‘Reckless’ drivers racing at 100mph down Blackpool Prom road putting lives at risk

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Blackpool Council is now having to introduce traffic calming measures to Princes Way due to safety concerns


Princes Way on Blackpool Prom
Princes Way on Blackpool Prom

Drivers have been racing at speeds of more than 100mph down a popular section of Blackpool Promenade, leaving the council “no choice” but to take action.

Paul Galley, Anchorsholme ward councillor, fears that it was “only a matter of time that someone would be seriously hurt” on Princes Way due to “reckless” driving.

Blackpool Council is now set to install speed humps on the road in Anchorsholme, which has a 30mph limit, after being inundated with complaints about dangerous driving.

It is believed some motorists have been accelerating up to 110mph while racing each other along the carriageway which runs between Anchorsholme Park and the beach.

Now 10 speed humps are to be put in place between Anchorsholme Lane West and Queens Promenade, and one speed hump on Anchorsholme Lane West itself.

Cllr Galley said: “This was never something we wanted to do but due to the reckless and dangerous driving by a significant number of individuals throughout the summer nights we have had no choice as it was only a matter of time that someone would be seriously hurt.

“Speed recordings have captured speeds of between 92 and 110mph.

“We have pushed and pushed to get speed cameras for the site from the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership as well as passing on registration plates of offending drivers to the police but sadly the problem has continued.

“So in the interests of public safety, not just for the Promenade but the surrounding roads, we have gone down this route. It was this or wait for something awful to happen.”

Fellow Anchorsholme councillor Tony Williams said a traffic survey carried out by council highways officers recorded some drivers reaching speeds of more than 100mph, with many more doing between 60 and 80mph.

He said: “We have had a lot of complaints about kids in souped up cars having time trials along the Promenade.

“We even think they were racing. There was an accident in the summer and thankfully everyone was alright, but the road had to be closed for two hours.

“It’s a lovely coastal route for a drive, and we don’t want to have to put speed humps down, but the only way we can deter this is with some traffic calming measures.”

A town hall report says the council “has received numerous complaints about speeding vehicles along the section of Princes Way between Anchorsholme Lane West and Queen’s Promenade.”