Thornton man informed his wife was dead – the day after funeral

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A grieving widower was only told his wife of 55 years had died on the day after her funeral.


Albert Morris, 74, of Keepers Hey, on the Pheasants Wood estate in Thornton, spoke of his devastation – not only at his wife Jean’s death, but also at a perceived lack of communication from social services and the care home where she lived.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand it.

“They told me that she’d be cremated – I didn’t even know she’d died.

Bert Morris is unhappy that his wife, Jean, died and was cremated before he was even informed.

Bert Morris is unhappy that his wife, Jean, died and was cremated before he was even informed.

“I was so upset I threw the phone against the wall.”

The former AA rescue driver added: “I was right to get upset. I think it’s disgusting the way I have been treated. No-one should have to hear that.”

Mrs Morris, who had dementia, moved into the Alexandra Care Home in Moorland Road in Poulton after several years of cared for by her husband.

She went there after she vanished from home – with police needing to be called in – with another family member being given power of attorney and becoming the home and social service’s main point of contact.

Bert and Jean Morris in earlier times

Bert and Jean Morris in earlier times

There were concerns about her wellbeing and professionals – as well as Mrs Morris, a former civil servant – felt she needed looking after professionally.

Mr Morris, who is better known as Bert, said: “I had been doing my best for my wife, who I loved to bits.

“We had been married for 55 years and had a happy marriage.

“We were married at St Stephen’s Church in Blackburn in June 1966 but a bit later we moved over here and liked it.

“At one point we even had a few businesses in Fleetwood.”

The couple, who had two children, moved to Thornton two years ago.

Mr Morris added: “It was difficult when Jean’s dementia got worse. I had to do everything for her; wash her and clean up.

“Perhaps I didn’t appreciate towards the end how bad she was with the dementia.

“On the night she got lost, she’d been walking the dog and she was fine.

“She came back in and brought the dog back and then left the house again.

“But she got lost and called at a random person’s home and then the police were called.

“I obviously wanted my wife to live with me and once she was at the home I didn’t get to see her.”

Kerry Howell, interim manager of the Alexandra Nursing Home said: “We offer our condolences to all the family and friends of

Jean Morris.

“This is a sensitive case, and we don’t feel it would be appropriate to disclose any further information surrounding the care of Jean.

“We have maintained contact with her next of kin and power of attorney throughout her care here at the Alexandra care home with nursing, who have been complimentary about the care provided.”

Lancashire County Council’s social services department was approached for a request for comment.