan Banks

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A former Blackpool boxer and business owner turned professional wrestler – inspired by resort WWE wrestling pro William Regal – is to debut an all new wrestling event Pier Fear in the resort, dedicated to the memory of Jordan Banks


RP Davies will be part of the first Pier Fear at the Layton Institute later this month with Odyssey Pro Wrestling

RP Davies will be part of the first Pier Fear at the Layton Institute later this month with Odyssey Pro Wrestling

Personal trainer Ryan Paul Davies who co-runs Davies Boxing Gym in Mitcham Road and joined professional wrestling company TNT Extreme Wrestling says he is excited to be a part of the new event in his hometown.

The wrestling show at the Layton Institute on Saturday November 20 will also help raise vital funds for the resort based children’s hospice Brian House – in honour of nine-year-old Jordan – a huge fan and family friend.

The sporty youngster died in May after being struck by lightning whilst attending a football training session.

Dad-of-one Ryan, 34, who performs under stage name RPD, said the launch show would be a fitting tribute and fundraiser given Jordan’s own personal charity endeavours. Jordan’s family had been long time supporters of his boxing career and celebrated his move to wrestling.

Ryan said he was so proud and delighted with the reaction to the wrestling tribute show , he said of Jordan he was a ‘special little boy,’: “Jordan himself had done fundraisers for this very cause and so it’s only fitting that this is the one chosen.

“I was lucky enough to have met Jordan , to the point he came to watch me wrestle as he was such a fan of the business.

“I always wanted my time in wrestling to also be used to do good things so it’s fantastic Odyssey are making the Blackpool show night a tribute to Jordan.

Wrestler William Regal in training with fellow Blackpool professional RP Davies

Wrestler William Regal in training with fellow Blackpool professional RP Davies

“I would like to show my gratitude and thanks to the amazing Odyssey Pro Wrestling who have allowed me to be able to make this happen, allowing me to do something good with wrestling as it’s vehicle in my hometown.”

The night is being organised by Morecambe-based Odyssey Pro Wrestling and organisers have promised it to be a night of “non-stop action” is coming to Blackpool later this year.

As well as RPD, the night will include another resort wrestling professional Ryan Hunter and RPD (Ryan Paul Davies) in action.

Ryan added: “We really want the night to be a great success and we will be revealing a few more special announcements nearer the event but we really hope people can come and support and make it a night Jordan would be proud of.”

Pier Fear is being held in honour of Jordan Banks

Pier Fear is being held in honour of Jordan Banks

Odyssey Pro Wrestling presents our debut Blackpool show Pier Fear on Saturday November 20 at Layton Institute, Westcliffe Drive

Tickets are priced at – £15 for VIP tickets – VIP includes front row seat, early entry, pre show meet & greet. (Advanced Ticket only).

£8 for General ticket (In Advance) £10 on the door. –

General tickets includes standard entry time and unassigned general seating.

Doors open from 6pm for VIP ticket holder’s early entry and Meet and greet, and 6:30pm for general ticket holders.

Pier Fear will feature the Debut of the world famous Blackpool Raffle.

One of Ryan’s biggest fans was nine-year-old Jordan Banks who was tragically killed during a lightning strike in May of this year.

Jordan’s family not only supported him in the wrestling ring but also during his boxing career.

Ryan is now performing in an event created by Odyssey Pro Wrestling which is dedicated to Jordan Banks.

‘Pier Fear’ will take place in Blackpool on November 20 at the Layton Institute on Westcliffe Drive.

“Jordan was such a special little man,” Ryan added, “and he loved wrestling and used to come out and watch me and family also supported me when I was a boxer.

“When I heard what happened, I knew I had to try and do something to help either with boxing or wrestling.

“I found a way with Pier Fear. I want to make the night as special and want as many people to come down as possible.”

Ryan is also wrestling this Saturday (October 16) in the Odyssey Championship Tournament ‘Stormy Waters’ where he will face Sam Bailey in the ring.

TNT Extreme Wrestling’s new signing will have also have many new shows to come under the promoter alongside Odyssey and another big local promotion Wrestle Island.

Ryan said: “I’m very lucky that I’ve effectively been brought to the dance with wrestling and it’s given me a new career opportunity which will hopefully only going to go upwards from here.

“I’m so grateful to Johnnie and I will always be loyal to him along with everyone else who has shown me support.

“I grew up watching the likes of WWE’s William Regal who is now sending me two page essays and critiquing my performance which is just mind blowing.

“It’s really something I really enjoy and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”